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All commands

All commands
In my example, the mount point is /media/mpdr1 and the FS is /dev/sdd1 /mountpoint-path = /media/mpdr1 filesystem=/dev/sdd1 Why this command ? Well, in fact, with some external devices I used to face some issues : during data transfer from the device to the internal drive, some errors occurred and the device was unmounted and remounted again in a different folder. In such situations, the command mountpoint gave a positive result even if the FS wasn't properly mounted, that's why I added the df part.

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How to Reset Your Forgotten Password in Windows 10 We’ve all done it before. You sit down to log into your Windows machine, type in what you think is the password, and bang, you realize you forgot what it was! You scramble to try different combinations of letters and numbers to see what will fit, but nothing works. What do you do now? 20 amusing Linux commands to have fun with the terminal The linux terminal is not always dull and boring. There are commands to make it do some funny acts to entertain the user. Here is a small collection of such commands. 1. Cowsay LFS Project Homepage Linux From Scratch (LFS) is a project that provides you with step-by-step instructions for building your own customized Linux system entirely from source. Why would I want an LFS system? Many wonder why they should go through the hassle of building a Linux system from scratch when they could just download an existing Linux distribution.

The best free software for your PC The best software doesn't always come with a price tag attached. There are a host of free PC programs available on the web that can improve the way you work and play. Plus, you can often unearth programs that will help you solve problems you didn't know you had, improving your PC's overall performance. Find & Scan Wireless Networks from the Command Line in Mac OS X A long hidden airport command line utility buried deep in Mac OS X can be used to scan for and find available wireless networks. This powerful tool is very helpful for network admins and systems administrators, but it’s handy for the average user to help discover nearby wi-fi routers as well. Accessing the Wi-Fi Utility in OS X Command Line To use this tool to find nearby wifi networks, the first thing you’ll want to do is create a symbolic link from the airport utility to /usr/sbin for easy access. The command for this varies per version of OS X in use, select which is relevant to your OS X version on the Mac in question.

58 Cool Linux Hacks! Efytimes brings to you 58 super cool hacks for all levels of Linux users! Are you ready to try your hands on these cool Linux hacks! Set your machine on and get started! Fix a wonky terminal Difficulty: Easy Application: bash We've all done it - accidentally used less or cat to list a file, and ended up viewing binary instead. How to solve these nagging Windows 8.1 problems: Annoyances 6 - 11 6. Put libraries back You don't have to keep your photos, music and videos where Windows suggests. You might have them on an external drive, on OneDrive or on another PC. Adding the folders you use to the libraries in Windows means you get to choose where files live, but you can still find them quickly, especially in Store apps. Unfortunately, the comes with OS 10.4 doesn’t have the tab functionality. Most of the Mac users who like to work on several instances of shell without cluttering the desktop use iTerm. However, there is a nother alternative to this called screen. screen is a powerful shell command which lets you open multiple instances of shell in a single window. You can use default keyboard shortcuts to navigate between different instances or you can even define your own.

Linux Command Line tips that every Linux user should know. Linux Command Line tips that every Linux user should know Below is the collection of Linux command line tips which I’ve found useful for Linux users. To get more information about the command mentioned below just open your terminal and type man <command>. Things a Linux user must learn MAKE TOTALLY INVISIBLE FOLDER There I will show you how to create totaly invisible folder by just doing some trick,even you are also unable to see your folder so lets see how we can do that. So, just follow the steps 1. Right click on empty space on your desktop or anywhere in your folder. 2.

Terminal 101: Checking on Local Backups in Time Machine Posted 06/25/2012 at 12:45pm | by Cory Bohon Every Monday, we'll show you how to do something new and simple with Apple's built-in command line application. You don't need any fancy software, or a knowledge of coding to do any of these. All you need is a keyboard to type 'em out! Last week in our Terminal 101 column, we talked about how to use the basic features of the tmutil program, which allows you to use Time Machine through the command line interface. This week, we’re going to cover how to use some of the advanced features of the tmutil program to do things like checking the status on local backups, enabling and disabling them, creating a new local backup, and more.

11 Useful Utilities To Supercharge Your Ubuntu Experience - OMG! Ubuntu! Whether you’re a relative novice or a seasoned pro, we all want to get the most from our operating system. Ubuntu, like most modern OSes, has more to offer than what is presented at first blush. From tweaking and refining the look, behaviour and performance of the Unity desktop to performing system maintenance, there are a huge array of useful utilities and apps that can help tune Ubuntu to meet your needs in no time. Caveat time: Ubuntu has always shipped with ‘sane defaults’ — options that just work — out of the box. These defaults are well suited for the majority of people. Running C Program on Window 8 In this tutorial we are going to see, how we can install DOSBox in order to run the traditional C program in the Latest Window 8 environment. In this tutorial we will be learning to run C Program on Window 8. The DOSBox is x86 immulator which is used to run traditional 16/32 bit DOS applications in 64 bit environment those are incompatible with DOS applications. Steps to run C Program on Window 8: Basically first step to run C Program on Window 8 is to get the DOSBox installer.

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