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How to Audit Your Facebook Page Features

How to Audit Your Facebook Page Features
How long has it been since you’ve reviewed your Facebook Page? Are you taking advantage of the latest Facebook features? It’s critical that Facebook Page managers take time to regularly audit their Page and ensure that they are not missing out on new features. This Facebook Page audit guide outlines 11 key items to review to help maximize your Page’s potential. Facebook changes often—audit your Page to keep up! #1: Maximize Your Page Cover Image Facebook recently updated its guidelines and loosened the restrictions on what you can display on your main Page cover image. The key is that text cannot exceed 20% of the cover image area. Facebook now allows creative uses of the timeline cover image. If designed creatively, cover images now afford Pages a powerful new opportunity to communicate key pieces of information to visitors. #2: Evaluate Your Profile Image Your profile image is used whenever you post and it is the first thing users see when glancing through posts in their news feed. Related:  Community Management

How to Compare Your Facebook Page With the Competition Are you wondering how your Facebook Page compares to competitors? What can you do to improve your performance? Insights into how your competitors are using Facebook can help you better understand your audience on Facebook and how they use Facebook. In this article, I’ll review 5 different tools that can be used to help you compare your Facebook Page against competitors and identify tactics to help you improve your Facebook marketing. #1: Compare Your Statistics With AgoraPulse Barometer AgoraPulse provides a free tool called the AgoraPulse Barometer, which performs an analysis of your Facebook Page and compares it against other companies’ Pages (that also used this tool) that have a similar number of fans. The Barometer calculates the average percentage for several criteria based on your last 50 posts. The table gives an assessment of your Page compared to other Pages with a similar fan count. Information provided in the chart above includes: Fans Reached. Engagement. People Talking About.

How to Get Your Facebook Posts Noticed in the News Feed Are your Facebook posts going unnoticed in Facebook’s news feed? Are you wondering how to get more people to pay attention? Sharing updates that speak to your fans’ interests and that entertains can provide great opportunities for interaction. In this article, I’ll show you eight ways to get great traction with practical Facebook updates. Rethinking Facebook Posts Facebook has woven itself into the very fabric of our global community. It provides a unique and powerful opportunity for your business to intersect with your ideal audience without that audience needing to search for you or already be thinking about you. The downside is that you’re competing with a lot of other noise in the news feed. Marketers need to find ways to attract attention on Facebook. Unfortunately, many businesses have yet to learn how to engage socially on Facebook. On Facebook, the primary reason people are there is to be entertained. Does that mean your Facebook presence is a waste of time? #1: The Pure Fun Post

15 Actionable Takeaways From Social Media Marketing World 2013 Did you miss Social Media Marketing World in April? Or perhaps you were there but weren’t able to attend all the sessions you would have liked to. In this article I’ve assembled for you 15 actionable social media marketing takeaways from some experts who presented at the event. Here’s what they had to say. #1: Prepare for Social Displacement Michael Stelzner With maturity of any new industry comes disruption. Facebook messages are displacing email (it’s becoming easier to send your friend a Facebook message rather than find their email address). This obsession with social is happening because people love social media. Consumers generally feel good after engaging in social media. Michael Stelzner is founder and CEO of Social Media Examiner . #2: Connect With Anyone You Want by Giving Value Larry Benet Connecting is the ability to identify and relate with people to increase your influence with them. “ The more you give, the more you receive; the more value you add, the better things become .”

How to Improve Your Facebook Marketing Using Facebook Insights Do you manage a Facebook page? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of statistics you have access to in Facebook Insights? Would you like to know the statistics you need to track to help you boost your growth and visibility? In this article, I’ll show you six ways to improve your Facebook page performance with statistic comparisons. Getting Started I’ve already shared with you the 6 Facebook metrics that you need to focus on to better understand your Facebook page performance. What really matters is not only to understand the key metrics, but also to understand how you can improve them! This article will focus more on how to improve the performance of your Facebook content with the fan base you already have. By looking at each key Facebook metric individually, it’s very hard to understand how you can improve it. The Metrics You’ll Need All metrics used in this article can be downloaded into an Excel spreadsheet from Facebook Insights. #1: Recover Your Fans Reached Percentages Your turn inShare615

8 Facebook Competitive Analysis Tools, An Epic Guide « Social Fresh 8 Facebook Competitive Analysis Tools, An Epic Guide by Lisa Peyton on Dec 06, 2011 A Facebook business page has become an essential component for most digital marketing campaigns. But what do you know about your competitors on Facebook? Perhaps you have scanned their page, taken notice of how many fans they have or even ‘liked’ their page so you could be updated on their status. The information available on your competitors is astounding and the following tools can help make that information actionable.These platforms will save hours in producing competitive analysis reports. Getting Started These tools DO NOT require you to be the admin of the page but DO however assume you KNOW who your competitors are on Facebook. If you want help discovering the top performing Facebook pages in your industry, scroll down to #8 for my ‘Honorable Mention’ where I discuss the Momentus Community Health Score. There’s a chance I’ve overlooked a tool or two, so please be sure to comment and let me know. 1. Fans:

