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KustomNote - Custom note taking templates and forms for Evernote

KustomNote - Custom note taking templates and forms for Evernote

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Overview Rooms intelligently organize all your stuff. Your inbox can become a tangled mess of stuff. It's constantly filling with a stream of new messages, saved messages, forwarded messages, contacts, web links, embedded images, links to items in the cloud, all kinds of attachments: documents, spreadsheets, presentations—and plenty more. Yikes! Now, there’s a way to intelligently extract and convert the contents of your inbox into neatly organized, structured and shareable content. It's automatic and it's magical. Rooms are the workspaces where your new content assets live—the places you store your stuff. ccGenie creates an array of content assets and groups these into your Rooms as Documents, Conversations, Notes, and People. You can have several Rooms and you can belong to many. Reserve your ccGenie Room right now or read on to learn more.

Wikispaces 30+ Mac Shortcuts and Hidden Features Want to your boost productivity of your Mac ? Shortcuts are nice way to work fast then hovering mouse everywhere. With such a beautiful eye friendly interface, Mac is much more advanced system which gives you abilities to process up your tasks with the help of keyboard using shortcut keys. And pressing buttons and combination of keys is faster than taking your cursor to the button which can be under the finder, or in the menu that is the sub-menu in the finder. Working with shortcuts is easy and you will find it making your tasks faster too. I have gathered up some hidden features and shortcuts your are probably unaware of. Finder Shortcuts ⌘ + R – Reveals the selected item in a new Finder window.⌘ + I – Info window shows for the selected item.⌘ + D – selects the Desktop folder as a destination⌘ + ⌥ + L – selects ~/Download folder as a destination⌘ + F – cursor jumps to the Find text field⌘ + . – Cancels and closes the dialog window⌘ + ⇧ + > – Shows/Hides hidden files in the dialog

Stoodle Miles de audios libres de derechos para tus proyectos de aprendizaje ¿Necesitas recursos de audio libres de derechos para tus proyectos multimedia? seguro que sí, y es que con el avance de la tecnología es cada vez más sencillo producir nuestros propios recursos multimedia, por lo que, practicar el respeto por la propiedad intelectual hoy en día es una actividad que como docentes debemos promover desde las escuelas y demás centros de formación. Con este fin queremos compartirles tres sitios en Internet donde podrán reproducir y descargar miles de archivos de audio y música para que las utilicemos de la manera que mejor convenga a nuestros proyectos. Sitios de reproducción y descarga: También le puede interesar: Propuestas didácticas que comparten amigos y maestros de todo el mundo: Natalia Calvo, Argentina Silvia Martinelli, Argentina Álvaro Periáñez Santiago, España Cómo recibir en tu correo electrónico las publicaciones de El Blog de Gesvin Me gusta: Me gusta Cargando... Relacionado Usos Didácticos de los Recursos de Audio (Podcasts) en el Aula | Infografía

ActiveInbox: Make your Inbox your Donebox