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Daily Rituals: How Artists Work (9780307273604): Mason Currey: Books

Daily Rituals: How Artists Work (9780307273604): Mason Currey: Books
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Living and Sustaining a Creative Life: Essays by 40 Working Artists: Sharon Louden: 9781783200122: Books Here's How Isaac Newton Remembered Everything He Read Sir Isaac Newton is largely renowned for watching an apple fall to the ground -- in 1666. While the event has become iconic as a "eureka" moment of inspiration, most creativity experts grasp that Newton's genius stemmed from the decades of hard work following that moment. "What most people forget," James Clear notes in Quartz, "is that Newton worked on his ideas about gravity for nearly twenty years until, in 1687, he published his groundbreaking book, The Principia: Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy. The falling apple was merely the beginning of a train of thought that continued for decades." Which means that the juiciest insights into how Newton worked can come from examining his habits before and after the apple. In fact, the Royal Society -- with tongue firmly in cheek -- gives Newton a good old-fashioned librarian's reprimand. Only the first title directly relates to Newton's study of gravity, which is why this quartet of books is fascinating in its own right.

ART/WORK: Everything You Need to Know (and Do) As You Pursue Your Art Career: Heather Darcy Bhandari, Jonathan Melber: 9781416572336: Books The best resume includes 6 things you failed at — Quartz Only the space agencies of the Soviet Union, the US and the EU have landed anything on Mars. This week Elon Musk’s rocket company SpaceX said it would put its Dragon spacecraft on the red planet “as soon as 2018″—making it the first private company to go interplanetary. It’s easy to get impatient with crackpot plans to head for the red planet. (I’m guilty of it, too.) But SpaceX is unique in combining its dreams of Mars with well-funded, hard-nosed engineers. And as it turns out, the company’s long-running quest to build reusable rockets, with the aim of making it cheaper to launch satellites into Earth’s orbit, has had a stealthier goal too. SpaceX wouldn’t allow any of its employees to speak with me for this story, but I hunted down aerospace engineers who collaborate with the company and could speak about the technology behind its bold claims. How to land on Mars You may think that we already land on Mars with rockets. Essentially the landing has three stages. Losing the ‘chutes

Selling Art Without Galleries: Toward Making a Living from Your Art: Daniel Grant: 9781581154603: Books dynamicoffice back friendly furniture lay down desk floor desk stand up desk The Body Friendly Office™ Combo Have fun and get it done! * A set of furniture that provides multiple, interactive work/play stations instead of the static desk-and-chair environment.*This allows you to do standard deskwork in multiple positions, like standing, kneeling, lounging, and lying down, or while doing a yoga asana or lifting weights *Our Body Friendly Office™ combines all of our office-related products into one package. Products Include 1--Tilt Seat Eco Chair™ for dynamic sitting OR a floor desk for the Zen Office™ or EcoBackrest Office™ 1--As a floor desk part of the the Zen Office™ (only one Tilt Seat™ included in package) 2--As the floor desk part of the Eco Backrest Office™ 3--As the Active Sitting SEAT at a standard desk* Small 19.5 inches tall in front generally fits people under 5'4" * Medium 20.5 inches tall in front generally fits people 5'4" to 6 feet tall * Large 21.5 inches tall in front generally fits people over 6'Seat Top: 10" x 20" on all sizes 6--Sky Bench™ 1. 2. 3.

Autobiography of a Yogi (Self-Realization Fellowship): Paramahansa Yogananda: 9780876120798: Books A neuroscientist says there’s a powerful benefit to exercise that is rarely discussed — Quartz When I was about to turn 40, I started working out regularly after years of inactivity. As I sweated my way through cardio, weights, and dance classes, I noticed that exercise wasn’t just changing my body. It was also profoundly transforming my brain—for the better. The immediate effects of exercise on my mood and thought process proved to be a powerful motivational tool. And as a neuroscientist and workout devotee, I’ve come to believe that these neurological benefits could have profound implications for how we live, learn and age as a society. Let’s start with one of the most practical immediate benefits of breaking a sweat: exercise combats stress. Exercise improves our ability to shift and focus attention. But my favorite neuroscience-based motivation for exercise relates to its effects on the hippocampus—a key brain structure that’s critical for long-term memory. All this should serve as a powerful motivator for regular physical activity. We welcome your comments at

Ask and It Is Given: Learning to Manifest Your Desires: Esther Hicks, Jerry Hicks, Wayne W. Dyer: 9781401904593: Books People are falling in love with the Bullet Journal, a simple productivity tool that just uses pen and paper — Quartz I’m one of those people who is constantly testing out new productivity apps in the hopes that this is the technology that will transform my life for good. Each new app promises to make me more efficient than the last. But I’ve never been able to find a method that quite beats the flexibility and simplicity of pen and paper. Most productivity methods force you to work their way, rather than adapting to suit your needs. That’s where the Bullet Journal system comes in. The Bullet Journal consists of a few specific sections: An index, in which you list the page numbers of any subject you want to find again later (using a notebook with pre-printed page numbers speeds up this process).A future log, in which you keep track of upcoming events or deadlines for the next six months.A monthly log, in which you note events and deadlines for a specific month, and a list of monthly tasks.A daily log, in which you write down tasks, events, and notes per day. Getting started

Livres en créativité - Bibliographie commentée en créativité et innovation Nous vous recommandons une série de livres pour bâtir votre bibliothèque personnelle ou professionnelle en créativité, animation des réunions, gestion d'équipe, production d'idées et innovation. La lecture des livres commentés ci-dessous vous permettront: de constituer une base de connaissances du développement de la créativité, d'entreprendre un développement personnel par la lecture et la réflexion, de vous initier aux techniques de gestion des idées, de comprendre le processus d'innovation, de vous guider dans la démarche participative en entreprise, de mieux gérer des équipes créatives, d'aider à entreprendre des recherches théoriques, de bâtir une bibliographie spécifique en créativité, d'approfondir une technique spécifique en créativité, de lire le témoignage de praticiens, de recevoir des conseils pour animer vos séances de recherche de solutions, d'améliorer vos pratiques d'affaires. Visitez la boutique Créativité.Net: Canada France BOUILLERCE, B., CARRE, E. : Canada / France J.