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27 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments ... → □ Hair

27 Recipes for Homemade Hair Growth Treatments ... → □ Hair
Hair growth treatments are one of the #best ways to prevent thinning, shedding, and breakage; to ensure optimal hair growth; and to prevent potential hair loss. But, aren’t treatments and products that promote fast growth expensive? Well, yes, but you don’t have to buy them! In fact, there are a lot of awesome growth treatments you can make in your own kitchen using essential oils, herbs, and even #fruits and veggies! And the hair growth treatments I’m going to discuss right now are definitely worth checking out. Praised and expensive, Indian hair is often said to be worth more than gold and, given the price range of most extensions, weaves, and wigs, not to mention the price of upkeep, it most certainly is! Recipe: You’ll need to get fresh curry leaves and some coconut oil. How Often: Use twice a week. Where to Buy: You can find #coconut oil at most drugstores, some grocery stores and retailers, and in most specialty organic stores.

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15 Cute, Easy Hairstyle Tutorials For Medium-Length Hair Two weeks ago, I chopped a decent amount of my hair off for the first time in almost five years. For the last few years, I’ve been dedicated to growing my hair as long as possible – and I did! This past summer, my hair was the longest it’s probably ever been. I had endless styling options, and I loved how it looked. But after a few months spent at the beach and in the sun, the ends were basically destroyed.

11 Really Cute Hairstyles for Medium Hair Whether you are growing out your cute Karli Kloss bob or that too cute pixie like Emma Watson, we have 11 amazing medium length hairstyles for you to look forward to. Curly, straight, fine, thick, whatever type of hair you have, you will definitely find something to fit your fancy. Browse these beauties for inspiration! Tousled Tresses The Hottest Medium Hairstyles to Try This Spring Spring is finally here! It’s time to put away your winter jackets and enjoy the beautiful sunny outdoors. Bloom into a head-turning new mid-length look. Get inspired by these gorgeous medium hairstyles for spring! Claudia Try silky smooth hair with the ends in the front curled under and the ends in the back slightly curled out for a sassy change this season.

24 Super-Simple Ways to Make Doing Your Hair Incredibly Easy 1. Make sure your style stays put by flipping the bobby pin over so the wavy side is against your head. Kathleen Kamphausen Advertisement - Continue Reading Below If you have a hard time keeping your hair in place, try flipping the bobby pin over. The straight side is slicker and won't grip as well as the wavy side. Medium Length Updo Hairstyles: 10 Stunning Updos For Mid-Length Hair Think you have to be Rapunzel to be able to have a beautiful updo? Think again! Mid-length hair can reach new heights with these sassy, elegant, and just plain fabulous updos. Whether you need some inspiration for a prom, wedding, anniversary, or just want to do something different, this is the article for you. Grab some bobby pins and enjoy. Medium Hair April 26, 2015 I’ve loved Stacked Braids for a long time. Pretty genius, really, accenting a braid down the spine of another braid!

10 easy (& glamorous!) updos for medium-length hair While I was searching YouTube for sexy sexy summer updos, stylish mom ponytails, and updos that hide your ears, I stumbled across a channel called The Small Things Blog, and I instantly fell in love. It is PACKED with simple hair tutorials for medium-length hair, and Kate has a way of breaking them down so they are really easy to do. I spent about 2 hours going through every single one of her tutorials the other night (I have no life), and since I wanted a variety of different ideas to give to you, I selected 10 of my favorites to get you through any and every occasion you can imagine. Weddings. Date nights. A night out with the girls.

7 No-Fail Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day We all have those days when our hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to. Or when we’re so busy meeting deadlines (and, let’s be honest, friends for happy hour) that spending an hour shampooing and blow drying in the morning just isn’t going to happen. Truth is, we could all use some tips on how to deal with a bad hair day that don’t involve hiding out in a cubicle. So we turned to YouTube’s best beauty vloggers for some inspiration, and found seven styles that’ll spruce up your look and let you get out the door with plenty of time to still grab a latte. But be warned: They’re so awesome, you may want to wear them on good hair days, too!