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The Amazing World Of Dogs In Photography

The Amazing World Of Dogs In Photography
Husky sleeping at red flower field. Photo by: Peter Przybille Do you love my wrinkles? Shar Pei close-up. Photo by: Tim Flach Beautiful blue eyed Weimaraner puppy. A soldier and his fellow dog in Iraq. World`s smallest dog, named Beyonce, on a iPhone. A dog who loves to dive underwater. Pit bull puppy taking a nap with his favorite toy. Dog runs through a parade, Mexico. How many dalmatian puppies can you spot on this photo? Homeless puppy needs some love. Chesty, the official Marine Corps mascot, and his successor. Dog enjoys a beautiful sunset.

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Huge dogs - Quick Bulletin 0inShare We offer a selection of photos from the unusually large dogs. Share and Enjoy Top 100 Photos of the Year 2012 *Please note the photographs themselves were not necessarily taken in 2012, they just happened to be featured as a POTD this year. The pictures are also listed in reverse chronological order. There is no ranking amongst the photos Enjoy! Photograph by Robert Elves on Flickr Photograph by Stephen Wilkes | Prints available Home Alarm Monitoring: Top 10 Breeds of Guard Dogs Dogs truly are man’s best friend, but when you want to protect your home and family from people who are not your friends, they can also be incredibly useful as guard dogs. With some breeds dating back 4,000 years or more, man has been enlisting the help of dogs to guard property and livestock for centuries and has developed some breeds specifically for the job. Here are the top 10 breeds of guard dogs.

Today's Dose of Cuteness - a Collection of Cats in Windows and Doors A Post By: Darlene Hildebrandt By Franck Vervial Last week I came clean on my obsession with bicycles. My other two favourite things to photograph are doors and windows. 50 Funny Dog GIFs BarkPost manager, ghostwriter for dogs. Find me on Twitter. Email stories and funny vids to Posted on January 31 2013 under For the Hoomans, Funny, Funny Videos, General, Pictures, Play, Wacky. Tagged news. Most of the time we humans are the ones making fools of ourselves, but there are the occasions when our pups do things that are so outrageous and ridiculous that we can’t help but roll on the floor laughing. The Beauty Of Cinemagraph GIFs Developed in 2011 by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, cinemagraphs are GIF images that combine still photography and video to produce a stunning effect. Typically, the entire GIF is motionless except for one or two elements, providing a brilliant juxtaposition between the motion and the motionless. For your viewing pleasure, we’ve collected 43 beautiful cinemagraph GIFs:

6 Real People With Mind-Blowing Mutant Superpowers If the insane, explosive popularity if superhero movies is any indication, we are fascinated by people who are insanely better than us at any given thing. Probably because, in real life, we're all such a bunch of incompetent boobs that we've been enslaved by blue paint, flashing lights and crying French babies. But it turns out, superpowers are real. And not just the secret ones that everyone has, or even the ones everyone thinks they have -- this Cracked Classic is about a group of people that, in a sane world, would already have multi-colored leather jumpsuits, delightfully mismatched personality traits and a skyscraper shaped like whatever they decide to call themselves.

16 Dogs Who Are Bigger Than Their Owners Guys. These dogs are huge. Click on the pics to view the image source. DIY Tooth Whitener Are you a soda/coffee/tea drinker who’s looking for a quick and easy way to brighten up those used-to-be pearly whites? Look no further—we have a do-it-yourself recipe that can help! The magical ingredient in this DIY beauty blend is strawberry. Strawberries contain malic acid, which helps remove tooth discoloration. Total Green Goodness Smoothie The following article was written by Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram. Feeling a little tired? Maybe you need a green infusion! Drinking greens is like breathing oxygen.

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