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The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems

The Ultimate List of Cloud-Based Learning Management Systems
I see an increasing interest for cloud-based eLearning. Are you looking for a Cloud-Based Learning Management System? Of course you are! The past few days I received a lot of requests from eLearning developers, small businesses owners, and global enterprises concerning cloud-based learning management systems. Are you a Top eLearning Software Vendor? TalentLMSA super-easy, cloud-based learning platform to train your people and customers. You may also find useful: Ultimate List of Learning Management Systems Ultimate List of Content Authoring Tools Get 2 Free eBooks Get the eLearning Industry's Articles in your inbox. Related:  Classe inversée, création de vidéosActualité

MOOCs: Threat or Opportunity? [INFOGRAPHIC Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) continue to gain momentum and prominence among the mainstream. I think I even recently saw someone list a MOOC course under their educational experience on their LinkedIN profile! With the steady rise in MOOCs, they are being considered on a more serious level – and in some cases being seen as a threat as traditional universities are forced into budget cuts. My personal opinion on this matter is that MOOCs will elicit change, even if they are seen as a threat. Everyone knows that competition encourages innovations. Maybe these free elearning courses are what traditional universities need to further entice their offerings. What’s great about MOOCs, or distance learning for that matter, is that it makes continual education more accessible. As I have mentioned before, I think that the MOOC distance learning model is a great way to offer alternative pre-requisite education to early university students. What do you think?

150+ Course/Learning Management Systems & Learning Platforms This is a page of the DIRECTORY OF LEARNING & PERFORMANCE TOOLS If you would like to submit a tool for this Directory, please use this form. See also Course authoring tools and Testing, Quizzing and Other Interactive Tools Top Tools 2014 Free Tool 9thperiod : Academic based social educational network and academic platform. Hosted 15Desks : Manage curriculums, grades, assignments, collaboration, and communication with students for courses at one or multiple institutions – all from one secure place online. 30hands : Collaborative, Social Learning with Open Digital Content Absorb LMS : Enterprise level Learning Management System, SCORM compliant and can launch courses authored in all standard course authoring tools such as Captivate, Articulate and many other SCORM compliant authoring solutions. AcademyMaker : Everything you need to create and manage online trainings for your target groups (e.g. employees, retailer or customers) at short notice. Erudify – Continous adaptive learning.

Reach | learning management system (lms) Introduction Your information is important to you and we will at all times respect this fact. We will never share, sell or otherwise publicise your personal information other than as detailed below. This Privacy Policy details how CM Group Limited ("CM Group") collects and uses information you supply when using CM Group Web sites (the "Websites") and purchasing products and services from CM Group. This Privacy Policy should be read in conjunction with, and forms a part of, our Terms and Conditions. What information we collect We collect information when you enter your details on purchasing or signing up to a product or service or contact us for more information. How we use your information Any personal data you submit will be retained by CM Group for as long as you use the service and systems provided by CM Group or is otherwise required by law. Blogs and shared conversation areas Security Please refer to the CM Group Security Policy for further information. Cookies Changes to our Privacy Policy

Learning through Earning: Digital Badges and Professional Development 50 Fantastic Open Courses for Small Business Owners If you are a small business owner, forget about going into debt to get an MBA and learn online. Inside Online Learning is on the move! Thank you for visiting and for the support you’ve given the Inside Online Learning blog over the past several years. While the blog will no longer be featured on this site, you can follow it over to where blogger Melissa Venable will continue to provide information about current trends in online education and […] Online Student Verification: Is that you? While online education has come a long way in terms of design and learning assessment, there are still issues related to making sure that the students who enroll in these courses are the ones completing the work. Decoding Accreditation and the Online College On Becoming a First-Generation Grad Student The Power of an Online Career Portfolio It’s not enough in today’s competitive job market to know things.

Comment Jean-Michel Blanquer veut redessiner l’Essec "Notre projet stratégique a pour ambition de revitaliser la méthode d’innovation propre à l’Essec pour que celle-ci reste fidèle à sa tradition d’esprit pionnier". Présentant "Essec 3i" (pour innovation, implication et internationalisation), le plan stratégique 2014-2020 de la business school, le directeur général de l’Essec, nommé en mai 2013, a insisté sur la dynamique collective qui a permis d’accoucher du projet : entre les professeurs, les administratifs, les étudiants et les alumni, 200 personnes ont planché trois mois durant pour établir les intentions stratégiques de l’école sur les prochaines années. Alliance renforcée avec Centrale paris Jean-Michel Blanquer a rappelé l’importance de l’alliance ingénieur-manager pour l’enseignement, la recherche, les relations avec les entreprises ou encore l’international. "Avec l’Ecole centrale, nos relations sont anciennes (double-diplôme, conception de produits innovants, chaire Armand Peugeot…). refonte pédagogique via le "design learning"

Online Learning: A User’s Guide to Forking Education | Online Learning At exactly this moment, online education is poised (and threatening) to replicate the conditions, courses, structures, and hierarchical relations of brick-and-mortar industrial-era education. Cathy N. Davidson argued exactly this at her presentation, “Access Demands a Paradigm Shift,” at the 2013 Modern Language Association conference. The mistake being made, I think, is a simple and even understandable one, but damning and destructive nonetheless. Those of us responsible for education (both its formation and care) are hugging too tightly to what we’ve helped build, its pillars, policies, economies, and institutions. The discussion forum, currently the holy grail of “engagement” inside most online courses, is particularly problematic. Rather than simply transplanting the Lego castle of education from one platform to another, we need to start dismantling it piece by piece, all the while examining the pieces and how they fit together. [Photo by wizgd]

