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National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards: National Board for Professional Teaching Standards

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National Board Makes Real Reform - John Wilson Unleashed It is no secret that I think the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards(NBPTS) is the best hope for building and sustaining a true teaching profession for the United States of America. I support the proposition that National Board Certification should be the norm for teachers, not an elite status. Can we make teaching a profession like all others? Yes, if we are willing to embrace and pay for needed changes. Entry 4 Tips Getting Started Many candidates get hung up working on entry 4 and spend a lot of time on it when other work can be done. Many mentors suggest starting work on Entry 4 first. But, in my opinion, until you begin to understand the Standards and the purpose of the entry, it is really a hard one to work on.

Joint Commission The Joint Commission is based in the Chicago suburb of Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.[3] History[edit] The Joint Commission was formerly the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) and previous to that the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals (JCAH),[4] The Joint Commission's predecessor organization was an outgrowth of the efforts of Ernest Codman to promote hospital reform based on outcomes management in patient care. Guide to Educational Technology Major, Jobs, and Careers Advancements in technology are changing education at all points on the spectrum, from kindergarten all the way to the doctoral level, and dedicated educational technology jobs are popping up to help institutions make better use of the emerging resources. Educational technology is a fairly new discipline, however, and its methods and goals may take a bit of explaining. On an annual basis, the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) conducts a technology and e-learning survey designed to gather data on technology use in education and promote the best possible uses of instructional tech.

Modern curation: How does it change teaching? SmartBlogs “The self is not something ready-made, but something in continuous formation through choice of action.” — John Dewey Rewind: The old way of curation In the past, curating resources was relatively easy. Teachers, known fondly to their family and friends as pack rats, filed and saved just about every piece of paper they could find. National Board Certification What’s Here It’s official–I’m a National Board Certified teacher! Only those who have attempted the process themselves can understand the amount of pride (and relief) that accompanies that declaration.

Abbeville school had role in rise and fall of enterprise for serving troubled teens DUE WEST — A boarding school reopening near Due West next year was previously part of a thriving network of facilities for troubled teens reaching from California to the Czech Republic. Parents were eager to send their out-of-control adolescents to tough-love boarding schools like Carolina Springs Academy in Abbeville County. The facility, which filled to capacity soon after opening, was among more than a dozen institutions affiliated with the Utah-based Worldwide Association of Specialty Programs and Schools. At one point, tuition payments topped $90 million annually from students enrolled in behavior-modification programs designed by Worldwide’s founder, Robert Lichfield. Worldwide’s boarding school empire has crumbled in recent years.

For 'Connected Educator Month,' Tips From 33 Educators We Admire Stacy BrownErin Olson, an English teacher in Iowa who is featured in our post, uses Twitter-like technology to enhance classroom discussion. Go to related 2011 article » The U.S. Department of Education has declared August Connected Educator Month, and since we’d be nothing without the teachers we’ve connected with over the years, we’re enthusiastically on board. examples of entry 4 national board certification - docstoc Congratulations! You Have Discovered a Docstoc Certified Search Term We've carefully selected these results for "examples of entry 4 national board certification" from our premium content

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