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THÉO GOSSELIN Make it Yourself: Felt Knitting Needle Case | The Good WeeklyThe Good Weekly I recently made simple felt cases for my double pointed needles. I was tired of the plastic packaging they came in and decided a little felt case was the answer, plus the needles look so happy and cozy! You’ll need: RulerCraft knifeFelt (18×18 inches)ScissorsFabric markerSewing threadSewing needleSnapsHot-glue gun 1. Enjoy! É isso mesmo! A nova coleção está aqui! The Vanessa Mooney new resort collection has finally arrived and is available at!

DIY FASHION sew country chick DIY fashion, sewing, crafts I decided in July of 2010 that I would embark on a journey to make my own clothing for not only me but my three daughters. Follow along on my journey! If you're new to Sew Country Chick, you may want to subscribe to my Bloglovin' feed. I'm Justine. Link Party Button Get Sew Country Chick delivered to your e-mail inbox. Blog Archives Copyright © 2014 Runway Theme by Viva la Violette. Copyright © 2014 · Sew Country Chick ·

Studio DIY®: Inspire, Create, Celebrate LOVE AESTHETICS | by Ivania Carpio Pucker Up: 5 Tips for Kissable Lips Valentine’s Day is just a couple days away and you might have a date coming up with a very special somebody. You’ve planned your outfit, visualized your hairstyle, and replayed your dream night over and over again in your head. Everything should go perfect and according to plan. But there might be one beauty blunder you’re a little unprepared for…how to keep your lips colorful (and kissable) throughout the night. Your makeup is last thing you want to worry about when you’re on a date—especially if it’s one that you are nervous or excited about. Step 1: Exfoliate & Moisturize Step 2: Line Once your lips are fully exfoliated and moisturized, you will need to add definition and shape with a lip liner that matches the hue of your lipstick. Step 3: Tint Now it’s time to fill it all in with color. Step 4: Lipstick After your lips are prepped, lined, and tinted, go ahead and apply your lipstick color. Step 5: Seal Your last step for getting smooch-certified lips is sealing the deal.

Intern DIY: Lightbulb Vase | WhimseyboxWhimseybox I’m a living-on-the-edge kind of gal, so when I was looking for my entry for the intern DIY contest, I knew what to Google immediately: “what can I make that will allow me to stab at a glass object with scissors and potentially have said object shatter in my hands.” Some snooping led me to the perfect idea: a lightbulb vase! In all fairness, I didn’t impale myself once while making these adorable desk toppers, and that says a lot. If your lightbulb happens to shatter in your hand, I will personally bedazzle you a purple heart for the noblest of injuries in the name of DIY. Disclaimers aside, these little vases look really hip perched atop your work desk, and they’re the perfect prop for when that million dollar idea strikes. Clear LightbulbScissorsDecorative StringE-6000 glueWood Veneer StripsWashi Tape First, take your scissors to the small metal piece covering the black glass at the top. 6. There’s a bright idea to make your desk a touch personal.

Usando Tudo!: Faça suas pulseiras! Desde que virou moda a mistura e junção de várias pulseiras de materiais e estilos diferentes juntas, muitas mulheres perderam a cabeça e o dinheiro também. Agente sabe, por exemplo que uma pulseira shambala não custa menos que R$10,00. E se formos jogar isso no material e preço de custo não dá nem se quer a metade do valor. Então que tal vários tutoriais bem bacanas com pulseiras trends e o melhor de tudo: barato! E o melhor de tudo vai ser você falar para suas amigas, que foi você quem fez... Então bora anotar os materiais e fazer várias pulseiras: 3 Metros de Couro com camurça (pode usar lã também)1 Alicade1 Super Cola (superbonder)1 Corrente do tamanho de seu pulso1 Fecho 3 Argolinhas Corte um pedaço da corta em mais ou menos 2 metros. Faça um nó na primeira argola da corrente, dividindo o couro em partes iguais para amos os lados. Coloque um pedaço da corda ao lado da corrente e com o mesmo pedaço passe por dentro da argola da corrente. Repita o processo até o final da corrente.

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