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design Archives Marmol Radziner Prefab Marmol Radziner Prefab homes are made from recycled steel and are completed in our factory with your choice of finishes, details, and appliances, many of them environmentally friendly. The homes are not kits or panelized systems; the full construction of your home takes place in the factory, and the finished house can be delivered and placed on your site in as little as 5 months from the time your order is placed. There are three floor plans available, each thoughtfully designed to complement the landscape. They also offer three installation options to meet your budget and site needs. Combining the speed and convenience of factory-made houses with the specificity of custom residential design, Marmol Radziner Prefab provides beautiful and sustainable modern homes you can own today. Email | Bookmark | Link Groundswell: Constructing the Comtemporary Landscape Continue reading "Groundswell: Constructing the Comtemporary Landscape" » Half-Full ~ Design for Ideas K Studio

Your Comic Book, Fantasy, SciFi, Horror Less is the New More: Making the Most of Small Spaces Good Design For Living in Small ApartmentsAs people migrate to smaller spaces, good design helps a lot. This is something they figured out in Europe long ago, that if you don't have a lot of horizontal room you can go vertical. Tumidei in Italy makes some of the nicest stuff, like this unit with lots of storage under the bed. This unit just raises the floor high enough for beds to slide under. This one looks a bit clinical, but has two single beds plus a pull-out double bed in between. None of this stuff is cheap, nor, as far as I can tell is it available in North America, but there are ideas here that demonstrate how people can share a space and still get a little privacy, a good place to work and a lot of storage in a very small envelope. Like this? Designklub Exhibition programme 2013 - Design museum Gent 28 November 2013 > 2 March 2014 Seguso Vetri d’Arte (1932-1973) The exhibition is the result of intense archival research by Marc Heiremans, expert in 20th-century Italian glass art. Some 190 magnificent glass objects, piece by piece bearing witness to outstanding craftsmanship, illustrate the story of this Venetian glass artist family. Read more 28 November 2013 > 2 March 2014 Linked: the collection is networking For this exhibition, Lieven Daenens, honorary director of the Design museum Gent, made a personal selection of highlights which the museum acquired under his management. Read more 19 July > 27 October 2013 Peter Behrens (1868-1940) From Jugendstil to industrial design The German painter, designer, typographer and architect Peter Behrens was not only a contemporary of Henry van de Velde, but they also shared biographical characteristics and artistic opinions. Peter De Greef (1901-1985) Illustrator of sheet music Architects and silver From A(alto) to Z(ieta) Shiro Kuramata (1934-1991)

Flavorwire You can finally stop chugging the dreamwine — HBO’s Game of Thrones is officially back for its second season, and you’ll want to be as clearheaded as possible for what’s about to go down in the Seven Kingdoms. But before we get into that, how about a quick refresher on where things currently stand? Warning: Possible spoilers ahead! The long summer is finally drawing to a close. Meanwhile, her brother Robb Stark, now known as the King in the North, is camping out in the Riverlands with a party that also includes Catelyn Stark, Greatjon Umber, Theon Greyjoy, and Jaime Lannister, who admitted that he pushed Bran out of the window, but won’t explain why. Across the Narrow Sea, the last we saw of Daenerys Targaryen she was putting catatonic Drogo out of his magic-induced misery, smothering her sun and stars with a pillow, and then later, rising from the ashes of his funeral pyre, with three freshly-hatched baby dragons in tow. So! Jaime Lannister: Three words: Grey Wind’s breath.

Loft 24-7 - Sao Paulo, Brazil Ideally, wouldn't we all like to live in a climate where outdoor living is possible year-round? And wouldn't we love to live in a space where the divide between indoors and outdoors is non-existent? São Paulo-based Fernanda Marques achieved this idealistic balance in her Loft 24-7 residence, presented at the CasaCor exhibition in São Paulo, Brazil. In the 250-square-meter (about 2,700 square feet) space, Marques has erased the barriers by using "outdoor" elements inside and "indoor" elements outside and creating easy visual links between the two. Fernanda Marques is the chief architect at Fernanda Marques Arquitetos Associados that is involved in both residential and commercial architecture, interior design, furniture design and real estate. - Tuija Seipell.

rusi rimini Dailytonic Accessories Re-Fire by Francesco Faccin Francesco Faccin designed this project to provide an answer to the provocative message sent to him from the Tempo Italiano platform. It invited its participants to reflect on design past and present, on the meaning of production today, on a return to the origins of the basic needs and actions within a system of sustainable values. Re-Fire is a kit for manually lighting a fire; it was inspired by the systems used by primitive Man. For Francesco Faccin, Re-Fire is an attempt to re-synchronize with Man’s most instinctive needs using a contemporary means. Re-Fire, by Francesco Faccin, Photography by Delfino Sisto Legnani + Studio Faccin Copenhagen Bluetooth Loudspeaker by design-people for Vifa Copenhagen weaves years of refined craftsmanship with contemporary lifestyle. Henrik Mathiassen, Design & Creative Director at design-people, gives… a brief insight into the design process behind Copenhagen. How does this approach manifest itself in Copenhagen? Editor's Picks

Explore Crazy Awesome Paintings by Vladimir Kush Here is a collection of the incredible paintings of Vladimir Kush. Vladimir has been creating these surrealistic paintings since the late 80’s. I’m extremely impressed by his work, and you should be as well! Related Plywood Paintings by Robert Romanowic Plywood Paintings by Robert Romanowic, very unique and awesome! February 8, 2011 In "Inspiration" Amazing Contemporary Paintings by Christine Krainock Christine Krainock creates original, abstract oil painting & acrylic knife painting. December 12, 2011 In "Fine Art" Ellison Design student based in CA who was one of the co-founder of AIA and

Product Design This is the Wrap series journal by Cravar made with full grain vegetable bark tanned leather. The Wrap series is available in 4 colors, and two sizes; A5 and A6. The A5 can fit a large Moleskine, while the A6 fits the pocket version. Continue reading “Wrap Journal Leather Sleeve” » Charge your device with this minimalist nightstand docking station. Continue reading “21st Century Nomad Nightstand Docking Station” » The POLAROLL Toilet Paper Holder from DOIY Design is an LOL inducing cheeky (no pun intended) innovation. Continue reading “Top Photography Gadgets” » The Fluttua Floating Bed by Daniele Lago is a one-legged suspension bed that gives a dramatic appearance to your bedrooms. Continue reading “Daily Gadget Inspiration #87” » With 10 tools in one, from bottle opener to screwdriver, the challenge is for you to remember all the applications. Continue reading “10-in-1 Credit Card Multi-Tool” » Continue reading “Herb Keeper Mill” » More Gadgets Continue reading “The Rack Pack” »

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