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Understand How Products Impact Stock Prices

Understand How Products Impact Stock Prices
Comcast's Universal Studios Hollywood will host a new attraction based on its popular Fast and Furious film series. The theme park announced plans to add a 3-D, HD feature to the park's Studio Tour tram ride by summer 2015. While theme parks are just a small part of Comcastâ s business, they help promote other NBCUniversal properties and bring in stable cash flows. We expect theme park revenues to exceed $3 billion by the end of the decade.

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45 Powerful CSS/JavaScript-Techniques - Smashing Magazine Advertisement CSS and JavaScript are extremely powerful tools for designers and developers. However, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with the one excellent idea that would solve a problem that you are facing right now. James Montier Resource Page James Montier Resource Page I met James Montier at a value investment seminar in Italy in 2007 where he presented. We had long discussions later the day and into the evening on value investing and investment strategy. Flash Crash by Barry Ritholtz - September 27th, 2010, 5:48pm Nanex, via Marketbeat, gives us this graphical look at the Flash Crash: click for ginormous charts

Social Visualization Software Review: IBM Many Eyes As we announced a few months ago, we will be starting a new feature aimed at reviewing visualization tools. This ongoing feature will hopefully shed light on these tools and if they might fit into your workflow. In the meantime, please feel free to give your opinion on this new reviewing feature in the comments section below. Should we change any of the criteria? Preet Bharara Takes on Wall Street Crime In the fall of 2003, Anil Kumar, a senior executive with the consulting firm McKinsey, and Raj Rajaratnam, the head of a multibillion-dollar hedge fund called Galleon, attended a charity event in Manhattan. They had known each other since the early eighties, when, as recent immigrants, they were classmates at the Wharton School of Business, in Philadelphia. Their friendship, intermittent over the years, was based on self-interest rather than on intimacy. Kumar, born in Chennai, formerly Madras, India, was fastidious and morose, travelling at least thirty thousand miles a month for work, and seldom socializing. Rajaratnam, a Tamil from Colombo, Sri Lanka, was fleshy and dark-skinned, with a charming gap-toothed smile and a sports fan’s appetite for competition and conquest.

Blog Cambridge, Mass. – March 4, 2011 – Via Science announced the acquisition of Dataspora, a predictive analytics firm that helps companies solve complex big data problems. The acquisition helps strengthen Via Science’s positioning to support the consumer packaged goods and retail sectors, areas of focus for Dataspora. REFS™ provides the ability to leverage causal mathematics at scale with its supercomputing platform.

Analyst Training The best way to learn and do research is to teach. What's why we, as wealth creation practitioners, are passionate about teaching research and conducting real-time battle-field research workshops. Join our one-year online Advanced Hands-on Research Training in Graham-Buffett Investing and re-wire your money mind structure like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett! A Note On Currency Wars I’ve seen a number of people — most recently, Yglesias — suggesting that mutual attempts by major economies to depreciate their currencies could be really helpful right now. The intuition seems clear: it gets countries printing money; and there’s also the historical argument by Eichengreen that competitive devaluation in the 1930s was actually quite helpful. But I don’t think this argument really works — at least not as phrased. The hypothesized currency war in which the Fed buys euros and the ECB buys dollars might not do any harm, but it probably wouldn’t help, either. Why?

Social Visualization Software Review: Tableau Public You have no doubt seen a Tableau chart before. They tend to be sleek, interactive, and intuitive. And they have already appeared in the Wall Street Journal, CNN Money, and CBS Sports among other places. The software is loved by many and quickly becoming the industry standard for those who DON'T necessarily consider themselves to be analysts. And it just became much easier for the non-analyst set to create excellent interactive charts with the recent release of Tableau Public, a new tool that puts the power of Tableau into the hands of everyone. This free version of Tableau was released earlier this year to much fanfare.

Teten & Farmer: VC & PE Funds’ Best Practices in Sourcing Investments Would you invest in a company that only sold to 1 out of 80 leads? Or a company that typically took one year and three professionals just to close a single client? In fact, you’ve already made that investment: in your private equity or venture capital fund. According to our data, the median investor in private companies reviews over 80 opportunities in order to make one investment. The median private equity fund required 3.1 investment team members to close one transaction in one year. Exhibit 1:Median Pipeline Size Necessary to Close 1 Deal

How the Big Banks stack up on Facebook, Twitter Social media is gaining traction in the financial services industry. Even the big banks are showing an eagerness to explore Web 2.0 technologies. Here, FierceFinance presents the social media activity of some of the major players on Wall Street. The Heilbrunn Center for Graham & Dodd Investing Articles Available to Download Browne, C.H., Browne W.H., Spears J.D., Shrager, T.H., & Wyckoff, R.Q. “What has Worked in Investing: Studies of Investment Approaches and Characteristics Associated with Exceptional Returns” (1992). Download the Article (PDF, 124KB) The Internalizers and The Flash Crash; Let’s Talk Real Villains Sal Arnuk Themis Trading LLC 10 Town Square, Suite 100 Chatham, NJ 07928 973-665-9600 By now every world citizen who has ever owned any stock knows “Waddell” as a household word. The regulators do not name them specifically in their October 1st SEC/CFTC Flash Crash Report (available here), yet the firm’s identity might just top the world’s worst-kept-secret list. If there were not enough references to Waddell and Reed over the weekend on Twitter and thousands of blogs, Dave Cummings, owner the HFT powerhouse Tradebot may have rectified that with his letter to the street, titled “Waddell Stupidity Caused The Crash” (available here). Waddell is blamed for unleashing an algorithmic percentage-of-volume order to sell 75,000 E-Minis that everyone seems to be crediting for the Flash Crash.

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