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jQuery.mmenu » slick app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website

jQuery.mmenu » slick app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website
A jQuery plugin for creating slick, app look-alike sliding menus for you mobile website with only one line of javascript: $("#nav").mmenu(); Check out the example on the left,pretty slick right?! Check out this example, pretty slick right? Features Fully responsive CSS framework generated with SCSS.

[Infographie] Les best practices pour le design d’un site mobile Quid du scrolling sur les sites mobiles? Des liens vers un e-mail ou une page sur un réseau social? Ou même tout simplement de l’optimisation d’un site sur mobile? L’infographie ci-dessous nous livre un certain nombre de données chiffrées sur les attentes des mobinautes au sujet des sites mobiles. On peut ainsi découvrir, à l’heure où l’internet mobile prend de plus en plus de place, l’importance pour une entreprise d’avoir une stratégie mobile alors que:

Développement d'une application Android - tutoriel, outils et ressources Eric Schmidt, Executive chairman de Google, a annoncé lors de la conférence Dive Into Mobile que l'OS de Moutain View comptabilisait désormais 1,5 million d’activations quotidiennes d’Android. Il a également déclaré que d’ici la fin de l’année, Android sera présent sur 1 milliard de terminaux . Quant à Google Play, les 700 000 applications disponibles annoncées sont un bon augure pour le futur d’Android. Ces chiffres exceptionnels sont une formidable source de revenus pour Google mais également pour tous les développeurs et designers travaillant d’arrache pied afin de fournir des applications Android innovantes.

5 High-Level Mobile Commerce Design Considerations This is the last in a series of 8 articles on mobile usability that draw on findings from our mobile e-commerce usability report. In the seven prior articles of this series we’ve covered very specific usability findings for mobile commerce sites such as: inline labels (7), hit areas in product lists (6), drop-downs for navigation (4), single input entities (1), label positioning (2), and lists of compatible products (3). Beside the specific improvements these seven findings hopefully also offer a glimpse at the level of detail one needs to consider when designing a mobile commerce site.

Mobile Developers – What Should They Use? - Generation Mobile With mobile quickly becoming the platform of choice, every developer needs to know how this will affect him or her moving forward. But with so many platforms, devices, and resolutions, each using a different language, it can be very confusing. Is iOS the future, or with Apple's recent missteps will Android corner the market? And then there is all the new tablets entering the market. Soon, devices with touch interfaces hanging from every space will surround us. Designing a Mobile App? Don't Make These 10 Mistakes So you've already learned how to navigate the tricky world of cross-platform app design and worked through all of the common pitfalls of developing your app. You have a vision, some inspiration and maybe even a name that you know will be perfect. So ... now what? It's time to get down to the nitty-gritty and begin designing the structure, flow and features that will combine to form your finished mobile app. But actually performing these tasks isn't easy — there are tons of moving parts and project management aspects to keep in mind during development. Developing a functioning and enjoyable mobile app requires discipline and practicality.

6 Tools to Build a Mobile App on the Cheap The Mobile App Trends Series is presented by Sourcebits, a leading product developer for mobile platforms. Sourcebits offers design and development services for iOS, Android, Mobile and Web platforms. Follow Sourcebits on Twitter for recent news and updates. The massive growth of the app market has coincided with the creation of a parallel niche industry — the proliferation of accessible, low-cost development alternatives to traditional shops and agencies.

What Language Should You Build Your App With? Mobile developers across the globe have developed and released more than 650,000 iPhone apps, 400,000 iPad apps, and 600,000 apps for Android. Are you thinking about building an app? A key step in the process is choosing the right programming language, which depends on how scrappy you're willing to be.

Point Of Sale Apps: iPad/iPhone Apps AppGuide Overview Point of sale systems have gone mobile with the iPhone and iPad. You no longer need to be tied down to a checkout counter. You can actually accept credit card transactions on your iPhone or iPad through special apps and special cases or dongles. What a developer and user should expect from a mobile app development? For those interested in mobile app development, they should remember that applications could be traps. Nevertheless, in the continuously increasing application friendly world where web-enabled devices and smart phones are necessary, a lot of businesses could reap plenty of revenues, acquire new awareness and reach new markets by joining the mobile bandwagon. With this, a business owner should never create an old application or just throw an application online and just wait for it to be found.