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Polperros Garden (Grenouilles)

Polperros Garden (Grenouilles)
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La Voix, une exposition entre art, science et technologie - du 10 décembre 2013 au 28 septembre 2014 à la cité des sciences et de l'industrie L'EXPO LA VOIXdu 10 décembre 2013au 28 septembre 2014 Concours des Voix Instructions CLIM'WAY Paris 4 saisons As well as the children developing their visual-motor skills and many other skills, it is very useful for the child to understand time-orientation. By training your child’s time-orientation skills you will find that your children are more alert to the seasonal changes, they will become more aware of the changes in time and how this may affect their lives. This ‘seasons for kids’ game never loses its vibrant touch. The game requires your child to arrange the quarters of the picture into one cohesive frame. By clicking through these different frames to create the seasons, the player will understand a great deal.

Classroom Aid | Connecting dots for digital learning and teaching Patatap Êtes-vous au courant ? Jeu 1 : Combien coûtent en énergie nos objets du quotidien ? Consommation moyenne des équipements par foyer : ADEME, étude REMODECE 2008. Prix du kilowatt-heure : EDF 2013. Jeu 2 : Quelle est la facture énergétique des Européens ? Consommation moyenne des équipements par foyer : ADEME, étude REMODECE 2008. Prix du kilowatt-heure : EDF 2013, Eurostat 2012. Jeu 3 : Comment est produite l’électricité en France ? Part d'origine de l'électricité en France et dans le monde : EDF 2013, Agence Internationale de l'Énergie, Bilan électrique RTE 2012. Jeu 4 : Votre région marche-t-elle aux énergies renouvelables ? Données régionales : Observ'ER 2013. Recoupements / fact-checking :

Décore le jardin This game is a very fun and creative game which will expand your child’s agricultural knowledge as well gardening knowledge. Gardening, not in the practical sense, but more so from a scientific context. With the proper aid of us parents, it will teach the child the routine of gardening and how the soil and the plants work hand-in-hand. How the person plants such flowers after digging up the soil and letting them grow. The child will be provided with the opportunity to discover and learn the names of all the flowers – they will be able to place images with names and understand exactly which plant is which. From a less scientific viewpoint, and a more creative one (which is just as important), the child is given the freedom to design. The vocabulary of the player will also increase and they will be able to show these skills off both in school and as they grow up.

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