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Our Blog - Single Grain Have you ever frozen up in front of a blank page, afraid to write that email to your subscribers? It’s hard. When you have thousands of people reading your stuff, every email can be intimidating to write. That’s why we’ve made a list of 7 emails you can add to your funnel today. They are: Case Study FAQ Email […] Cloud - A simpler way to deliver e-learning - SCORM A simpler way to deliver e-learning. SCORM Cloud lets you deliver training where your learners live. Try it Free Up and running in minutes Christmas Gifts for Geeks Are you a geek? Do you know a geek? Perhaps you are a closet-geek ready to come out! 50 Free Resources That Will Improve Your Writing Skills - Smashing Magazine Advertisement Today, too many websites are still inaccessible. In our new book Inclusive Design Patterns, we explore how to craft flexible front-end design patterns and make future-proof and accessible interfaces without extra effort.

How to Blog: A Guide on How to Quickly Start Blogging By: Ramsay | 45 intelligent opinions, add yours So you want to know how to blog? You want someone to run you through all the steps necessary to quickly start blogging and then grow it to become something successful and profitable? Well you’re in the right place! Too Busy to Create a Content Marketing Strategy? Make Time! The most successful businesses are using content marketing. Why? Because it works. Content marketing attracts and retains customers by creating and curating relevant and valuable content that they actually want and need. Content marketing is helpful and doesn’t come off as annoying like some traditional marketing methods. But first, what is content marketing?

Does creativity come with a price I am interested in creativity and creative learning, and so it would be interesting to understand how these would be associated with creative people and how we could provide education to nurture one’s creativity. In this post on Creativity – Does Creativity come with a price, it was found that writers were more likely to suffer from mental disorders: Writers were a whopping 121% more likely to suffer from bipolar disorder than the general population. Moreover, Simon Kyaga, the study’s lead researcher, says that authors had a “statistically significant increase” in anxiety disorders–38% to be exact. Rates of alcoholism, drug addiction, and suicide also increased among writers. Researches relating creativity and mental illnesses found that “genius may occur in appreciably introverted persons – Newton, for instance – and Einstein, Bertrand Russell, and James Joyce are all said to have had near relatives with schizophrenia.

100 Perfect Gifts Whether You’ve Been Naughty or Nice: 1 to 10 100 Perfect Gifts Whether You’ve Been Naughty or Nice: 1 to 10 inShare0 Hario V60 Buono KettleThe perfect cup of joe is exactly 2 minutes, 30 seconds away: Hario's slow-pour kettle, coupled with its ridged conical drip cup ($23), prolongs infusion time for delicious solubles without overextracting your brew or straining your wrist. And while high-end coffee gear can cost as much as a new Toyota, the V60 goes for less than a few fill-ups. $59 | HarioPhoto: Massimo Gammacurta Joby Gorillatorch SwitchbackIf countless hours spent playing Zork taught us anything, it's that wandering around in the dark will get you eaten by a Grue. Joby's lantern with opposable tripod legs latches anywhere to light up your life (or at least your tent). When nature calls for a midnight trip to the loo, pop open the bottom and it converts to a removable headlight.

10 Types of Content to Create Engagement and Drive Traffic to Your Blog, Branding The challenge for any blogger is to come up with new ideas for writing content that makes readers turn up and keep coming back! If you have just started blogging it can seem overwhelming and daunting to create and write content, and can stop bloggers – both personal and business bloggers – from maintaining momentum. What are some principles, strategies and content types that will assist you in producing content that will turn readers into raving fans, prospects into customers and become loyal members of your tribe? Everyone has Problems One thing to keep in mind is that every business or reader has day to day challenges and problems that they want help solving.

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