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Difícil nada...

Difícil nada...

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Crochet Star Making - A Tutorial. Hello. I have been making crochet stars this week. For no good reason really, just because they're fun to make. So I thought some of you might like to have a bit of crafty fun too. These stars use up tiny amounts of wool, so get your scraps box out! I used a mixture of hot colours....

Finger Knitting – a Tutorial I’ve noticed that there are two types of new knitters – those who take to the idea of knitting with needles easily and those who really struggle with the concept of “making stitches with chopsticks”. (I can’t claim to have thought of that natty summary – thanks to one of my young pupils!). Before I suggest teaching them how to crochet, I usually take a detour into finger knitting. However, finger knitting is great for young children where co-ordination is still an issue, or in fact for those who may love the idea of handling and crafting with yarn, but the use of needles is not appropriate. Since it is easy and half-term is just round the corner, I thought I’d pass on the skill.

Butterfly, Flower & Leaf I love making small ornaments for embellishment and here are the Spring motif crochet patterns of butterfly, flower and leaf. Since they only have 2 rounds of crochet, thus, they are pretty simple and quick to make. You can use stash yarns or lace threads of various colors to crochet, the finished size depends on what kind of yarn or lace thread you used.

Crochet Basket Weave Afghan Baby Blanket - Pattern & Tutorial Often, I received feedback from readers asking me where to get the yarns I used for my crochet and/or knitting projects. Frankly speaking, I bought most of my yarns from the local yarn shops around here and I do understand that it is hard for many of you to get the exact one. This time, to make my pattern more yarn-search-friendly, I used Lion Brand, a well known yarn company where you can order online or buy them from shop if they are available. This blanket is made from cotton medium worsted yarn, the basket weave pattern makes it warm and cozy in cold weather.

Origami Roses The sight of these classy chocolate roses got me into a serious mood to make roses, paperwise that is. And I ended up making 3 different kinds cos’ they look so beautiful that I couldn’t wait to learn to make them all! 1. Granny Bobble Spiral Hi all, My attempt at a spiral bobble pattern posted here - has been a hit with all you pinners out there, and so I have refined the pattern... Granny Bobble Spiral -

inverleith: Horizontal Box Stitch- a tutorial post I've been wanting to make a new blanket for George for rather a while now. He's much too big for the little pram blankets I made over a year ago, and he needs something that will keep him cosy in his cot bed. As with the large blanket I made for Albie, it would need to be made of acrylic yarn to keep costs down and to be fully machine washable. I toyed with the idea of using Drops Paris cotton aran, but I'd need a fair amount of that particular yarn, so I opted for my favourite acrylic- Stylecraft Special DK. I bought a beautiful selection of boy colours from Deramores (where else?)

Adding a Crochet Edge to Paper – Valentines & Frames I am so excited to finally share this fun crochet project! For the past month I’ve been trying to come up with a way to use my old 2011 calendars. They were far to pretty to just put in the recycling bin so I decided to recycle them in my own way. I initially thought I wanted to make a bunting, then a photo album, but I knew I had to incorporate some yarn into this project. So I decided to add a pretty crochet edge to the paper to make some art for my walls and valentine cards!

Meladora Mesh Stitch - Meladora's Creations Free Crochet Patterns & Tutorials If you haven't subscribed to my video tutorials on YouTube yet please click the subscribe button below Starting the mesh If your working in the round, DC into first st and ch 1, sk a st, dc and ch 1, sk a st (repeat til end of round) If your working in rows, then you will want to skip the first 4 chains and DC in 5th chain from hook. Round 2 Working in the stitches one row below Fold-up Fabric Needle Holder Is this thing darling, or what?? I don't know about you, but I'm always digging around in my sewing box for a needle. Ripped seam, popped button, (heaven forbid I actually have to hand sew something, but it happens.

Crocheted Linen Grocery Tote It's always a good time to eschew the plastic bag in favor of an earth friendly one. My favorite choice is the netted grocery tote. It has all the conveniences of a plastic bag and none of the detriments. I love that it scrunches up into a tiny ball inside my purse, weighs nothing, and fits more groceries than I can even carry - magic! Our knit version of this bag has been a perennial favorite at Purl (check out Elisa's Nest Tote), so here, finally, is a crocheted option.

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