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EDRA Axis Mundi Design | Wall Street Studios New York, New York | Axis Mundi recently completed two residences for a brother and a sister at Downtown by Philippe Starck. The brother owns an extensive collection of art work by the Japanese artist Takashi Murakami which was hung salon-style and is the main focus of the space. Other highlights include the 20' long red silk velvet covered banquette, lighting fixtures by Droog, gun lamps by Starck, and furniture by Moooi. The sister's apartment is more subdued. Most of the furniture, built-ins and silk carpets were custom designed specifically for our clients. Design Team: John Beckmann, with Richard Rosenbloom Photography: Mikiko Kikuyama © Axis Mundi Design LLC

presents the WE*DO Gallery in Bangkok photo © WE*DO Gallery Predrag Pajdic interviews Francisco Polo for What do you get if you cross two brains with architectural, scientific, design, art and entrepreneurship skills in a time of global austerity? Portrait of Francisco Polo, Courtesy of WE*DO Gallery The WE*DO Gallery consists of the two of you. photo © Errikos Andreou (detail), 2011 Part of THE ORACLE exhibition curated by Predrag Pajdic for WE*DO Gallery, Bangkok // 5 January – 5 April 2012 How did you come up with the concept for the WE*DO Gallery? Why did you decide on Bangkok for the place to launch the gallery? I am unashamedly, a lover of all things Asian. photo © Mustafa Sabbagh, Predrag Pajdic & Marco Brollo, 2011Part of THE ORACLE exhibition curated by Predrag Pajdic for WE*DO Gallery, Bangkok // 5 January – 5 April 2012 What kind of treasures can be found at WE*DO? For example, right now, at WE*DO there are some unique pieces designed by the Design-Duo Lotocoho (Jorge Lopez & Anna Tomich). sources:

יקרר את המחאה? מאוורר ענקי נחת לפתע בכיכר רבין תושבי תל אביב קמו הבוקר אל הפתעה משיבת רוח במרכז העיר: בשיאו של הקיץ, בטבורה של כיכר רבין העצומה ונעדרת הצל, הוצב מאוורר ענק – שישה מטרים גובהו ושלושה מטרים וחצי מוטת כנפיו. אי אפשר להתעלם ממנו. מאחורי המיצב עומדת טל טנא צ'צ'קס, מעצבת ואמנית רדי-מייד. טנא צ'צ'קס עיצבה את המאוורר לפי הדגם הקלאסי מתוצרת "סטאר" - אייקון ישראלי ששלט במרפסות המקומיות בשנות ה-60, ה-70 וה-80. היום הוא יופעל באמצעות חיבור לחשמל, אולם החל ממחר ייצר לעצמו את האנרגיה הדרושה לו בעזרת מערכת סולארית (ואז גם יוסרו החבלים ושלטי האזהרה שמקיפים אותו היום). לאחר שקיבלה אור ירוק עבדו עליו שישה אנשי מקצוע, שמתמחים בברזל, פחחות, צבע והנדסה. בעבודתה משתמשת טנא צ'צ'קס באובייקטים קיימים, תעשייתיים ומקומיים, שבהם היא עושה מניפולציה. >> לאתר של טל טנא צ'צ'קס. >> פלורנטיין הופמן זורק צעצועים ענקיים במרחב הציבורי

The Hemp Chair by Werner Aisslinger Photo © Michel Bonvin Project: Hemp ChairYear: 2011Designer: Werner AisslingerMaterials: hemp, kenaf (Malvaceae), water-based thermoset binder Acrodur® Natural fiber composite meets design at Ventura Lambrate’s ‘Poetry Happens’ exhibition. Berlin-based designer/architect Werner Aisslinger, designed Hemp Chair the first monobloc chair designed using natural fibers that have been molded under heat using a special eco-friendly resin, resulting in a sustainable composite material. The project is supported and is in cooperation with the German chemical company BASF. Previewed at Milan Design Week 2011, the chair features a very complex design with soft curves and a visually captivating horizontal and vertical wing structure. While today’s consumers are striving towards a well-balanced, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle that is in harmony with the environment, they are in search of innovative eco-friendly products. sources: Werner Aisslinger

Icons by Jan Plechac photo by Tomas Brabec When we think of iconic furniture pieces, pieces such as the Louis Chair, the 101 year old Kubus Chair by Josef Hoffmann, the Red Blue Chair (1917) by Gerrit Rietveld, the Eames Walnut Stool, and the Fatboy Chair will definitely cross your minds among others. Czech designer Jan Plechac deals with these iconic furniture pieces in a graphic attempt through the study of lines. Red Blue Chair, photo by Kristina Hrabetova The Icons seating furniture collection is a challenge to delete the fine line which distinguishes exterior and interior furniture, and furthermore interior and exterior as such. Louis Chair, photo by Kristina Hrabetova But how was the selection made? The element and the absence of color was another criteria for the selection of Rietveld’s Red Blue Chair. Fatboy Chair, photo by Kristina Hrabetova Kubus Chair, photo by Kristina Hrabetova Walnut stool, photo by Kristina Hrabetova sources: Jan Plechac