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Bomb Pop Shots Growing up my all time FAVORITE frozen treat were Bomb Pops! Those ‘rocket’ shaped Popsicles that were blue raspberry on the bottom, lemon in the middle and cherry on top. And I’m sure by now you all know what I did with the cherry portion. Well when I turned 21 I discovered Bomb Pop Shots. So whether you’re celebrating the 4th of July, Memorial Day, Labor Day or Tuesday, enjoy but please drink responsibly and never drink and drive! Author: The Kitchen Whisperer 1/3 ounce Sprite *1/3 ounce lemon vodka *2/3 ounce blue curacao2/3 ounce grenadineice*Note: Can use Mike’s Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice in place of these Shot Glasses Mix the Sprite and vodka in a shaker with some ice to chill it.Strain into glass.Using a spoon turned upside down angled into the vodka mix just to slightly break the surface, very slowly pour the blue curacao. More deliciousness awaits

Cocktail Popsicle Recipes You Can Make With Booze A cocktail is refreshing after a long, hot summer day, but you know what's even more refreshing? When that cocktail comes in the form of a popsicle. Lucky for you, these adult pops come in all types of flavors and strengths. From a mild wine fudgesicle to a more intense cucumber margarita popsicle, there's a boozy pop right for every occasion. If you want to make them kid-friendly, just add juice in place of booze. Loading Slideshow Melon Berry Diablo Cocktail Popsicle<strong>Get the <a href=" target="_hplink">Melon Berry Diablo Cocktail Popsicle recipe</a> by Bakers Royale</strong> With a popsicle this colorful, how could you not want one? Hide Thumbnails 2 Points Filed by Julie R.

How To Make Limoncello Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn It has taken me far too long to discover how amazing — and how astoundingly easy — it is to make my own limoncello. I had this hazy idea that limoncello must be a closely guarded secret kept by a sect of weathered Italian grandfathers with wooly driving caps and secretive, knowing smiles. Just me? Well, it turns out all you need to make truly incredible limoncello are some good lemons, a bottle of stiff vodka, and just a little patience. Limoncello is smooth and sweet with an intense lemon flavor. It can be sipped on its own, mixed into sparkling water, or shaken into cocktails. To make it, we're simply infusing lemon peels into vodka. What Alcohol to Use? If you have the option, 100 proof vodka or even higher-proof grain alcohol is the very best to use for making limoncello. This said, 80 proof vodka is also fine to use — it's also easier to find and less expensive than 100 proof. What Lemons to Use? If you have access to them, Meyer lemons make a superb limoncello. How Long to Infuse?

NO SHIT IT’S HOT, IT’S FUCKING JULY. Pull yourself NO SHIT IT’S HOT, IT’S FUCKING JULY. Pull yourself together, go find some shade, and kick back with Thug Kitchen’s citrus iced tea. Guaranteed to refresh your attitude and show your BBQ guests that you’ve got shit figured out. Even if you don’t. 1 gallon of water 4 black tea bags 4 white tea bags (if you find white tea with ginger, lemon, and orange flavors in it, that would be legit) ¼ - ½ cup maple syrup (this shit can be expensive so feel free to replace it with agave or honey) 2 ½ cups whiskey (optional, but who are you kidding) ½ cup orange juice 1/3 cup lemon juice Heat the water is a big pot on the stove until you see bubbles forming on the bottom. Makes enough for a party or just you on the laziest summer day ever We made this for our friends over at and they fucking loved it

Watermelon mimosa recipe This watermelon mimosa recipe is a colorful and refreshing twist on the traditional mimosa cocktail – it is made with watermelon, orange juice, sugar to taste, sparkling wine and garnished with fresh mint. One of the things I love about summer, is being able to spend more time outside. This means making refreshing summer drinks, I especially love drinks that are made with sparkling wine – champagne or cava or prosecco. You never know when there might be an occasion to celebrate, so just in case I always keep a bottle of champagne, though lately it has been cava, in the refrigerator. This watermelon mimosa is also a good drink to make when you have guests, it is a colorful and tasteful change from the classic mimosa (yes, sometimes I mess with the classics, sorry). This watermelon mimosa recipe is a refreshing bubbly cocktail made with watermelon, orange juice, sugar to taste, sparkling wine and garnished with fresh mint. Ingredients Instructions Notes © Pineapple caipirinha

Pink Champagne Punch: Recipes Makes8 servings Active time: 10 minTotal time: 1 1/2 hr This pretty-in-pink punch is a festive and delicious way to kick-off your holiday celebration. If you prefer a punch that’s less sweet, use fresh squeezed pomegranate juice instead of bottled (see Cooks’ Notes). 1 1/4 cups water 1/4 cup sugar 2 (4-inch long) strips lemon zest 1 cup chilled bottled pomegranate juice 3 tablespoons fresh lemon juice 1 750 ml bottle chilled pink sparkling wine or champagne lemon twists Bring water, sugar, and lemon zest to a boil in a 1-quart saucepan, stirring to dissolve sugar, then boil 5 minutes. Syrup can be made 2 days ahead and kept chilled.

Black Button Citrus Forward Gin | Black Button Distilling Jason Barrett has always found Gin to be an acquired taste. That is why he has given this spirit a new twist for gin lovers and an excellent starting point for the more inexperienced gin drinkers. The blend of bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, and New York State Cascade hops molds well with the delicate notes of juniper berry. The unique blend of botanicals leaves you with a long lingering “citrus forward” taste at the end. It’s the citrus overtone that makes this gin ideal for any hot summer day. Whether it’s in a Tom Collins, Gin & Tonic, or Gimlet, Black Button Gin will have you pondering what else Gin can do. Black Button Citrus Forward Gin Takes Third at American Craft Spirits Association 2015 Awards Disruptively Different Gin Review Click Here for Just One Dram Review Try This: “Summer in a Bottle” 16 oz. Combine in a bottle and keep in the fridge. “Sunny and 85″ 1 oz Black Button Citrus Forward Gin 4 oz Tonic