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Wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications

Wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications

The Importance Of Wireframes In Web Design And 9 Tools To Create Wireframes “Good design must necessarily, in my opinion, have an impact on people’s lives, no matter how seemingly small. Good design changes things.”Garr Reynolds Designing wireframes the right way the first time costs no more than doing it the wrong way. Creating a paper prototype adds no cost either; simply print out the wireframe diagrams for the pages a visitor will use to complete the tasks most closely related to achieving his goals and meeting the site's business objectives.

14 Useful online tools for webdesign planning and prototyping. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. An old adage and one that still rings true. With any website project, it can be easy to just jump straight in and start developing, once you have client approval before taking time to plan. By the time you show your first iteration of the design to the client, they could have considerably changed their minds about the details of the project, and you end up having to re-engineer your partly baked solution at the last minute. This can lead to serious usability issues further down the line, as bits get “tacked on”.

Indigo Studio - wireframing tool - Interaction Design Tool Indigo Studio – the fastest UI prototyping and interaction design tool - helps you quickly and simply explore and create functional, animated UI prototypes while maintaining the focus on user experience at every step. With Indigo Studio you can create storyboards with over 100 different scenes, wireframes with built-in interactive controls, and prototypes for your desktop, web, and mobile apps – all with no coding necessary! With the new features in Indigo Studio, designing prototypes for mobile devices has never been easier. With full support for any device that runs HTML5, including iOS devices, users will now be able to utilize supported touch gestures, document designs with PDF support, design storyboards with real-world usage context, rapidly prototype interactive app designs, and design fully functional, animated UI prototypes. See what Indigo Studio can do for you! Watch Video

Gui Prototyping Tools Here is an alphabetical list of tools helping with drawing screen mock-ups. 10screens create and share clickable rich prototypes online, Now free as of July 2012 Allows multi-level drill-down of workflows to screens. Templates for various mobile devices with soft keyboard support Adobe FireWorks CS4 Adobe Flash Catalyst (former Thermo) production-ready version available in April 2010, as part of Adobe CS5 specialized tool, for interaction design create prototypes based on designers work (e.g. photoshop, illustrator files) Antetype - automatic layout - no more pixel pushing widget library (400+ pre-made) responsive web design - breakpoints, content wrapping, fluid designs interactions - clickthrus, mouse events wireframes, visual design, prototypes iOS Viewer web viewer OS X viewer Mac OS X only 30 day free trial - Examples and Inspiration : App Mockup Tools Get it now! Use VB for the demo. I think MS has some "crippled" versions for free. RealBasic works.

iMockups for iPad iMockups for iPad gives designers and developers with the ability to quickly draft wireframes for their websites and apps. Created exclusively for the iPad, iMockups combines a beautiful interface with intuitive functionality, taking full advantage of the breakthrough touchscreen device. iMockups is simple to use but make no mistake, it's a serious app for creative professionals. How can iMockups help you to work smarter and faster? Design any app you want A comprehensive and growing list of pre-built dynamic controls (for Web, iPhone and iPad) help turn your ideas into full fledged designs at the office or on the go. Keep focusedLow fidelity mockups encourages feedback, communicates ideas clearly and helps your team and clients focus on the functionality.

Crank Software - Crank Storyboard Suite What if you could decouple the roles of the UI designer and embedded systems engineer allowing them to focus on their core competencies? What if they could complete their work in parallel? And, what if this better way of approaching product development delivered the envisioned user interface (UI) user experience (UX)? Today’s engineers need a better way. Crank Storyboard™ Suite enables UI Designers and Embedded Developers with the ability to quickly prototype, develop and release rich animated user interfaces for embedded devices. The Crank Storyboard™ Suite was architected for engineers by engineers.

20 Awesome Resources for Twitter Bootstrap Lovers Generators Bootstrap Custom Build Before diving into great third party Bootstrap resources, it’s worth pointing out a great little tool right from Twitter that allows you to completely customize an impressive range of Boostrap features so that you can create a custom build that’s perfect for your project. If you haven’t checked out Bootstrap in a while, you should give this a look because it’s new with Twitter Bootstrap 2.0. Not only can you use it to take an overweight download and transform it into something lean, you can also save yourself a lot of CSS work by customizing colors, fonts etc. before you even initiate the download.

Product Review: Justinmind Prototyper By Afshan Kirmani Published: January 4, 2010 “I’ve been exploring Justinmind Prototyper, a prototyping tool that serves the ideation process well and, more important, generates HTML code for the prototypes we create.” Since our clients require an ideation phase before looking at a product’s visual design, I’ve been looking at a lot of wireframing and other prototyping tools lately. To find out more about prototyping tools, I’ve combed several mailing lists—such as SIGIA and IxDA—looking for discussions about the latest tools that are available to us. Free Weather Icons In PSD & AI – Climacons Design elements related to weather are frequently used in any type of design and here is a nice icon set to visualize the weather conditions. Climacons is a set of 75 free pictographs that has items to reflect almost any type of weather. They are available bıth in .PSD + .AI in single layered files and free for personal and + commercial projects.

10 Free Online Wireframing, Mockup And Prototyping Tools Web designers and developers often use such terms as mockups, wireframes and prototypes. There is a slight difference between them, but it still exists. All of them are used in the process of creating a certain project (a website or an app) in order to get the general idea about this project and show it to the client before the final result. Mockup is a full-sized structural model of the design that often features color, typography and even photos. Amazing Facebook Redesign Facebook’s current design is not bad. Sure it can be slow and can sometimes not work at all, but when it does work it works very well. It was meant to be kept minimal and clean so that users can easily browse the site. But Fred Nerby has come up with a redesign concept for the social media giant which blows it out of the water. He’s come up with his own vision of what Facebook should look like. He’s redesigned a lot of the main pages you would see when you browse the site, including the login screen, profile page and fan pages.

300 Icons for Designers & Developers Metrize Icons is a free icon set, it works perfectly for your apps or web projects. You may use these icons for both commercial and personal projects and customize them any way you like. All Icons, WebFont and Updates are Free.

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