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Gentlemen Designers

Gentlemen Designers
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Karlsruhe Velvet-Point Plants grow inside Maxim Scherbakov's marble Sputnik-5 table This table that houses plants in its centre by St Petersburg designer Maxim Scherbakov is named after the Soviet satellite that first took living objects into space and returned them safely to Earth (+ slideshow). Maxim Scherbakov, of design studio Plan-S23, created the Sputnik-5 coffee table so that small plants or herbs can grow inside it. The table is named after Russian satellite Korabl-Sputnik 2, dubbed Sputnik 5 in the west, which launched on 19 August 1960 with two dogs – Belka and Strelka – 40 mice, two rats and a variety of plants on board. In Scherbakov's design, plants grow inside a pyramid-shaped section beneath the table top and sprout out of a hole in the centre. "The table acts as a watchman of a plant bursting from the aperture of the marble surface," said Scherbakov. The table is built up from a series of components, starting with a white metal frame that forms a cuboid with a trapezoid inside. Maxim Scherbakov founded Plan-S23 with fellow designer Alexey Galkin.

we art galerie Griottes, palette culinaire Belle and Union Meubs Modern Stone – Remettre le Silex au goût du jour ? Le studio de design Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow a imaginé remettre l’utilisation du Silex au goût du jour en proposant une série d’objets modernes permettant d’y adapter des pierres de silex taillées pour les transformer en outils. Couteaux, haches, pointes, cette série baptisée « Modern Stone » fait le lien entre le design moderne et le plus vieil outils de l’homme. Un excellent concept ! Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow / via Boutique de déco en ligne esprit rétro, charme, campagne et vintage - Déco à Coeur jonathan da costa Articles sélectionnés au gré de nos voyages autour du monde - Zoobeetle

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