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Cigar Box Nation - #1 resource for Cigar Box Guitars. Free Plans, & the Homemade Music Movement

Cigar Box Nation - #1 resource for Cigar Box Guitars. Free Plans, & the Homemade Music Movement
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Cigar Box Guitars - Join the Revolution Beavis Audio Research Building a Diddley Bow A note on wire: Using the right wire for the string is important. Please see the page Wire for the String. A WORD OF WARNING/DISCLAIMER: If you decide to try to build a diddley bow of any sort, be aware that the wire may be of unknown tensile strength and is being brought to unknown tension; in addition, if you use a glass jar or bottle as a bridge , remember it is under compression, and the board being used is under tension. I first take a piece of 2 x 6 or 2 x 4 lumber and cut it to about 3 feet long. I wrap the wire around the other nail for a couple of turns (using pliers to keep it as tight as possible), and then around itself, and cut off the extra. For the bridge, I use a small, cylindrical jar or bottle made of thick glass with straight, not tapered sides, such as a jelly jar, an instant yeast jar, or a hot sauce bottle. I slip the jar under the wire at the center of the instrument, and slide it toward one of the nails pushing it as far as it will go.

Luthiery/Guitar Building Handmade Music Clubhouse - Cigar Box Guitar Headquarters - CBG HQ Hand Crafted Instruments Made From Your Old Crap. | Cigar Box Guitars, Gourds Banjos, Salad Bowl Banjos, Washtub Bass, Propane Tank Drums, Bedpan Guitars, & other crazy creations. Loading site.. 100%

Shielding a Strat(tm) This modification does not alter the appearance of your guitar.Last updated 1-3-2004 What some people have said after shielding their guitars. Introduction Most guitars with single-coil pickups suffer to some degree from hum. Almost all are much noisier than they need to be, because the manufacturers don't bother to shield them well and don't follow simple electronic wiring principles that have been known for decades. These instructions apply primarily to guitars with regular magnetic pickups. Many guitars with single-coil pickups will benefit noticeably from shielding and star-grounding as described here. These step-by-step instructions and illustrations are for Stratocaster™ type guitars but the principles and techniques can be applied to any guitar. Shielding and regrounding your guitar will not signficantly alter its tone, other than that it may sound a bit more alive because faint harmonics that were buried in hum can be heard more clearly when the hum is removed. Skills Needed

Make Your Own Music – Diddley Bo « photo energy – art that captures you My husband and I both love music and musical instruments. Neither of us have mastered an instrument, but we love to play anyway. He’s taken this a step further and has made his first Diddley Bo (or Diddly Bow). Diddley Bo’s were a new instrument to me. They usually have one string, or sometimes two, and are most often homemade. Diddly Bo – Old 99 Anyway, I wanted to show you our Diddley Bo. There aren’t many, if any, rules about how to make these so if you feel inspired, give it a try. It’s wonderful to listen to talented people play. If you don’t already know about Diddley Bo’s, I don’t want to ruin it for you by putting up something with me playing.

Devlin Designing Boat Builders Guitar Mods | Diagrams, Pics, Instructions, And Mp3s Of Guitar Wirings MARIMBAU DE LATA Este conteúdo foi retirado do livro "Instrumentos sonoros alternativos" autor Julio Feliz. Materiais: Um compensado de 700mm de comprimento por 100mm de largura e 20mm de espessura;Dois toquinhos medindo 100mm de comprimento por 30mm de espessura e de largura;Uma vareta de bambu de aproximadamente 350mm;Um vidro de remédio vazio;Duas latas de leite em pó vazias;01 m de arame de aço;Dois pedaços de chapa de ferro medindo 7cmx4cm e 2mm de espessura;Um parafuso de aproximadamente 40mm;Um gancho com rosca;Pregos;Cola para madeira;Lixa para madeira. Ferramentas: Serra tico-tico;Serra de arco; Furadeira elétrica; Martelo; Alicate. Modo de fazer: Colar (ou pregar) os dois toquinhos no compen¬sado, com distância 20mm de cada extremidade. Modo de tocar: Segurar o vidro de remédio em uma das mãos e encosta-lo no arame; com a outra mão percutir a vareta no arame, deslizando o vidro na extensão do arame para obter a variação das notas.

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