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Anne Stokes : Art Gallery (

Anne Stokes : Art Gallery (
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Michelle Hoefener | Online Portfolio Site officiel de Sandrine Gestin: peintre de la féerie et de l'imaginaire | Peintre de la fantasy et de la féerie Brom David Delamare Official Web Site (Bad Monkey Productions) German Expressionism: The Graphic Impulse From E. L. Kirchner to Max Beckmann, artists associated with German Expressionism in the early decades of the twentieth century took up printmaking with a collective dedication and fervor virtually unparalleled in the history of art. The woodcut, with its coarse gouges and jagged lines, is known as the preeminent Expressionist medium, but the Expressionists also revolutionized the mediums of etching and lithography to alternately vibrant and stark effect. This exhibition, featuring approximately 250 works by some thirty artists, is drawn from MoMA’s outstanding holdings of German Expressionist prints, enhanced by selected drawings, paintings, and sculptures from the collection. The graphic impulse is traced from the formation of the Brücke artists group in 1905, through the war years of the 1910s, and extending into the 1920s, when individual artists continued to produce compelling work even as the movement was winding down.

Sensibilities - Myths and Legends of Russia: the Illustrations Let us have more pictures, shall we? Several of us are experiencing December blues and quite unable to rouse ourselves to the spirit of the season. I hope these may provide a few moments' entertainment at the very least. I never did manage to post these illustrations here. I did post a link to my dA gallery instead a few months ago, but links are no fun. Cross-posted at told_tales and storybookland I feel so silly and awkward sometimes, posting these things in communities; especially having to sign off with my name as the illustrator. 'She waved her right hand, and lakes and woods appeared; she waved her left hand, and various birds began to fly about'Illustration for The Frog Princess. 'I'm Rumbling Thunder! 'Ivashko too walked and walked, and met the three-headed dragon'Illustration for The Three Kingdoms. ‘The fox is carrying me away … Cat Cotonaevich, rescue me!’ This is one of two of the earliest illustrations which I completed. This is another one which was scanned for me by - Explore the Magykal World of Septimus Heap ijustdraw Fairy & Fantasy Art by Rachel Anderson Commonly Asked Questions by Absolute Beginners to Painting Looking at a great painting it can be hard to remember that every artist was an absolute beginner at some stage. But it's true, no-one is born with a paint brush in their hand, everyone learned from scratch at some stage. This list of commonly asked questions will help you get started on your creative journey as an artist. 2. Image © Marion Boddy-Evans The most common types of paint used are acrylic, oils, water-mixable oils, watercolor, and pastel. My personal recommendation is to start with acrylics because they dry quickly, mix and clean up with water, and it's easy to paint out and hide mistakes. Find Out More:• The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Paint • Getting Started with Acrylics 5. For acrylics, watercolors, and oils, if you want to mix colors, start with two reds, two blues, two yellows, and a white. If you don't want to mix all your colors, also get an earth brown (burnt sienna or burnt umber), a golden earth brown (golden ocher), and a green (phthalo green). 7. 9. 10.

Sensibilities Liens Fantasy Comme tout bon site internet, voici notre sélection de liens fantasy. Pour vous faciliter la vie, nous les avons regroupés en catégories faisant écho à celles du site. Nous espérons que vous y trouverez votre bonheur. Dans la mesure du possible, nous essayons d’être le plus à jour possible, mais sur internet, les choses changent vite. Si jamais vous constatiez un lien vide, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter pour nous en faire part. Pareillement, si vous estimez qu'un site internet consacré au genre aurait sa place ici, n'hésitez pas à nous le mentionner. Fantasy Divers Festivals et Salons Généralistes La Musique Les Auteurs Les BDs et Manga Les Films Les Illustrations Les Jeux Les Livres Les Maisons d'Editions (BDs / mangas) Les Maisons d'Editions (livres) Les sites amis J.R.R. Divers Généralistes Illustrations Jeux La Musique Les Langues inspirées Son Oeuvre Le Film du Seigneur des Anneaux Les Sites d'Actualités Les Sites Officiels