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Kobi Levi- Footwear Design

Kobi Levi- Footwear Design

***NEWRAFAEL*** Lana Del Rey: Bad Girl Blues Lana Del Rey looks on the verge of tears. Sitting under an old weeping willow, the pop singer’s big brown eyes glint dolefully in the sun as a summer breeze carries her cigarette smoke across Regent’s Canal. To an outsider, there seems little for the 24-year-old to be upset about – in the space of a month, the promo clip for her hauntingly vulnerable ballad “Video Games” has been viewed over half a million times and has reduced hardened music critics to blubbing wrecks. “It seems like for all the people who really loved ‘Video Games’, there were just as many who said they hated it,” she says in a delicate purr, pausing to drag deeply on her fag. Tellingly, she looks drastically different today compared to the “Lolita lost in the hood” who starred in the “Video Games” clip. She laughs at the suggestion. The self-confessed rebel lets out another wicked little giggle. “I think I started singing because I hoped I would meet someone like me,” she says. “It’s the exact same person, babes.

Ghost in the Machine by Erika Iris Simmons In this series I recycled donated cassette tapes and film reels, turning them into composite portraits of famous musicians and film stars. I love to think about the data contained on the media, and the idea that a copy of the the music (or movie) is also contained in your own head… Official Web Site

Le Parisien présente les chaussures les plus conceptuelles | Pensées d'une Shoesaholic Le Parisien les appelle les "chaussures les plus moches". Moi, je les appelles les "chaussures les plus conceptuelles". Car s’il n’y en a aucune là-dedans que j’envisagerais véritablement de porter, je ne peux absolument pas nier le travail créatif derrière chacune de ces… créatures. (pour ne pas dire "horreurs") Moi, ces chaussures automobile, je trouve qu’elles sont loin d’être moches. Des chaussures que Karine les bons tuyaux avait déjà partagées avec moi. Des chaussures chocolat chaud avec le pot: à côté, Karl Lagerfeld et Irregular Choice, avec leurs chaussures au talon en forme de cornet de glace, sont des petits joueurs! Pratique pour éviter de se faire marcher sur les pieds dans le métro. Je les avais déjà vues sur la page Facebook de Lady’s Secret. Les chaussures lance-pierre. Des chaussures avec CD intégré, pour pouvoir annoncer à tout le monde que vous débarquez. Une petite faim? Pour les geekettes… Parce que des chaussures sandwich et dessert, c’est trop facile. Et vous?

Stance: Dunny Meets Sneaker Culture Posted by Tiffany Chu | 25 Feb 2011 | Comments (4) For those of you with both creative feet and creative fingers, here's a new toy to tickle your fancy. A fascinating mashup of two worlds, Stance is a project by Delroy Dennisur that brings together the DIY designer toy community with the sneaker culture. "There's an incredible passion within the sneaker culture," says Delroy, an industrial designer who spent a lot of his childhood in Florida doodling shoes in the margins of his notebooks. Part of what makes DIY toys like Stance so compelling is their ambiguity and ability to strike a perfect balance of abstraction and recognition, allowing people to extrapolate with their own imaginations. For the next two weeks, you can help Delroy launch the project on Kickstarter.

Waves in the Mountains at Sea Around You Maya Lin Storm King Wavefield, 2007-2008 Earth and grass 240,000 square feet (11 acre site) Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York Photograph © Jerry L. Thompson Maya Lin’s new sculpture, located in an 11-acre pasture at the Storm King Art Center in Mountainville, New York, consists of long rows of undulating dirt and grass “waves,” each 10 – 15 feet high. The Wavefield both evokes the feeling and scale of ocean swells far offshore, and at the same time echoes the surrounding hills. Made of land, it represents water, while the nearby hills are made of land that actually was once part of the sea. These hills, the Hudson Highlands, are the deep core of the Appalachians. Andy Goldsworthy Storm King Wall, 1997-98 Fieldstone Approx. 5 x 2,278 feet Site-specific sculpture created for Storm King Art Center, Mountainville, New York Photo: Jerry L. References and more information

Hem - Orrefors Venus In Sequins June 8th, 2011 Venus in Sequins is a wearable artwork collection by The Rodnik Band. Each piece is a couture artwork inspired by famous artists and limited to 5 pieces each. Here are my 3 favorites: Duchamp, Warhol and Van Gogh. Especially the Duchamp dress is … found at fashion is bullshit

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