Begginers Guide to Content Marketing According to a new infographic from Demand Metric, 60% of people have been inspired to seek out a product after reading about it. Liked by 1 Person Show More 9 Pro Tips for Entrepreneurs on LinkedIn LinkedIn is more than a handy way to sort through connections and make introductions — it's also a powerful platform to supercharge your content marketing efforts (even if you're not a LinkedIn Influencer just yet). To find out exactly how other founders are using the network to get more eyeballs on their content, we asked a panel of successful entrepreneurs to share their best tips and tricks. Here's what they had to say: 1. Every time I write an article that is relevant to a specific audience, I start a conversation around the article in a LinkedIn group I'm associated with. - Kelsey Meyer, Influence & Co. 2. LinkedIn is a person-to-person network. - Alexander Gibson, Elevate 3. LinkedIn company pages all have built-in product and services pages that will amplify your business content. - Brett Farmiloe, Digital Marketing Agency 4. Dr. - Nicolas Gremion, 5. When I launched a networking event in my city, I started all of the obvious social networking groups. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Choisissez une newsletter responsive pour convaincre tous vos prospects par Neocamino Vous êtes un pro du Web 2.0 (référencement, réseaux sociaux, blogs), il faut maintenant vous projeter vers le digital ! Lorsque vous envoyez vos newsletters à vos abonnés, ne pensez-vous pas que la plupart d’entre eux ont un smartphone et/ou une tablette ? Dans ce cas, il faut être certain que votre newsletter soit adaptée à leurs outils de prédilection. Pour cela, une seule chose à faire : créer une newsletter responsive ! Ainsi, votre newsletter se lira par tous vos abonnés internautes, mobinautes et tablonautes ! 1. Inutile de vous dire qu’un site sait reconnaître quand un utilisateur visite le site avec son mobile ou sa tablette (proposition de se diriger vers un site mobile). Si vous y intégrer des images, ou des tableaux par exemple, la newsletter responsive permet de les ajuster automatiquement ! 2. Comme l’image l’indique, 25% d’utilisateurs lisent leurs mails via un iPhone, contrairement aux utilisateurs PC via Outlook avec 13%. 3. 4. 5. Source : Emencia Crédit photo : Jeanne

10 Lessons from a 100k Pageview Post This kind of thing might happen to Rand all the time, but it’s not often that a digital marketing company based in Leeds gets 100,000+ people reading anything it does (at least on its own site). That’s what unexpectedly happened to us on a few weeks ago – what essentially started as a rant from some guy having a bad day blew up and now has 1,184 votes on Hacker News (and incoming links from some of the biggest sites in the world). I think it’s likely I’ll never replicate this, and I didn’t intend this either – so I’ll not preach: “this is how you get 100,000 page views.” Everyone else is just as qualified as I am to write a post that’s read all around the world, and that’s exactly what I want to happen. I’d like to tell you what I’m taking away from this, and how I’ll use it when I’m creating content for my clients in the future. Commonly known as sharking. 1. NB: Not having anyone to back up your point doesn’t excuse you from not having a point in the first place . 2.

What Is Facebook EdgeRank and Why Does It Matter? [INFOGRAPHIC] The average Facebook user spends more than a quarter of his or her time on the site scrolling through the News Feed. For users, that means a lot of baby pictures and stale memes. For brands, it represents an opportunity. See, Facebook brand pages don't attract consumers — far from it. You guessed it: News Feed. That's where EdgeRank comes in. Check out the infographic below, courtesy of Post Rocket, to educate yourself on EdgeRank. Are you happy with what you see in your News Feed? Image via Justin Sullivan/Getty Images La BD qui détruit intermarché fait le buzz de l'année Peut être étiez vous sur Mars quand la BD de Pénélope Bagieu commençait à buzzer. La semaine dernière, la jeune dessinatrice et blogueuse invitait la France entière à signer une pétition contre le chalutage profond. Gros bruit ! La pétition de Bloom qui réclame l'interdiction du chalutage profond a recueilli 316 000 signatures, les compteurs ont littéralement explosé ! Bloom déclarait : "Le serveur a sauté face au nombre très important de connexions, nous tâchons de restaurer tout cela au plus vite. Pénélope Bagieu nous sensibilise sur ces pratiques qui sont en train de tuer nos océans. Pour signer la pétition c'est par ici !

The Top SEO Tools For Small Businesses There are tons of great SEO tools out there, but if you don’t choose the right ones, you could miss something that could hurt your business’s online presence. If a tool can organize your data , you no longer have to go through the tedious process of assembling all of that data yourself. You’re free to invest your time in analysis, strategy development, and customer support. Sounds great, right? Small businesses may not have much money in the budget to invest in fancy SEO tools, but there are plenty of great tools that are inexpensive or even free. Before I give you some suggestions about which tools are most useful for your small business, I want to remind you to think about a few points in regards to each tool you acquire: First of all, you clearly have to consider the cost . Think about whether you need tools that are broad or specialized . Ask about support ! Find out how often a tool is updated. Create Your Arsenal SEO Overview Tools Google Analytics . ILS SEO Toolkit . Keyword Tools