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CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning- What is CLIL?

CLIL - Content and Language Integrated Learning- What is CLIL?
¿Qué es AICLE ? Aprendizaje Integrado de Contenidos y Lenguas Extranjeras. cf. Educación Bilingüe "AICLE hace referencia a las situaciones en las que las materias o parte de las materias se enseñan a través de una lengua extranjera con un objetivo doble, el aprendizaje de contenidos y el aprendizaje simultaneo de una lengua extranjera. " (Marsh, 1994). "El Aprendizaje Integrado de Lenguas Extranjeras y otros Contenidos Curriculares implica estudiar asignaturas como la historia o las ciencias naturales en una lengua distinta de la propia. AICLE resulta muy beneficioso tanto para el aprendizaje de otras lenguas (francés, inglés,...) como para las asignaturas impartidas en dichas lenguas. EMILE: Enseignement De Matieres Par Integration D'une Langue Etrangere CLILiG: Content and Language Integrated Learning in German "Dans cette approche, l’apprentissage de matières telles que l’histoire-géographie se fait en langue étrangère. Marsh, David. 1994.

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CLIL4teachers / CLIL4teachers Front Page PLEASE NOTE: You can download resources from the wiki without requesting access. Please request access (see link on the right) if you would like to leave comments or upload your own materials. To be given access, you need to include a short message to explain your interest in CLIL. Thank you. SchoolsWorld Why do children lie? We look at some of the different types of lies children tell, and the possible reasons behind them... Find out how a can-do attitude, a little self-belief, and a willingness to get things wrong sometimes can set a good... Do misbehaving children need punishment or positive discipline – and what’s the difference anyway? Content and Language Integrated Learning In ELT, forms of CLIL have previously been known as 'Content-based instruction', 'English across the curriculum' and 'Bilingual education'. Why is CLIL important? How does CLIL work?

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Help Center Our Rewordifying Engine is the brain behind, and no other web site has it. May we brag for a moment? Look at the table to the right. Do you see how changed how words are simplified depending on how they're used? Our Rewordifying Engine is not a simple synonym replacer—it's a sophisticated natural language processing system. It understands how words and phrases are used.

CLIL Resources / Recursos AICLE English: Portals and Encyclopedias / Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, etc / Natural Science, Biology, etc / Physical Education / Geography, History, Literature, Art, Philosophy, etc. Classroom language / lenguaje para el aula Classroom Language- stages in the lesson - audio and pdf Classroom English PhrasesEAP Speaking - Language