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Description Welcome to the Future of Images.Make your images come alive with private video, notes, or even music from YouTube. Holiday, family, interiors, sports, and personal images can be shared privately or with your network on Facebook and Twitter. PLEASE NOTE! ThingLink is completely free to use. ◆◆◆◆◆ “Whoa, my images become alive! Use ThingLink to instantly add video and text to images. = FEATURES =√ FREE TO USE√ Choose or take a picture with your phone’s camera √ Add interactive tags on your image- YouTube videos - Videos from your phone’s camera - Twitter handles- Text√ Share with friends on Facebook, Twitter and Email√ Browse your own interactive image gallery √ Join the ThingLink community at√ Take advantage of your own channel at Note: a network connection is required to use this application. If you like ThingLink please take the time to rate the app! ...More What's New in Version 3.3.1 Version 3.3.1- Minor improvements in performance and translations

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Editor Feature- Jonathan Saelens - Mendr The Basics. Editor username: Jon Saelens Location: Chesapeake, Virginia Life motto: Work hard, play hard, never give up. Quote to live by: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”- Jesus Christ Day Job: Professional Yo-Yo-er. 8 Essential Cuts Every Editor Should Know If your goal is to master the art of editing, you’re going to need to know the essential cuts to use when editing a film or video. Let’s go through eight of these and look at some examples of each. For said examples, we’ll be using excerpts from various films — but keep in mind that you can use these same cuts in any editing session, be it narrative, documentary, commercial, industrial, or even animation.

Editor Feature- Monika Ilieva - Mendr The Basics. Editor username: Monika Ilieva Location: Chicago, IL Favorite quote: “The best way to predict the future is to create it” Motto: Don’t quit your day dream! The 8 best free photo editors We've selected the very best free photo editors that are a cut above the basic functionality you'll find in native software. Professional-grade photo editing software can be expensive - very expensive. Go-to photo editor Photoshop has a hefty subscription and most of its key rivals will hit you in the pocket for their software. However, there are free photo editors that can peform more tasks than you think. Most are in the form of apps for mobile or tablet, but there are also desktop and web-based applications which will perform very capably.

Editor- Beau Moran - Mendr The Basics. Editor username: DatKidBeau Location: Living in Redondo Beach, CA Life quote: “Sic Parvis Magna” (Greatness From Small Beginnings) Life motto: All Eyez Open How To Take Photos Of Mist On A Lake After Sunrise The sunrise and the fog. They are two of the most dramatic elements you can add to any photograph. When you combine them, they can create the feelings of mystery and foreboding.