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50 Ultra Realistic Male Portrait Drawings Technology brings to surface more and more talented artists who create astonishing digitally manipulated images on every possible theme and illustrating everything that you could possibly imagine and even more. But then we still have the “classics”, for whom the pencil and paper are the genuine and compulsory materials in creating works of art. This is our third post from the “pencil drawings” series posts and it shows 50 brilliant portraits of men created by the technique of traditional drawing, without any digital manipulation. Some of them can easily trick the eye into believing that they are real photos of real people, that’s how beautiful and expressive they are. True masterpieces. Self Portrait 2007 – Drawing Hugh Laurie “House MD” A Man’s Portrait King of Pop P.Swayze Brad 2 Sean Jack Portrait Lost – Sawyer India Man Splash Glad to be Back from Paris A Portrait of a Magician Tom Kaulitz – Portrait Portrait in the Dark Victor -Commission Alan Rickman Portrait Elderly Asian Gentleman Robert Downey Jr

Discover How to Draw & Paint Whatever You Want We Help You Draw fancymarquis: my new brush u guys were asking for!! hope u like it ^u^ !! thankyou for coming to the stream !! luv u guys (Source: oujjou, via art-and-sterf) giobrowniesplace asked: I'm having a problem... Can our followers help? Drawing Realistic Tiger With Pencil-Eyes » OnlyPencil Drawing Tutorials The eyes are the most important part of any pencil drawing. I believe its the part that you must dedicate the most time to. Without the eyes there is no life in the drawing. The secret to making realistic eyes are the subtle details that most us don’t see. Before i start the eyes on a drawing, i look at many reference photos to understand what i will drawing. Lets look at the image above to get understand what we will be drawing. Tools Used: Canson Bristol Vellum2b Mechanical Pencil2h Wooden Cased PencilColor ShaperKneaded EraserStylus(Empty Pen)Stylus(Needle Pen)4b Progresso PencilPaint Brush Step 1 The paper that i used for this drawing was Canson Bristol Vellum. Step 2 Now take your 2b mechanical pencil and outline the eye.The area outside this will be all black because of the shadows being cast from the area above. In this area i used the needle because the hairs are finer and will suggest single hairs. Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Take your paint brush and cover the area around the pupil. Step 6

How To Draw Hands - Tutorials - Draw As A Maniac So everybody knows that the hands and the fingers are one of the hardest things to draw. So here is a personal collection of different hand references, hope to enjoy it and never stop practice. Hogarth hand poses from Iron Giant (middle of page) Mickey Mouse Hand Model Sheet by Les Clark ca. 1932 Merlin hand poses via Deja View Hand drawing tut by uchuucacahuate on deviantart. Excellent hand tutorial by alexds1 on Mr. Useful collection of hand poses by Chrissy Fellmeth Collection of female hand poses by artrush73′s Study of the hand in minimal style

Online Drawing Lessons - Learn to Draw Online for Free - for all things Colored Pencil! Tips and Techniques for Pencil Drawing » OnlyPencil Drawing Tutorials On the last tutorial we worked on how to draw tiger stripes. This time we will learn how to draw leopard spots.. Drawing spots is basically the same idea using similar techniques. For this tutorial we’ll be working on leopard spots. Continue reading One of the most popular questions i’m asked about drawing animals is “how do you draw tiger stripes?”. Continue reading My goal with this website is to help you improve your pencil drawings. Continue reading we can all probably draw the human eye, we draw the oval shape with the iris and pupil. I’ve been asked often where i buy the blank cards to make my ACEOs and i always tell them that i make them myself. The eyes are the most important part of any pencil drawing. Let me start off by welcoming you back and by telling you to have fun with this tutorial and if you have any question please contact me. Lately I’ve been working mostly on these miniature drawings. Here is a new miniature speed pencil drawing.