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フランス絵本とリヨン暮らし Tokyo for children Read or recomment this article in: Italian French Spanish Last updated: September 2013 Giuliettaexpat leads us to discover a playful Tokyo, with many ideas to discover this incredible city and never get bored ! After 4 hours spent engaged in several different activities, I get back home full of bags and smaller bags, a little wooden car, a decorated pendant, an airplane of papier-mâché, a thousand colored sheets, a doll in recycled material...I am in Tokyo and I have spent the afternoon at Tokyo Metropolitan Children's Museum (Tokyo-to jido kaikan), a paradise and dream for every child, Japanese or not.The Museum is organized on 5 different floors, with activities of all kinds, from music to workshops learning how to process wood. This is Tokyo, the huge metropolis that offers much and more to all of its young and younger citizens. Asobono is a fantastic recreation center near Tokyo Dome (nearest station is Akihabara on the Mita line, it has an elevator). Disneyland Useful Addresses

Japan trip report, May 2005 Millions of men in dark suits, crowded subway trains, sushi, taxi drivers with white gloves, neon lights, earth quakes, capsule hotels, sake, sumo wrestling, samurais, geisha, bullet trains, toilets so advanced that you need an instruction manual to use them, manga, polite people, Lost in Translation….this is our trip report from JAPAN. A short summary The dream team Nikki and Gard on another adventure :-) This time we headed for Japan and we travelled in the period May 15th to May 28th 2005. We started out in Tokyo where we stayed for about a week. We used a Japan Rail Pass to get to Nagoya (the World Expo) and after that we went to Kyoto where we stayed 5 nights and we used this as a home base to see Kyoto itself, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kobe, Himeji etc. I hope that this trip report can help others that are going to Japan. Feel free to check out the interactive Google map of Tokyo that I have made. Prelude So why Japan? The trip begins At about 2 pm the next day we landed at Narita airport.

Welcome to the Japan National Tourism Organization website Current local time in Japan UTC/GMT is 08:36 on Wednesday, April 9, 2014 Current Weather Conditions in Tokyo Partly Cloudy Time Here, Time There Want to see the time in Japan compared with your home? at Need to compare more than just two places at once? Put a clock on your blog! Have your own blog or web site? International Phone Calls to Japan Sponsored Link: Prepaid Minutes and Phone Cards from NobelcomCall Japan at a great price using a phone card or prepaid minutes from Nobelcom. Thanks for visiting Are you about to make an International long distance phone call to Japan? Thanks for visiting and we hope you'll bookmark our site and return again!

Le journal de Vincent SebInTokyo! Vous faire ressentir la vie à Tokyo. Il est évident que lorsque l'on a de l'argent, généralement on a pas de temps. Alors si au contraire, comme moi, vous n'êtes ni pressé ni riche, c'est le moment d'embarquer pour Hokkaido (北海道) par voie maritime. Il vous en coûtera environ 5000Yens (37€) pour embarquer à Niigata (新潟) sur l'un des ferry de la compagnie Shin Nihonkai (新日本海) et débarquer sur l'île d'Hokkaido par exemple à Tomakomai (苫小牧), débrouillez vous ensuite pour rejoindre votre destination préférée. Mais évidement là n'est pas le seul itinéraire possible, il y a différentes compagnies pour différents embarcadères, destinations, étapes, services, tarifs, et donc souvenirs. ni d'engins amphibie révolutionnaire mais bien d'un ferry classique quoique gros et placide qui se contentera de voyager sur l'eau. laveries, et en ce qui concerne les services typiquement japonais: bains publiques, salle de jeux, eau chaude pour vos cup-ramen (カップラーメン).

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