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Forms in Nature

Forms in Nature
Forms in Nature The Light sculpture Forms in Nature resembles Darwinist Ernst Haeckel’s drawings . Using a simple action, such as intensifying the brightness at the center of the artwork, the light transforms the space and adds character, as the work throws oversized shadows onto walls and ceilings in the space in which it hangs. The light sculpture Forms in Nature is partly inspired by Ernst Haeckel’s (1834- 1919) detailed plots from nature and is a further development of Hilden & Diaz’ fascination with mirrorings, as they have previously applied in other artworks. Forms in Nature is a artwork with a light source surrounded by a dense and unruly tree and root system created in minature sculpture. Interestingly, the roots are those elements of the forest that are the most visible. The shadows engulfs the room and transforms the walls into unruly shadows of branches, bushes and gnarled trees. Related:  Sculptures et installations

MARC FORNES & THEVERYMANY™ | ART + ARCHITECTURE ^ COMPUTATION [ Python / Rhinocommon SDK ] Papel pintado - Papeles pintados pared - Decofun Shadows | HildenDiaz Viewed from outside, the work is a great circle located in the ceiling from which white light is spreading in to the room. The moment the viewer enters the circle, the white light will be broken as in a prism, and 52 contrast-colored shadows will be thrown into a star shape around the viewer. This makes all the colors, which previously have been present in the white light, visible to the viewer as a color palette on the floor. Kymapetra singing stones from scenocosme Sometimes we have some special attention with certain minerals and stones. Their various forms are forged by time. Broken, polished, composite or fossilized, each one have natural vibration, and history. Certain legends, explain that stones can sing or have energy. In the interactive installation kymapetra we have an artistic and poetic approach on these various beliefs. The artwork is made of 5 stones and a central basin with water. The spectator puts their hands above the stones Sound vibrations appears at the water surface Kymapetra Kymapetra

Eye-tricking wallpapers by Surrealien — A German wallpaper company “Surrealien” came up with eye tricking wallpapers design. Surrealien’s wallpapers wrap the pattern over existing objects in your room as windows, switches, pics or doors, so that an optic illusion of a continuous pattern is created. How do they do it? Designers of Surrealien wrote about their work: “Our conception blurs the border between architectural wall structure and applied interior decoration. photos: Jen Stark Sculptures Made from Suspended Sewing Buttons by Augusto Esquivel Augusto Esquivel is an artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Represented by the Now Contemporary Art Gallery in Miami. Augusto creates stunning scupltures by using thousands of suspended multi-coloured sewing buttons… Augusto Esquivel | Via Now contemporary art Augusto Esquivel est un artiste de Buenos Aires, en Argentine.

Brittney Lee Gilles AZZARO - Sculpteur de Voix Exposition "REGARDS D'ECLATS DE VOIX" (2011-2012) : Descriptif : Bien qu'invisibles, les voix et les sons si caractéristiques de notre vie nous entourent. Comparable à une empreinte digitale, chaque son est unique, possédant sa propre forme. Cette exposition dévoile le paysage sonore tridimensionnel des voix et des sons qui ont fait le XX et le XXème siècle. Alliant art et technologies numériques, les toiles communiquent avec vos téléphones portables afin d'entendre l'enregistrement audio représenté sur le tableau. Lire plus... Swoon in Studio : A Warm Welcome on a Cold Night Posted on January 10, 2011 A visit to Swoon’s studio is a full immersion into her passions; meditations on humanity, the process of collaboration, and sculptures you can inhabit. Swoon adding color to the busy streets of “Cairo” (Sunday Afternoon) (photo © Jaime Rojo) In the rustic warm light of a triple height cavernous space that might have served as a town hall a score of printed artworks on paper lay scattered across the wooden floor. Tiptoeing between the images to cross the formerly grand chamber, the familiar faces of children and adults who you’ve met on walls across the city look up at you. Together these figures, a de facto retrospective of Swoons’ last few years on the street in NYC, are burned into the retina of many a Street Art fan, and yet they lay here on this whitewashed wood-slatted floor without any ceremony at all. Photo © Jaime Rojo Swoon: So can I just be over here painting? Swoon is at ease and at home here in the studio (photo © Jaime Rojo) “Sambhavna” in the wild.

Sacred Space: New Technological Mandalas by Leonardo Ulian London-based artist Leonardo Ulian (previously) has completed a new body of work titled Sacred Space. Inspired by Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, Ulian continues his exploration of technology and spiritualism with these carefully sculpted mandalas created with soldered computer and radio components. Via Beers.Lambert: Ulian’s reflexive use of the geometrical mandala can also be seen as a nod to his ‘past-life’ as an technican, but through his application, Ulian divorces the electronic components from their origins, giving new life to these (now defunct) technological bits, creating a new type of hybridization that is equal parts spiritualization and contemporary critique: “We live in a society that worships electronic technology,” he states “both for necessity but also because it makes us feel better, not unlike its own new form of fashionable spirituality.” Of particular note in this solo show is an amazing little three-dimensial bonsai tree titled Centrica Bonsai.

Early Movie Concept Art: See What Your Favorite Characters Could’ve Looked Like Just as with scripts, movie concept artists go through many a draft until they get the final approval for their character portrayals. Take Shrek for example. A recent photo posted to Reddit revealed that our favorite green ogre with a hero’s heart started out looking more like the star of ‘Coneheads.’ And Yoda, ‘Star Wars” supreme Jedi master, was originally depicted as a combination of hobbit and elf from the upcoming ‘Hobbit‘ trilogy. It’s safe to say that if things had gone differently — maybe if one day Pixar studio reps had drank too much coffee than usual and approved the wrong sketches — all these classic characters, from ‘X-Men‘ mutants to Woody and Buzz in ‘Toy Story,’ wouldn’t have looked the way they do today. So, just for fun, we’ve tracked down some early (and we mean early) movie concept art and sketches to see what was going on in these artists’ heads when they first started imagining characters into existence. Shrek, ‘Shrek’ Yoda, ‘Star Wars’ Chewbacca, ‘Star Wars’