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103 iPad 2 uses.pptx

103 iPad 2 uses.pptx

Bloom et iPad iPad uPad wePad; Going 1-1 at St Oliver Plunkett A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to St Oliver Plunkett to be a part of their 1-1 iPad rollout to the very excited Year 6 class. Led by their fabulous teacher librarian, Ann-Marie Furber and fearless class teacher, Brooke Maguire, with consultation from the very dedicated and talented Education Officer Learning and Teaching Technologies, Danielle Carter, the Year 6 class participated in a series of workshops in order to develop their skills before they were officially given management of their very own devices. Cannon Hill Feb 2013 <p>JavaScript required to play <a hreflang="en" type="video/mp4" href=" Hill Feb 2013</a>.</p> While the school maintains ownership, the students manage the purchasing of additional apps, and the care and maintenance of the iPads for the time they are at the school. This is a list of what the students learnt: Postscript: Like this: Like Loading...

24 Essential iPad Learning Tools From edshelf by edshelf: Reviews & recommendations of tools for education Use iPads in your classroom? Then you will need this collection of essential tools. All work on the iPad, either as a mobile app or an iPad-compatible website. This collection is curated by Melissa Hero, a high school biology and AVID teacher. Which iPad-compatible edtech tools do you consider essential? 24 Essential iPad Learning Tools From edshelf Image attribution flickr user smemon Déploiement et gestion de tablettes iPad en milieux scolaire Vidéo de présentation par Philippe Devaud (Bulle – Suisse) sur le déploiement et la gestion d’un parc de tablettes milieu scolaire. Cette vidéo de 53mn parcoure les principaux thèmes qui concerneront celles et ceux d’entre vous qui cherchent à déployer des iPads en milieu scolaire, à savoir : Comment configurer, cloner, sécuriser des iPads dans un environnement scolaire ?Quelles sont les stratégies, les outils et les possibilités en fonction du nombre d’appareils à gérer ?

Appar 100-i-topp inför läsåret 13/14 Nu är det snart dags att starta ett nytt läsår med nya möjligheter, nya tankar och idéer och visioner om hur detta läsår kommer att bli. Det har kommit en del nya appar… flödet är stort och ibland kan det vara svårt att se skogen för alla träd, men jag har försökt välja ut mina 100 favoritappar; både gamla och nya som jag tror på (just idag, imorgon kan det ha kommit något ännu bättre;) Det är svårt att kategorisera apparna eftersom de ofta passar i fler än en kategori, jag har ändå valt att bara ta med dem i en kategori; så för säkerhets skull-titta igenom alla kategorier även om du inte hade tänkt det. Det kan gömma sig en godbit där du minst anar det. Hoppas du hittar appar som du inte sett eller appar som du laddat ner men glömt av. Är du intresserad av en appgenomgång på din förskola/skola? Hör av dig vid intresse eller önskan om offert/bokning till Multilingual Spellchecker-ordprediktionIntoWords -ordprediktionLegimus- app för de med läshinder. Relaterat I "Allmänt"

I have iPads in the Classroom. Now What? 23 iPad Alternatives to the Book Report. EmailShare 1136EmailShare Upon hearing that they will have to read another book students usually roll their eyes and moan in disagreement. So to make the reading process more fun for them we let them chose their own book and their own creative assignment. There are three parts to the book report: A summary and personal opinionB character analysis,C creative assignment. Parts A and B are the same for everyone and resemble “traditional” book report assignments. Below you can see the list of assignments. For each of the assignments students will need to make sure that their piece of work shows that: They have read the bookThought deeply & reflected on the bookHave understood the assignment I have added all of the assignments to my iTunes U course that I am using this year. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Can you think of any other assignments? Related posts:

50 Apps That Clarify 50 New Ways To Learn 50 Apps That Represent 50 New Ways To Learn by TeachThought Staff Modern learning is in a state of flux as it struggles to find out what it wants to become. Schools continue to merely “add on” learning, while technology strongly suggests new possibilities for inside and beyond the classroom. Below we’ve gathered a diverse list of learning apps across iOS and Android from giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, as well as upstarts like Brainfeed, The Sandbox, and Knowji. Learning through play. 50 Apps That Clarify 50 New Ways To Learn 50 Apps That Represent 50 New Ways To Learn

62 Ideas For Using The iPad In The Classroom [Presentation] - If you’ve got a pulse, using the iPad in the classroom is something you’re at least interested in on some level. It’s either why you’re here, something you want to understand better, or you loathe it all and want to make sure to avoid it (it’s been interesting to watch the seemingly growing throngs of Luddites decry learning technology–who knew it all could be so polarizing?) But we digress. Some of the ideas for using the iPad in the classroom in the following presentation by scribd user denag33 are better than others. Tablettes en MST | Ressources techno-pédagogiques

The Pepper Mill | Well seasoned Ideas, edtech and ramblings to help with the daily grind - 50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling Digital Storytelling is the process of telling a story through the use of digital means. It also happens to be one the easiest ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Educators can use digital storytelling with almost any subject and can even "flip" their classroom by using mobile apps. Below is my comprehensive list of sites/apps that can be used for digital storytelling, presented in alphabetical order. 30hands - A fantastic user-friendly iOS app for creating a story by adding a narrations to photos. For my Pinterest board on Digital Storytelling click here. For my Edshelf collection on Digital Storytelling click here. David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment.