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Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout

Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout

33 days | Losing the Weight, BABY! » styleberry BLOG The day before I delivered my daughter, I was three pounds heavier than I was when I returned home from my freshman year at college. Not kidding. Maintaining a healthy weight has not ever been easy for me. It is in my genes to be heavy and I have spent most of my life fighting the obesity epidemic that is moving rapidly through this country. So what is the secret? I was brainwashed by a culture that thinks pregnancy makes you fat. I am one of those people who got pregnant, and got sick. When I found out I was pregnant, I had this major mental shift. See that number up there in the title? Now, 11 months later, I am 12 lbs below what I was when I got pregnant. My husband, a surgeon, often comments about the human body being smarter than he’ll ever be. So enough about me. So how did she do it? So, I write this post to ENCOURAGE you. Those of you that have never been pregnant can have a baby & have your body back fast. You know–weight is a sticky subject. ‎Regarding those feeling discouraged:

Fashion Blog Hey ladies, We’ve been noticing a lot of outlined manicures lately and despite not initially digging the look, we decided to try it out anyway! Turns out, I kinda liked how it really made every nail “pop” and it actually got a ton of compliments too! Here’s the look we’re going for: What you’ll need: - taupe nail polish - black nail art pen - fast dry top coat - gold microbeads - a toothpick Start with a few coats of your base color. Then simply take your nail art pen and outline your entire nail bed. For the accent nail, we did a simple studding technique with microbeads. Top coat and you’re done!

killer kardio Fashion Blog Hey ladies, This week we’re hitting a couple of major fashion trends that we’ve been seeing this fall– the military trend and the abundance of crosses! We were inspired by these cute Lulu*s finds below that combined the two: So today we’re going to show you how to do your own army green cross nails! Here’s the look we’re going for: What you’ll need: - army green colour nail polish - fast dry top coat - gold microbeads - a toothpick Start with a few coats of your base colour. Now take your toothpick and dip the tip into your clear nail polish. Then simply touch the toothpick to the spot you want to stick it to on your nail. Continue picking up and touching each bead to your nail to form a cross pattern. Add a top coat to seal in the beads and wait for your nails to dry completely so that the beads don’t move around, and you’re all done!

running plan Fashion Blog Hey ladies, We were on a quick trip to New York City last week for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week writing some articles for Chictopia and inspiration was all around us! We were able to attend over a dozen fashion shows and even though it’s not even Fall yet, we’re excited for the Spring trends that we see rolling out. One of my favourite prints ever is the elegant French classic, Toile de Jouy, and it was used generously in the Ruffian Spring/Summer 2013 collection! Here’s our inspiration: runway photos from What you’ll need: - white base coat - konad nail stamping kit: an image plate (m71), stamper and scraper - blue konad special polish - nail polish remover - quick dry top coat Start with a few coats of your base colour and don’t worry if the coverage isn’t the greatest, it mostly gets covered anyway. As quickly as you can, grab the rubber stamper tool and stamp down onto the design on the plate. Top coat and you’re done!

Fashion Blog Hey ladies, This week we wanted to continue along with the theme of summer inspired nail looks. We’re loving the tropical trends we’re seeing in the LuLu*s shop, especially the fruit prints! The Prada and Stella McCartney runways were full of these Carmen Miranda inspired prints last year & we’re still seeing the impact now! Here’s the inspiration: The gorgeous reflected citrus prints from Stella McCartney’s Spring 2011 collection… & here’s what we’re going for: What you’ll need: - white for your base colour - some “citrus colours”, we used an orange, lemon and lime - a leaf green colour - a striper brush Start with a few coats of your base colour. Then take your orange colour and paint half circle shapes at the base of your nail. Do the same with some lemon yellow & some lime green. Layer the circles so that you have a bunch of fruits on each nail! Once you have a few fruits, add some leaves by using your striper brush dipped into your green polish.

Fashion Blog Hello! It’s Syl and Sam here again & we’re back with another #manicuremonday post for you to follow along with. We’re so excited to be participating in the LuLu*s Blog Stud Week & we’re kicking things off with this cute and edgy manicure. This look is easy to achieve but takes a bit of patience! Here’s the look we’re going for: What you’ll need: - A base colour - A top coat - “microbeads” (they can be purchased from eBay or Michaels Craft Store) - a toothpick Start with a couple coats of your base colour. Now you’re going to work on one nail at a time. Working very quickly, dip your toothpick in a tiny amount of nail polish and then touch the tip of your toothpick to a single microbead. The microbead should easily stick right to the end of your toothpick Take your microbead and stick it right down onto your wet topcoat. Continue placing beads one at a time in an alternating pattern onto your wet top coat! Then repeat all of the above steps, doing one nail at a time. And there you go!

Fashion Blog Spa treatments are a must for achieving that healthy summer glow, but heading to the spa can be so expensive! Before you throw on your fav pair of shorts or a cute summer dress, try these at home spa treatments with ingredients you can find in your own kitchen! Getting summer-ready skin couldn’t get any easier than this and all it takes is two ingredients (in equal parts) per treatment to help get your skin feeling its best. 1. Rosewater and coconut milk make the most relaxing and soothing bath. The therapeutic scent of the rosewater is so relaxing and the creamy coconut milk will make your skin super soft and silky. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Fashion Blog Hi there, we’re Sylvia and Samantha! We’re two Canadian sisters who are obsessed with fashion and all things DIY. On the internet people know us as Syl and Sam and we’ve run an online store called Lipgloss and Black for about 8 years now. We make clothes, reconstruct things, do our nails, cook & make tutorials of the things we think people will want to learn to DIY too. So let’s get started with our first post… Here’s the look we’re going for: What you’ll need: -A base colour (we used black) -A top coat -”microbeads” (they can be purchased from eBay or Michaels Craft Store) -a large bowl We bought our microbeads from eBay & it was only a few dollars for a rainbow set! Start with a couple thin coats of your base colour. When your nails are dry, top coat a single nail with your clear top coat. Holding your hand over your bowl, pour your microbeads over your wet nail. If necessary, rotate your nail slightly while pouring to make sure that microbeads catch onto the entire nail! And there you go!