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Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20

Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20
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Getting Things Done > Grade Point Average Zoinks! Thanks for all the love everyone! By popular demand, I've TeeSprung the quote -- all profits to We're a generation in debt. A year ago I sat on a panel at the White House* for a room full of deans from universities across the country. Paul Graham says the best founders are "relentlessly resourceful." I've been thinking about that day in D.C. ever since. Getting Things Done > Grade Point Average I'm an employer and I don't really care where you went to school or what your GPA was -- I want to know what you've done. This will not be on your course syllabus What are you passionate about? Writing code? (Wish you could write code? Love cats? Fired up about writing? We need more people - especially my fellow Millennials - doing things, learning things. Don't wait for permission to be awesome. *It was at this moment I realized I could've also called this post "From Waffle House to White House."

Handling Fear of rejection What is fear of rejection | Some symptoms of fear of rejection | Overcome fear of rejection | Fear of rejection downloads What is fear of rejection – definition and causes Fear of rejection is an irrational fear of not being accepted for who you are. Fear of rejection is cause by lack of confidence and self-esteem. You may have developed this fears during your childhood if your parents constantly compared you with others. It is important to start accepting the fact that anybody can be rejected from time to time. Some symptoms of fear of rejection You are never good enough. By taking care of yourself you increase your confidence. When I was a child I felt always judged and compared all the time. I remember when I was 11; I was at my cousin’s house trying to have a good time in the swimming pool sitting on a round life belt enjoying the sun. The causes of fear of rejection are multiple. Overcome fear of rejection Don’t take things personally. Fear of rejection downloads Comments comments

The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking How Bradley Manning Became One of the Most Unusual Revolutionaries in American History In prison, Manning was far from the furor he’d set off. He had a few visitors. For a time, Manning’s father was one of them—he apparently wanted a relationship after all. It wasn’t long ago that Manning had imagined a bright future for himself. It's all who you know? Why Being A Perfectionist May Not Be So Perfect Are you a perfectionist? Do you spend a lot of time “perfecting” your work,so everything comes out the way you want it to? I believe all of us are perfectionists in our own right. I’m a perfectionist, too. We set high bars for ourselves and put our best foot forward to achieve them. We dedicate copious amounts of attention and time to our work to maintain our high personal standards. And a dedication towards perfection undoubtedly helps us to achieve great results. How so? We become less efficient. However, the problem isn’t perfectionism. The problem is when the quest for perfectionism turns into an obsession – so much so that the perfectionist becomes neurotic over gaining “perfection” and refuses to accept anything less than perfect. The answer isn’t to stop being a perfectionist. Here are my 8 personal tips on how we can be healthy perfectionists. Draw a line. Are you a perfectionist? Image: doublej11 Read full content

The Year of Less This is our manifesto of sorts. Our commitment. It is necessarily quite vague and abstract. As our journey progresses we will discover how to live these principles out in our daily lives. To us, simplifying is all about minimizing the things that don't matter to make room for the things that do. 1. We will shop less, buy less, eat less, spend less.We will buy used or borrow whenever possible.We will radically reduce our possessions so that we can spend less time caring for stuff and more time caring for people.2. The whole point of using less is that it leaves us with more to give.

Ecstasy does not wreck the mind, study claims | Society | The Observer Ecstasy tablets induce a sense of euphoria and intimacy with others, and diminished anxiety and depression Photograph: David Allan / Alamy/Alamy There is no evidence that ecstasy causes brain damage, according to one of the largest studies into the effects of the drug. Too many previous studies made over-arching conclusions from insufficient data, say the scientists responsible for the research, and the drug's dangers have been greatly exaggerated. The finding will shock campaigners who have claimed ecstasy poses a real risk of triggering brain damage. But experts who have argued that the drug is relatively safe welcomed the new paper. The study was carried out by a team led by Professor John Halpern of Harvard Medical School and published in the journal Addiction last week. Ecstasy – or 3,4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, or MDMA – came into widespread use in the 1980s when taking it was linked to raves and the playing of dance music. But the drug still posed risks, he said.

Believing what we want to believe Human beings, thanks to culture and genetics, are inclined to be pessimistic, fearful, skeptical and believers in conspiracy theories. We also don't like change. The marketer (products, government, religion, whatever) that decides to trade in any of these glitches has a tremendous advantage. It's far easier to create fear than to soothe it, far easier to argue for a conspiracy than to prove that one doesn't exist. When we find ourselves rewarding our instincts instead of reality, we often make poor choices. When confronted by a mass of facts and nothing but instinct or tribal confirmation on the other side, it might be worth revisiting why we choose to believe what we believe.