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The 3D printer everyone can use

The 3D printer everyone can use

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Les tests et comparatifs des imprimantes 3D Forum de l’impression 3D – Rejoignez la communauté ! Accueil > Dossiers et Tests – Tout savoir sur l’impression 3D > Les tests d’imprimantes 3D Les tests d’imprimantes 3D Retrouvez tous nos tests d’imprimantes 3D. Une analyse complète des dernières imprimantes disponibles sur le marché. Le Laboratoire 3Dnatives a décortiqué les machines sous tous les angles : design, ergonomie, performance, fiabilité… et point par point : déballage, installation, initialisation et premiers tests d’impression 3D. Micro 3D printer Kickstarter funding: $1 million in just one day Micro, an unusually sleek 3D printer, is about to hit $1 million in funding on Kickstarter just a day after it started raising funds. The project hits the sweet spot for anyone interested in 3D printing as it might be the first commercially viable $300 3D printer the world has ever seen. The Micro printer is notably light, weighing just 2.2 pounds. Micro is also doing far better on Kickstarter than Foodini, the nearly equally slick-looking food-printer that created a pretty respectable media splash, but has raised just under $60,000 so far. It’s possible that the pitch of “printing different shapes to encourage kids to eat healthy foods” needs some fine-tuning, especially in a world where people are clamoring for 3D-printed chocolate. Micro and Foodini aren’t the only popular 3D printers on Kickstarter, of course.

3D Printers and CAD Software: ZPrinter 3D Printing Solutions and SpaceClaim Direct Modeler for PA, NJ, NY, DE, MD, and VA ProJet® 4500 Professional 3D Printer ProJet® 5500X Professional 3D Printer New Printers ProJet® 4500 Professional 3D Printer The industry’s only continuous tone full-color plastic 3D printer Combine the Power of Vibrant Full Color With Durable Plastic Materials The ProJet® 4500 gives you […] ProJet® 4500 ProJet® 5500X Professional 3D Printer Multi-material composite materials 3D printer Large, high-quality multi-material parts in a single build. 3D Systems’ ProJet® 5500X delivers the highest quality, most accurate and toughest […] ProJet® 5500X

mUVe 1 3D Printer The mUVe 1 3D printer is bridging the gap between the hobbyist maker and the high-price resin printers that are currently out of their reach. The mUVe 1 uses a standard 405nm UV laser diode and a 3 axis CNC system to bring all of your high-resolution 3D models to life. When we set out to design a 3D printer we needed it to be as open and upgradable as possible, but it still had to offer great features at a great price. Imprimante 3D: imprime-moi une révolution (industrielle) Ces machines seraient à même de nous permettre de nous réapproprier les moyens de production... Un rêve marxiste, quoi. Les marxistes doivent avoir le sourire. Ces dernières semaines, on a vu fleurir dans la presse des articles prédisant l’arrivée de la troisième révolution industrielle. Sous les projecteurs, une machine qui permettrait à tout un chacun de se réapproprier les moyens de production.

Faraday Future, la mystérieuse start-up qui veut concurrencer Tesla En poursuivant votre navigation sur ce site, vous acceptez l'utilisation de cookies afin de réaliser des statistiques d'audiences et vous proposer une navigation optimale, la possibilité de partager des contenus sur des réseaux sociaux ainsi que des services et offres adaptés à vos centres d'intérêts. Pour en savoir plus et paramétrer les cookies... en partie ensoleillé Vent : 10km/h - UV : 2 Clôture veille : 4911.17 Arduino Leaks a Peek of Their Upcoming 3D Printer Arduino, known for creating an easy-to-use microcontroller revolution, is about to launch its own 3D printer. The Arduino Materia 101 made its global debut earlier today on the official Arduino twitter account with a photo of a boxy white and teal FDM printer and a note that Arduino co-founder Massimo Banzi is showing the printer live on Italian TV. It also states that the printer will be presented next weekend at Maker Faire Rome. In the image, the printer appears to have an LCD screen, a control knob, and a switch on the front plate.

QU-BD One Up - Open Source Production Ready 3D Printer by Chelsea Thompson The QU-BD One Up is the world's first production ready 3D printer to break the $200 barrier. It uses industry standard technology and electronics and everything is OPEN SOURCE! The source files will all be released a couple days BEFORE the Kickstarter campaign ends! *** Please note that we are having a company that shares our warehouse with us handle all packaging and shipping so that we can continue to focus on our all metal 3D Printers*** We are thrilled to offer the One Up and Two Up for the Holidays as an easy to assemble kit. These units were 'shelved' for quite some time waiting to release now.

Food Grade Filament (Save 10% with Coupon Code SPRING - if we sell it you can save 10% with our HUGE Spring Sale - Ends SOON!) 3D Printing Facts, Tips, Tricks & Other Bottom of the Page Nuggets from What Temperature to 3D Print your Filament at? While each 3D Printer is different and you will need to play around with the temps to get the best print here are some starter temps for you; these are all temperature profiles that are verified and confirmed print temps on the 3D Printers (9 different machines from pre-built D3 and D4 to our own DIY custom Reprap printers) with the actual filament we sell to you... so they will get you 99% of the way there! How do I get my filament to stick and STAY stuck?

Portable and Affordable: New 3-D Printers That Cost Less Than $500 The Portabee, based on the RepRap Wallace, can be purchased as a kit or an assembled printer. Photo: Portabee It’s been easy to overlook some of the innovations coming out of the RepRap community as of late. Business Intelligence (informatique décisionnelle) - définition, actu De l'exploitation des données métiers à la gouvernance IT, le point sur la Business Intelligence, et ses outils de type décisionnel : le reporting, le tableau de bord et l'analyse prévisionnelle. Quel est l'objectif de la Business Intelligence ? La Business Intelligence (BI), également "intelligence d'affaires" ou "informatique décisionnelle", englobe les solutions IT apportant une aide à la décision aux professionnels avec, en bout de chaîne, des rapports et tableaux de bord de suivi des activités de l'entreprise à la fois analytiques et prospectifs. Cette notion apparait à la fin des années 1970 avec les premiers infocentres. Des systèmes qui envoyaient des requêtes directement sur les serveurs de production, ce qui se révélait plutôt dangereux pour ces derniers.