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Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future - A/42/427 Annex - UN Documents: Gathering a body of global agreements - Iceweasel

Report of the World Commission on Environment and Development: Our Common Future - A/42/427 Annex - UN Documents: Gathering a body of global agreements - Iceweasel

Maps That Help You Understand The World | ACM OUTPOST - Iceweasel 1. This map shows the world divided into 7 sections (each with a distinct color) with each section containing 1 billion people. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.This map shows (in red) countries that were all Communist at one point in time. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Paleo Diet Lifestyle is now Paleo Leap | Tips & Recipes - Iceweasel

Ecological Footprint Quiz by Center for Sustainable Economy 5 Brain Disorders That Started as Evolutionary Advantages | - Iceweasel #2. Dyslexia Is a Symptom of an Ancient Brain Superpower agsandrew/iStock/Getty Images Dyslexia is one of those strangely specific disorders that make you wonder just who the hell designed the human brain, anyway. It's characterized by an inability to read despite normal intelligence, the brain jumbling up characters like one of those CAPTCHA text boxes. Jacob Wackerhausen/iStock/Getty "Dammit, I can never figure out these damn things." For these people, all sorts of mindless, everyday things you take for granted, from reading menus to browsing the Internet, become laborious chores. How It May Have Helped Humanity: When you look at the stats, something strange starts to jump out: According to some surveys, over 30 percent of entrepreneurs describe themselves as dyslexic, and tons of influential people -- from Albert Einstein to Steven Spielberg -- have struggled with the condition. Digital Vision. Dr. #1. stokkete/iStock/Getty Images

Offshore Wind Farms Guard Landscape Against Hurricanes | I Fucking Love Science - Iceweasel The construction of wind farms in coastal waters could have a benefit besides clean energy. Turbines take energy out of the wind, and modeling shows this could be a significant enough effect to reduce the damage from major storms. Professor Mark Jacobson of Stanford University has spent 24 years modeling atmospheric behavior, including air pollution and climate. He has used his models to study the way hurricanes form, searching for the answer to the troubling question of whether Global Warming will mean more or fewer hurricanes. He has also studied how much energy wind farms take out of windstreams, so combining the two forms of research was a logical move. "We found that when wind turbines are present, they slow down the outer rotation winds of a hurricane," Jacobson said. Jacobson's model used enormous numbers of turbines. For so many turbines the effect is large. Proposals to protect against hurricanes usually involve the construction of seawalls. Video by Kurt Hickman

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I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer | SBS News - Iceweasel Liz Thompson, a former migration agent turned whistleblower, has described the administration of the Manus Island detention centre as 'ridiculous' and claims she was instructed to tell detainees their only option was resettlement in Papua New Guinea. “They (detainees) watch the news, they read the newspapers, they watch what’s going around in the camp, they know there’s no decision from the Papua New Guinean Government on resettlement," she told Dateline's Mark Davis. "So what that means is… you’re never getting out of this camp, it’s indefinite detention." A spokeswoman for the Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, denied that Manus Island detainees had been told they would not be resettled in PNG. “With regard to reports that the transferees were advised that they will not be settled in PNG, the Minister has been advised that those reports are false," she said in a statement. Ms Thompson said she knew their only option was indefinite detention, and so did they.

Portal:Agriculture and Agronomy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Iceweasel Agriculture in Ethiopia is the foundation of the country's economy, accounting for half of gross domestic product (GDP), 83.9% of exports, and 80% of total employment. Ethiopia's agriculture is plagued by periodic drought, soil degradation caused by overgrazing, deforestation, high population density, high levels of taxation and poor infrastructure (making it difficult and expensive to get goods to market). Yet agriculture is the country's most promising resource. A potential exists for self-sufficiency in grains and for export development in livestock, grains, vegetables, and fruits. As many as 4.6 million people need food assistance annually. Ethiopi's major staple crops include a variety of cereals, pulses, oilseeds, and coffee. Sorghum, millet, and corn are cultivated mostly in warmer areas at lower altitudes along the country's western, southwestern, and eastern peripheries.

Giant Crocheted Doily Rug Pattern, At Long Last! - creative jewish mom - Iceweasel At long last, namely almost a year and a half later, I have gotten around to figuring out the pattern for this sweet crocheted doily rug! My apologies to those of you who have been waiting, I quite simply could not find the large chunk of time or the brain power to do this until now! Plus I am not a professional crochet designer or pattern writer by any means, and I knew that there was an inconsistency or two in the pattern, that I had hoped to solve. Now after having made a smaller version of this rug to check the pattern, it turns out that there is one small inconsistency, that I didn't have time to work out, so please do be aware of that, though I state the problem clearly, and it's not something that is noticeable in the outcome of the rug. I used spaghetti t-shirt yarn and a size 12mm hook, and while the rug looks great in the photo, it is honestly too floppy to be used on the floor (unless you sew it to a backing, or it's just for decoration in a spot never walked on.) R4: Ch1.