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Audio Issues - Audio Production Tips RA - Tech A master of sound shows us how he tinkers. The app reconfigures the functionality of Native Instruments iPad DJ app for smaller touchscreens. Mon, 29 Apr 2013 / HerrJordan 2 Comments The veteran producer and engineer talks to Music Radar about his approach to the dark art of audio mastering. Left, right and everywhere in between: RA's Jono Buchanan explains how to find space for your sounds. RA's Jordan Rothlein spent a few days in Frankfurt surveying the sights and sounds at Europe's annual music technology showcase. Thu, 11 Apr 2013 / carlosi 9 Comments RA scribe Kristan J Caryl chats to Hypercolour, Defected, Turbo and more about how to make your music stand out to labels. Wed, 10 Apr 2013 / HerrJordan 6 Comments DJ Tech Tools assembled a few simple tips for minimizing the damage you do to your hearing in the DJ booth. Featuring four channels, an on-board soundcard and new effects controls, the mixer brings features from higher-end DJMs to a lower price point. Previous tech stories

Drum Overdubs Via Web Microphone Database | Audio Recording News | RecordingHacks Synthtopia Downhill Battle presents the Reasons Music diversity will grow. The major labels' business model requires them to have a steady stream of consistent products. The very nature of their operation produces homogenized music designed for specific radio formats and scientifically honed to hit-making models. Artists are signed and promoted based on the opinions of individual A&R executives, not the popularity of the music. When the major labels crumble, the diversity of mainstream music will blossom. It will be a revolution in pop culture. Pay-for-play radio will end. For decades, the major labels have controlled what's on the radio by paying radio stations to play their songs. Legislative efforts to end the practice have failed consistently. Independent music won't be marginalized. The major labels use their monopoly of distribution and their control of radio to prevent independent music from competing in the mainstream. The lawsuits will stop. The major labels hit a new low when they started suing fans this fall.

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