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Awesome Chart on " Pedagogy Vs Andragogy "

Awesome Chart on " Pedagogy Vs Andragogy "
Adult learning is a vast area of educational research and probably one of the most complicated. Adults learn differently and have different strategies in learning. Adults Learning Theory and Principles explain in details these strategies and sheds more light on how adults cultivate knowledge. Talking about adult learning brings us to the concept of Andragogy. According to the article Malcolm Knowles an American practitioner and theorist of adult education, defined andragogy as “the art and science of helping adults learn”. Knowles identified the six principles of adult learning as: Adults are internally motivated and self-directedAdults bring life experiences and knowledge to learning experiencesAdults are goal orientedAdults are relevancy orientedAdults are practicalAdult learners like to be respected Tom Whitby wrote this great article " Pedagogy Vs Andragogy " in which he argued for using these same principles of adults learning in kids learning.

instaGrok | A new way to learn The Design of Learner-centred, Technology-enhanced Education — English untitled The Basics If you are recording more than one video, decide on a standard set of options for your organization. For example, will your videos highlight the cursor? Should your videos all be the same size ? Will you record with a caption or system stamp? Practice, practice, practice. Scripting and Narration Tips For lengthy or involved sequences of action, write a script before recording. Get Great Sound Generally, USB microphones provide a better sound than other microphones (minus the high-end equipment) since you do not have to rely on your computer’s sound card. Microphone Examples The quality of the microphone being used greatly influences the overall quality of your audio recordings. Tips for Recording Audio in Various Scenarios Camtasia Studio allows you to record in a variety of different environments. Telephone Audio Recording To make a telephone audio recording, you will need to buy an adapter to send the audio to the computer microphone input jack. Teleconference Recording

The 7 Most Powerful Ideas In Learning Available Right Now Tomorrow’s Learning Today: 7 Shifts To Create A Classroom Of The Future by Terry Heick For professional development around this idea or others you read about on TeachThought, contact us. Let’s take a look at the nebulous idea of the “classroom of the future.” Below are some ideas that are truly transformational–not that they haven’t been said before. And the best part? But therein lies the rub: Tomorrow’s learning is already available, and below are 7 of the most compelling and powerful trends, concepts, and resources that represent its promise. The Challenge of Implementation It’s challenging enough to manage a traditional learning environment where the curriculum is handed to you, and meetings are set, and you’re simply there to manage; adding more ingredients to the mix seems like asking for trouble. The good news is, many of the elements of a progressive learning environment—e.g., digital literacy, connectivism, and play—conveniently, and not coincidentally, work together. 1. 2. 3. 4.

How To Create A Test That Grades Itself Using Google Forms How To Create Self Grading Assessments With Google Forms Google Forms isn’t the first thing you think of when you think of assessment. It’s not especially elegant, it won’t wow students, and the learning curve isn’t as mild as it might be. But with a little bit of work on the front-end, Google Forms can return the favor in spades on the back-end in the form of self-grading assessments. While there isn’t an app (yet) that can uncover the true nuance of understanding, if you’re using multiple-choice assessments–even just as pre and summative assessments–this trick can save you time, allowing the real potential of assessment to shine through in consistently extracting data to revise planned instruction. Mike Reading from Google Apps For Edu gives the following itemized rundown on how to use Google Forms to accomplish exactly that in the video below.

Inclusion in the 21st-century classroom: Differentiating with technology - Reaching every learner: Differentiating instruction in theory and practice In this video, students in a gifted classroom use the multi-user learning environment Quest Atlantis to explore issues related to the creation of a game reserve in Tanzania. Interviews with the teacher and students offer perspectives on the value of using virtual worlds in the classroom . About the videoDownload video (Right-click or option-click) The diversity of the 21st-century classroom creates numerous challenges for teachers who may not have known the same diversity themselves as students. While many teachers express frustration over high-stakes accountability standards, they acknowledge pressure to “teach to the test,” fearing non-proficient scores, dissatisfaction from school administrators, and in smaller systems, the potential risk of embarrassment when scores are made public. Differentiation as effective instruction By contrast, the practice of differentiating instruction helps teachers address rigorous standards while responding to the individual needs of students.

Doktoritöö: kuidas õpetada arusaamisega lugemist? | Novaator | ERR Üldhariduskoolide riiklikus õppekavas tasuks uuesti läbi vaadata kogu funktsionaalse lugemisoskuse probleemistik, leiab hiljuti Tartu ülikoolis doktoritööd kaitsnud klassiõpetaja Pilve Kängsepp. Kängseppa doktoritööst kirjutab Tartu ülikooli ajakirjas Universitas Tartuensis Mart Zirnask. "Vanal ja hallil ajal kandsid inimesed jutte oma mälus ja jutustasid neid üksteisele. Miks on selle loo pealkiri "Sõnade püüdmine"? 568 õpilast seitsme Lõuna-Eesti kooli 4. ja 7. klassist pusisid aastatel 2007–2008 katse- või kontrollisikutena kahe tekstiga: lihtsam "Sõnade püüdmine" ja keerulisem "Putukate elust maal". Hiljuti Tartu ülikooli haridusteaduste instituudis doktoritööd kaitsnud Kängsepp uuris, kui tõhusad on koolitöös nn järelduslikud küsimused: teksti puudutavad küsimused, mida esitati kas pärast lugemist või lugemise käigus, lõikude järel. Vanus loeb Arusaamisega lugemine on mitmetasandiline protsess, mille kohta on välja pakutud hulk mudeleid. Eesti keele tunde napib Kukeaabits.

Rita F. Pierson: WATCH: How A Teacher Encouraged Her Students With An 'F' TED and The Huffington Post are excited to bring you TEDWeekends, a curated weekend program that introduces a powerful "idea worth spreading" every Friday, anchored in an exceptional TEDTalk. This week's TEDTalk is accompanied by an original blog post from the featured speaker, along with new op-eds, thoughts and responses from the HuffPost community. Watch the talk above, read the blog post and tell us your thoughts below. Become part of the conversation! This blog was produced in collaboration with TED for the TED Talks Education Special. Teachers don't make a lot of money. In the spring of my career, I found myself questioning the choice of my life's work. I was on a plane recently and the flight attendant asked my name. I most certainly realize the extreme importance of being a competent teacher. For every student that finally "got it," for every rookie teacher that said, "you inspired me to stay," I get the raise that never quite made it to my paycheck. -- Rita F.