Blackboard Blackboard Learn Blakboard Learn est devenu un environnement d'apprentissage virtuel (EAV) très répandu, et pour cause. Cette plate-forme est un outil essentiel pour une expérience d'enseignement en ligne enrichie, qui fournit tous les services, la technologie et l'assistance dont vous avez besoin. En savoir plus > Blackboard Collaborate Un apprentissage exceptionnel où que vous soyez. Blackboard Connect Connectez-vous à votre communauté au bon moment. Blackboard Mobile Votre établissement au creux de leur main. Blackboard Analytics Prendre de meilleures décisions professionnelles plus rapidement.

Education 2.0 : Educazione Didattica e Scuola Schools are doing Education 1.0; talking about doing Education 2.0; when they should be planning Education 3.0 Schools are doing Education 1.0; talking about doing Education 2.0; when they should be planning and implementing Education 3.0. This post seeks to compare the developments of the Internet-Web to those of education. The Internet has become an integral thread of the tapestries of most societies throughout the globe. Education 1.0 Most schools are still living within and functioning through an Education 1.0 model. The foundation of essentialist curriculum is based on traditional disciplines such as math, natural science, history, foreign language, and literature. This description (1) rings true with a lot of schools in this age of standardization, accountability, NCLB, Race-to-the-Top, Common Core Curriculum Standards, and (2) has a lot of similarity to Web 1.0 . . . Web 1.0 was an early stage of the conceptual evolution of the World Wide Web, centered around a top-down approach to the use of the web and its user interface. Derek W. Education 2.0 Steve Hardigan noted the following in 2007:

Jean-Pierre Choulet, DSI de l'ESSEC : «Le learning center fait du campus un lieu incontournable» - Enquête sur Educpros Propos recueillis par Caroline Franc | Publié le , mis à jour le Inauguré en 2008 et comptabilisant 165.000 visiteurs par an, le learning center de l'ESSEC est fréquemment cité en exemple. Pour Jean-Pierre Choulet, directeur du pôle systèmes d'information de l'école, ce succès s’appuie sur l'équilibre entretenu entre la dimension sociale du lieu et celle plus traditionnelle d'une bibliothèque ultra-moderne. Comment et pourquoi l'ESSEC a-t-elle décidé de se doter d'un learning center ? «Nous avons ajouté des services d'accompagnement, de coaching, d'aide à la recherche documentaire» Nous sommes donc vraiment partis d'une bibliothèque, que nous avons petit à petit modernisée et à laquelle nous avons ajouté des services d'accompagnement, de coaching, d'aide à la recherche documentaire, etc. Aujourd'hui, le learning center, c'est 3.000 m2 dans un espace convivial, dans lequel des «bulles» sont à la disposition des étudiants pour leurs travaux collaboratifs.

Everything you know about curriculum may be wrong. Really. UPDATE: Cool. This post was nominated and made the shortlist for Most Influential Post of 2012 by edublog. I’m really honored! What if the earth moves and the sun is at rest? The educational thought experiment I wish to undertake concerns curriculum. In our own era, this may seem to some as nutty as Copernicus’ idea must have seemed. Well, this works fine if the present is just like the past; if ideas turn into competent action automatically; and if theory, not effects, matters most. So, suppose knowledge is not the goal of education. As odd as that might sound for academics, it makes perfect sense in our everyday lives. In athletics this is very clear: the game is the curriculum; the game is the teacher. So, it would be very foolish to learn soccer (or child-rearing or music or how to cook) in lectures. The Copernican hypothesis eventually made sense because it did two things: made better sense of the data, and dealt with increasingly embarrassing anomalies in the Ptolemaic view.

Home | Schoolsonic 30+ Ways Teachers Can Use Pinterest Like all the other social media websites we have been talking about here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning, Pinterest has some educational potential that we need to capitalize on in our teaching. There are several ways to use Pinterest for educational purposes. Our colleagues in best colleges have compiled such a wonderful list featuring more than 30 ways teachers can use Pinterest. Check out the list below and keep in mind that all the titles are hyperlinked. Inspiration Get inspiration for decorating your classroom. Lessons Swap lesson plans. Professional Collaborate with other teachers and educators. Fun Find inspiration.

Ambient Insight | Worldwide Mobile Learning Research By Sam S. Adkins, Chief Research Officer Seattle, WA - August 23, 2011 -The GSMA released two new reports on the academic Mobile Learning market that include research findings contributed by Ambient Insight. Ambient Insight has been working with GSMA for over a year and provided the organization with data from several syndicated reports. The two reports can be downloaded at: GSMA's Mobile Education Landscape Report GSMA's Mobile Education in the United States According to the GSMA Development Fund, "We believe that providing tangible, accessible mobile services to people in developing countries is invaluable to society and can help improve people's lives." "We support the GSMA's efforts to improve people's lives with Mobile Learning," comments Ambient Insight's CEO, Tyson Greer.

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