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Free Apps to Support Vocabulary Acquisition by ELLs

Free Apps to Support Vocabulary Acquisition by ELLs
One of my favorite aspects of integrating technology into instruction is the availability of resources to support students with different learning needs. Students who are struggling can benefit from the excitement and engagement offered by a tool like the iPad. Teachers of English-Language Learners (ELLs) can use technology to promote growth in their students. Kids' Vocab by MindSnacks This is one of my favorite literacy apps for all students, and it is a great tool for ELLs. English First High Flyers EF High Flyers is an easy-to-use game that helps students learn new vocabulary words starting with numbers and everyday objects. Flashcardlet If you're looking for a way to load your students' iPads with custom vocabulary, check out Flashcardlet by Quizlet. Futaba A great game for 1-4 players, Futaba presents players with pictures of everyday items and asks them to name each object. Have you had success using technology to support English-Language Learners?

iPad Apps for English teaching and learning In our prospective iPad project in our English and Media faculty we are currently trailing the best apps to use in the teaching of English and Media Studies. Here is a useful top ten list (with a few extras with honourable mentions!): Pages: The basic word processing package that is really essential for any and all types of writing. Safari: The essential internet browser for the iPad for all required research essential to presentations etc. Dropbox: The best Cloud app to save work and create an accessible area to share work, ideas etc. iBooks: The essential e-reader and book library for the iPad. ExplainEverything: A brilliant app for individual or group presentations. iFPoems: A fantastic anthology of poems is available on the app. iMovie: A smooth and easy app that allows students to create films instantly, with an array of editing facilities. Penultimate: One of the many handwriting apps on the iPad. This fun app allows students to create comics with ease. Like this: Like Loading...

Mobile Learning: 50+ Resources & Tips I believe mobile devices will transform education. This is why I created a free ebook, Effective Mobile Learning: 50+ Quick Tips & Resources with helpful tips and several resources to help support this trend. One reason is because mobile devices are designed in a way that forces the teacher to give control to the learner. Mobile Learning Free Ebooks Mobile Learning Posts/Presentations I’ve Given Mobile Learning LiveBinder of Resources Mobile Learning Mindmap of Implementation This mindmap is full of case studies, schools, teachers, free ebooks, and more to show real examples of mobile learning at its best.