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Splash - Custom Event Website, Check-in and Invitations

Splash - Custom Event Website, Check-in and Invitations

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750 UI Design Vector Icons Pack Today’s freebie is a 750 ui design vector icons pack, It’s a nice icons pack of the most popular and beautiful free icons. Free icons has been specifically for the UI design by Themecavern. The download file included transparent .PNG bitmaps in two sizes (16px and 32px) with dark versions of each icon. There is also the Adobe Photoshop (.PSD) included for customizing them however you wish. This mega pack contains 750 vector icons which are social media icons, email, suppliers, product-design, basket, project, illustration, category, cost, zoom , ticket, calender, orders, phone, sitemap, shipping, search and many more available in black style.

What impact does live broadcasting have on theatre attendance? An application of big data in the arts A simple enough question you might think, but one that turns out to be very tough to answer. Theory doesn’t help much. On the one hand, live broadcasts might increase local theatre attendances insofar as the broadcasts serve to promote live shows at theatres. The Ultimate Website Prelaunch Checklist Digital Strategy Mobile: The estimated time to read this article is 10 minutes We’ve all been there.

Top 10 Dropbox Extensions Make It More Amazing I have computers that run both Mac and Windows, so one of the main problems I encounter is transferring files from Mac to Windows or vice versa. Most of time, I try to use Gmail, but it won’t work if the file size is over 1G. After downloading Dropbox, everything comes so easily. Just by dragging and dropping, all my files can be synced to my Mac, Windows and even my iPhone. Here I would like to share the top 10 Dropbox extensions that can make it even more amazing, which I use frequently during my daily work.

The Philadelphia Orchestra The Philadelphia Orchestra is rolling out LiveNote™, an application for mobile devices that allows audiences to access information about the works they are hearing, following the music with real-time musical, emotional, and historical highlights. LiveNote is one of many Orchestra initiatives to explore how technology can intersect with audiences at the different points where they experience music. Developed in collaboration with Drexel University engineers, LiveNote works with Android and IOS phones. “The Philadelphia Orchestra has a rich legacy of being at the forefront of technical innovation, and curating new ideas is part of the very fabric of our organization. LiveNote is the latest initiative to experiment with harnessing the power of technology in service to the power of music, and we look forward to working with our audiences as we test and evolve this long-nurtured application.” -- Philadelphia Orchestra President and CEO Allison Vulgamore. With LiveNote you can:

24tips: the pre-launch website checklist 15 Dec: There’s more to putting a new website live than just having the (internal) client’s approval that the design looks nice. There’s remembering to make sure it looks OK in different browsers, checking you’ve added the website analytics tracking code, and emptying out the embarrassing test content, for starters. For the last few years, I’ve used the following pre-launch checklist as a simple reminder of the key steps and tests I need to remember to run on web projects before they go live. Guide for Writing Project Proposals This is a summary of how to write good, concise proposals for course projects. The focus of this summary is on programming or implementation projects, but the general ideas can be applied to most proposals. The recommended lengths of sections are given assuming a document length of 2 to 5 pages. Use appropriate scaling for longer proposal documents. Sample Outline

15 Essential Checks Before Launching Your Website Advertisement Your website is designed, the CMS works, content has been added and the client is happy. It’s time to take the website live. XTremeVideo XTreme Video has worked closely with more than 500 extreme sports producers worldwide over the past 20 years. These film-makers have created a legacy giving credit to the athletes and talent that live and breathe extreme sports. We, at XTreme Video, are passionate about extreme sports and films. We love it when they collide and tell stories that you can’t stop yourself from watching. We have grown to become a leading distributor worldwide.