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How To Keep Your Laptop Clean By Notebookspecialista - - Expat Life In Budapest, Hungary - Technology Besides making it look unattractive, the dust and dirt accumulating on your laptop may also radically affect its performance. Fortunately, you don't have to turn to a professional every time you want to clean your beloved device. Hopefully, it goes without saying that you should keep that cup of coffee as far away from your brand new notebook as humanly possible. Shiny surfaces attract dust and fingerprints anyway, making regular cleaning inevitable – add some greasy fingers, crumbs and sticky fluids to that, and you'll need a superhero to restore the original, pristine state.

Springpad Get inspired. Get organized. Get more done. Get Started A Few Tricks To Help Your Laptop Last Longer - - Expat Life In Budapest, Hungary - Technology By We've all had our notebook's battery die on us at the worst possible moments. Yet, if you watch out for some details, you can add hours to your battery life. Notebook makers are as keen on extending battery life as they are on improving performance. GimmeBar The Future Is In Our Hands - - Expat Life In Budapest, Hungary - Technology By Notebookspecialista: Early September saw one of the most prominent electronics fairs, IFA 2016, with a wide array of mind-blowing gadgets from leading manufacturers. Here's our pick of the trailblazers. Christmas came early for those infatuated with laptops, tablets, smartphones, wearables, TVs, and other smart household appliances: producers unveiled dozens of cutting edge devices at this early September event in Berlin. Almost all major brands made an appearance and, even though some newcomers had received extensive word of mouth, there were some jaw-dropping revelations. We've selected some of those – not necessarily in the order of importance.

Samsung Gear S hands-on So here we are with Samsung's sixth — yes, a full half-dozen — smartwatch in a little more than the space of a year. To wit: The Samsung Galaxy Gear, Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo, Gear Fit, Gear Live and, now, the Gear S. That's a whole lot of Gear. Sony Xperia Z3 Compact vs its mini rivals: size comparison showdown 1. f35hunter (Posts: 44; Member since: 12 Dec 2013) It is the giant of the mini's 2. alextdarling (Posts: 15; Member since: 21 Sep 2013) I know the iPhone 5S isn't a registered mini device, but wouldn't it make it more interesting just to include it? (Im a heavy android user.)

How To Get Rid Of That Annoying 'Ok Google' On Your Android Wear Watchface Some of you Android Wear users out there may have taken notice of something that has become quite a few people’s pet peeve. We are talking about the ‘Ok Google’ that pops-up on top of the watchface of your Android Wear device. This pops-up to let users know that they are able to say “Ok Google” into their Android Wear device to trigger Google Now, the problem with this is that figuring that out is a one time thing. People do not need to be constantly reminded that they are able to say “Ok Google” by a pop-up on their Android Wear device. And what makes the pop-up worse is that it pops-up right over your watchface which can be annoying.

Google Chromecast 4K Is All Set To Launch Chromecast offers a great way to browse top-class content. Moreover, people will get an easy access to the keyboard, which is integrated within the screen only. The applications that run in Chromecast are fast and highly responsive. Google Chromecast has successfully blended a highly-simplified interface with the big TV screen. There is just one small problem that Chromecast needs to address and that is related to the resolution. In the recent times, both Roku and Amazon have embraced 4K technology and incorporated it into their respective devices. Education app of the week: Tickle for iPad The robots have taken over! Well, they’ve heavily influenced this week’s education app review, in any case, as we take a look at Tickle, the simple robot programming app for iPad… What is Tickle for iPad? Tickle (Tickle Labs, Inc, free) is a free app that lets you program a wide variety of robots through a simple programming language and drag and drop visual interface, then control them from an iPad. Just some of the ‘bots and systems controllable by Tickle include the Sphero robotic ball, a wide variety of flyable drones, the Arduino open-source electronic prototyping platform and Philips Hue smart home lighting.