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60 Second Chocolate Chip Muffin

60 Second Chocolate Chip Muffin
Let’s talk about Energy… Have you seen mine? Pretty sure it ran off to an exclusive resort in Tahiti somewhere, and is gettin’ rubbed with suntan oil by the one and only Christian Bale… Holy Batman! Dang you Energy… I’m sure it probably hates me and never wants to come back after that Minnie Mouse party…Especially after little miss received a bicycle and has decided it’s much more fun to ride when mom pushes instead of peddling. Dear Energy, i’m so sorry but I need you back. Mind you I still have a toddler, messy house, new baby to prepare for, and I’m as big as a walrus?! And this walrus is hungry! No more PB&J’s, smoothies, and cereal. Let’s not forget it’s been too long since I wore makeup…And I’m pretty sure I wear the same sweat pants every other (each?) Listen my little Energy, I promise I’ll give you something to come back for. And it won’t require much work from you at all. At least tell me you will think about it? 60 Second Chocolate Chip Muffin Ingredients: 1 TB beaten egg dash of salt

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Grab & Go Breakfast Muffins - Ring Finger Tan LineRing Finger Tan Line Up until a few weeks ago, I had quite the morning routine – pretend that I was clean, pick out something to wear that I would inevitably freeze to death in, and purchase a scrumptious breakfast wrap filled with avocado, egg whites, and oozy cheese on my way to work. It was delightful. That is, until it wasn’t. One day, I went to pick up my breakfast wrap, and the wrap-making man asked me to remove my headphones. I was worried that I was in trouble. Perhaps he thought I needed a breakfast wrap intervention? Honey Yogurt Berry Pops Happy 4th of July folks! The biggest Summer holiday that celebrates all the important essentials-- swimming, BBQing, soaking up the rays while sipping on some ice cold beer lemonade. Are yall feeling me? Aside from getting a day off work, 4th of July is actually one of the most important holidays in America as it celebrates the legal celebration of the Thirteen Colonies from Great Britain. Pretty big deal guys, without the the Declaration of Independence America wouldn't be the land of dreams and opportunities known to so many people today.

Perogie Recipes - How to Make Authentic Homemade Pierogies - Pittsburgh Pierogies Whether you spell it pierogi, piroghi or pierogie, authentic homemade pierogies are a delicious treat and a Pittsburgh tradition. Here in Pittsburgh we eat more than 11 times the pierogies of any other city in the nation, according to a recent survey, with pierogi fillings ranging from standard potato and cheese to sweet prune. A popular Pittsburgh business, Pierogies Plus, ships pierogies as far away as Alaska and Hawaii. The Pittsburgh Pirates even hold a pierogi race during the bottom of the 5th inning at every Pirates home game. Overnight Oat Parfait Now that the weather is warmer, this girl has been craving a chilled breakfast. No worries oatmeal, I have not deserted you! Angela from Oh She Glows makes the most fantastic breakfast parfaits

Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe The first time I heard about the Levain Bakery cookies was on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay eons ago… I bet it was at least five years ago. I never quite got the picture of those massive cookies out of my mind. I still have never been to Levain Bakery, which also means I haven’t had one of their cookies. Still, they tempt me. Every time I see a copycat recipe show up on one of the blogs I read, or on Pinterest, I save it.

Pad Thai for beginners Pad Thai is one of the most popular Thai dishes, perhaps second only to Tom Yum Goong. It’s also one of the most requested recipes here on Chez Pim. Why, then, has it taken me this long to post this recipe, you asked? I don’t know…perhaps it’s because I don’t actually have a recipe! Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies A few weeks ago I was going through my hundreds of cookbooks in the kitchen and rediscovered my Bisquick cookbook. I started looking through it and found a lot of really good recipes. We loved the Impossible Taco Pie we had for dinner recently, so I wanted to try another recipe from the cookbook. I decided on the chocolate chip cookies. I wanted to see if we could tell a difference from "regular" chocolate chip cookies.

kumquat: Blueberry Coconut Pecan Breakfast Cookies lately i feel i have been in a breakfast slump. although i love me a fried egg and cheese open-faced sandwich, i don't always have the time in the morning. instead i'm rushing out to preschool drop-off, running out to run errands, being commanded to play swords, or just plain to lazy to heat up the pans (not to mention wash them). i do however like to have a good high fiber, healthy fat something in the morning to start off the day. and honestly, i like a little sweet in the morning (no shocker, if you follow this blog, i'm sure). so when i stumbled upon this recipe, i was sold. everything i'd love to throw into a bowl of oatmeal, without extra sugar or the necessity of morning cooking. a great way to use really ripe bananas (although this one's a pretty good option too). plus, let's just call them a cookie and then we can all smile as we start the day. Blueberry Coconut Pecan Breakfast Cookies 1 1/2 cups gluten-free rolled oats 1 cup unsweetened coconut flakes

Web’s Tastiest: Pancakes Recipes Everyone knows that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. So of course you want to get off to a good, healthy start. However, anyone with kids knows that some mornings are just too special to worry about a properly balanced meal. Spending time in the kitchen as a family, whipping up something absolutely decadent and definitely too sweet, is the stuff that memories are made of.