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INNOVATEUK - AVRIL 2010 - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform

INNOVATEUK - AVRIL 2010 - Sustainable Agriculture and Food Innovation Platform

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BMC - DEC 2011 - Research for food and health in Europe: themes, needs and proposals Support at national level Food processing research funding varies greatly from country to country, with higher levels of it in west Europe and less in the east. There is very little evidence of joint specific funding for this topic anywhere in Europe. Food processing research appears reasonably well funded at EU level, although within larger Food and Health projects. Rural Development Programme for England The Rural Development Programme for England provides money for projects to improve agriculture, the environment and rural life. Funding goes to schemes to: improve rural life and businesses promote environmentally friendly ways of managing land sustain existing and create new areas of woodlands

Food and Energy Security 16/01/13 Insights into Brazilian agricultural structure and sustainable intensification of food product Food production ought to be almost duplicated by 2050 (The Royal Society 2009; Baulcombe 2010). However, there is a consensus about the urgent necessity to increase food production while reducing the environmental impact of agriculture (Ash et al. 2010; Baulcombe 2010; Godfray et al. 2010; Tollefson 2010). While we keep writing rhetorically and theoretically about the subject, the lamentable fact is that there are still nearly a billion undernourished people in the world (OECD/FAO 2012). Although there are different models for configuring agriculture (Rosegrant et al. 2009a,b; Kearney 2010; Ellis 2011; IFPRI 2012), it is imperative to find and follow new metrics and public policies, capable of intensifying and accelerating investments to reach all vulnerable rural populations and environmental demands effectively (Fedoroff et al. 2010; Pennisi 2010; Sachs et al. 2010; Lopes and Contini 2012). Brazil has been and within the next decades will continue to be an important food producer.

Akadémiai Kiadó, Budapest, Hungary 2010 Agrifood research in Europe: a global perspective Keywords Agriculture - Food science - European Union - Publication analysis - Citation analysis Introduction Agricultural production and food industry have always had a special role in the history of mankind. Agrifood activities have affected everyday life since the first plots of land had been cultivated and these sectors have always received strategic attention: in times of war the agrifood sectors are always carefully taken into account but also in the current crisis these sectors show some degree of stability and they are looked upon as potential assets for the coming decades, which are likely to see global ecological as well as political imbalances and reconfigurations.

UK Business Grants and Funding Opportunities - Business Grants DirectUK Business Grants and Funding Opportunities – Business Grants Direct Our service is free to apply.Your information is 100% secure, and we never pass on or sell your information.We will apply for all grants relevant to your information that you provide us with.Grants change on a monthly basis, please find below funding program’s we currently have access to. Grant N11H3 Products/Equipment Grant Program (D011) Non -Repayable GrantSuccessful applicants awarded between £3,500 - £15,500Decision within 21 daysUp to 40 days to process the grantWe help 1 in 2 people that apply (approx) - Science Parks 3M Buckley Andrew Porter Ltd BioPark INTECH 24/10/12 Resource Management for Sustainable Agriculture Edited by Vikas Abrol and Peeyush Sharma , ISBN 978-953-51-0808-5, Hard cover, 294 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published October 24, 2012 under CC BY 3.0 license DOI: 10.5772/1718 In this book, papers pertaining to resource management for sustainable agricultural development are presented in four parts divided into ten chapters. Part I discusses the usage of water and waste management for sustainable agricultural development including aspects like irrigation management to prevent soil and ground water salinization, production of solid fuel from oil palm waste, sustainable ecomaterials and biorefinery from agroindustrial waste, nonpoint pollution from agriculture and livestock activities on surface water.

PARLIAMENT_UK 13/05/12 Environmental Audit Committee publishes report on sustainable food The Environmental Audit Committee's Sustainable Food report recommends that: stricter advertising limits protect children from junk food marketing on all media including the internetfood skills, such as cooking and gardening, should be part of the curriculum in all schoolsnew national planning policy guidance for Local Authorities should ensure communities have access to healthy food and land to grow their own produceGovernment Buying Standards for food must be improved on meat and dairy and extended to cover hospitals, prisons and schoolsthe Office of Fair Trading's remit should be amended so supermarkets are not blocked from cooperating on sustainability initiatives; Government should examine the scope for simple and consistent labelling on the sustainability of food products Joan Walley MP, Chair of the Committee, said: "Our food system is failing. In many cases, reducing environmental impacts and getting people to eat more healthily can be achieved in tandem."

BIOVERSITY INTERNATIONAL - 2013 - Metrics of Sustainable Diets and Food Systems Policy makers and consumers are challenging the scientific community to come up with ways to measure the environmental impact of the foods we eat. This Brief describes a challenging and innovative research agenda implemented by Bioversity and its partners to describe and measure sustainable diets and food systems. The Brief builds on the early work of FAO and Bioversity in understanding sustainable diets and identifies the rich cultural history of our food and the very real concerns about access and cost is not lost in our mission to improve dietary quality for the poor with the ultimate goal of improving nutrition and health. The study of sustainable diets is as relevant to the challenges of undernutrition as it is with dietary transition and nutrition related chronic diseases and obesity. Category: Factsheets

DANISH CENTRE FOR FOOD AND AGRICULTURE 13/03/15 NEW PROGRAMME INCREASES EUROPEAN RESEARCH COLLABORATION 2015.03.13 | Marie-Louise Krejsler Andersen FACCE SURPLUS can create a European school in innovation in the area of sustainable production and use of biomass. Photo: Colourbox Bioeconomy and its legitimacy might be a well-worn discussion. However, the serious perspectives of the future need to be dealt with. The ERA-net FACCE SURPLUS is a product of the joint programming initiative FACCE-JPI comprising 21 countries committed to build a European Research Area addressing the challenges of sustainable agriculture, food security and impacts of climate change. NZTE_GOVT_NZ - MAI 2014 - Sustainability trends for food and beverage in Asia - May 2014 Singapore Singapore imports around 90 percent of the foodstuffs required to feed its population of 5.3 million inhabitants and 15 million annual visitors, and lacks productive land in any significant quantity to be able to meet its needs in this respect, now or in the future. This makes it atypical in the ASEAN context (with the exception of Brunei).

Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Volume 114, Issue 6, June 2014, Identifying Sustainable Foods: The Relationship between Environmental Impact, Nutritional Quality, and Prices of Foods Representative of the French Diet ☆ Figure Mean, median, interquartile range, and extreme greenhouse gas emissions for all food subgroups, expressed as grams of carbon dioxide equivalents (gCO2eq) per 100 g edible food. (●) Indicates mean. Mixed animals and mixed veg indicates mixed dishes with or without meat, fish, or eggs. Break=breakfast. Dr=dried. Pr=processed (also includes fruit juices).