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Basic grammar for ESL kids

Basic grammar for ESL kids

Free Preschool & Kindergarten Consonants Worksheets - Printable Free consonants worksheets These pdf worksheets help kids learn to recognize and write consonants and consonant blends. They can be used on their own, or along with our online phonics program. A free trial is available. Beginning consonants worksheets Circle the pictured items which start with the given letter: B C D F G H J K L M N P Q R S T V W X Y Z Ending consonants worksheets Match the letter to the picture that ends with that consonant:Worksheet #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 Circle the letter that makes the sound the picture ends with: Worksheet #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 Fill in the missing final letter to make the word match the picture: Worksheet #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 Consonant blends worksheets Look at the picture and match the consonant blend that starts the word:Worksheet #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 Look at the picture and write the missing letters in the word. Worksheet #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6

50 Great Teachers: Socrates, The Ancient World's Teaching Superstar : NPR Ed Today, NPR Ed kicks off a yearlong series: 50 Great Teachers. We're starting this celebration of teaching with Socrates, the superstar teacher of the ancient world. He was sentenced to death more than 2,400 years ago for "impiety" and "corrupting" the minds of the youth of Athens. But Socrates' ideas helped form the foundation of Western philosophy and the scientific method of inquiry. I went to Oakland Technical High School in California to see it in action. It's the first period of the morning, and student Annelise Eeckman is sparring with teacher Maryann Wolfe about Social Security. "It's not influencing me," Wolfe says. "You're not retired currently," Eeckman counters. "But I have stock," Wolfe says. "And what if tomorrow it dips?" "Well, yeah, but you depend on one day?" In this 12th-grade Advanced Placement American government class, students are not just encouraged, they're expected to question the teacher — and each other. itoggle caption Elissa Nadworny/NPR Elissa Nadworny/NPR

20 places to study english grammar online ~ Sharing Learning If you are looking for a fun and interactive way to study English grammar, you can find almost everything you need on the Internet. There are exercises, tests, study guides, quizzes, and many other materials that make studying English grammar both simple and entertaining. Here are 20 resources to try: Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) - The Purdue OWL offers a wide variety of exercises in grammar, punctuation, and spelling for English students. Daily Grammar - The Daily Grammar site provides grammar lessons and reviews that make it easy to study English grammar. - This free online site for English usage rules has fun and interactive quizzes and videos for reviewing grammar rules. FlashcardExchange - The FlashcardExchange provides several pre-made flashcard sets that grammar studiers will find extremely useful. Chomp Chomp - This free grammar site provides interactive exercises for testing your grammar knowledge.

The Grammar Casino | an ESL exercise to test grammar in a fun activity, editable game template Welcome to the grammar casino! If your grammar is solid, you can win it all or if not, lose your shirt. This is a great review game or can be used to target specific weak areas. If you like this game check out At the Track! It's similar but with a twist. The downloads: These are in .doc (Word) format so you can change the template to suit your language needs. Formatted A4 size: the grammar casino (full color) the grammar casino (b/w) Formatted Letter size: the grammar casino (full color) the grammar casino (b/w) How to play: Materials needed: 1 copy of the game board per student Students start with one hundred points Students read the first sentence. The line under each sentence can be used to rewrite sentences with a mistake in them or it can be used to translate correct sentences into L1. If students lose all of their points: You will have plenty of students that let it all ride every time.

OED birthday word generator: which words originated in your birth year Do you know which words entered the English language around the same time you entered the world? Use our OED birthday word generator to find out! We’ve scoured the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) to find words with a first known usage for each year from 1900 to 2004. Simply select the relevant decade and click on your birth year to discover a word which entered the English language that year. Please note that the dates given for these words refer to the current first known usage of the word. If you are a subscriber or have access to the OED, visit our guide to learn how to find your own personal OED birthday word. Click on your birth year in the left-hand column to discover your OED birthday word. Words originating in the 1900s include: barfly, n. do-gooder, n. dramedy, n. ailurophobe, n. car boot, n. wassup, int. radio, n. wiretap, n. Words originating in the 1910s include: pastiche, v. headstand, n. rubber-stamping, adj. environmentalism, n. ad-lib, v. record player, n. roomie, n. 1900s

Wh-questions 1. are you excited? because I have birthday today. 2. are you today ? I’m fine ,thank you. 3. is your coat ? 4. is she at the moment? 5. is your birthday ? Mr. 7. is that woman? 8. are they working? 9. apples do you have ? 10. are the children? 11. is Rita doing ? 12. does your car cost ? 13. time is it ? 14. are the kids sad? 15. is the party? 16. friends do you have? 17. do they go to school? 18. do you eat lunch? 19. is on the desk? 20. is in the kitchen?

Beginners. Free Printable ESL materials. These are materials that will probably be suitable for students in the first half of their first year of English studies. For more information on the level classification used on esl lounge, go to our level description page. The lesson materials have been divided into the following categories for Beginners. Click any one to go to the resources. Pairwork Activities, Surveys, etc These are the resources which will most successfully get your students talking. Flashcards and Role Cards These are called flashcards, prompt cards or role cards, depending on your teacher training and the specific purpose they are used for. Worksheets These can take a variety of forms. Reading Here, you will find some simple texts for beginners level with very basic vocabulary requirement. Come and join esl-lounge Premium. High quality PDF lesson plans. Premium Home Page | Free Samples | Why Join | FAQ | Sign Up! ★ Autumn/Winter Coupon Discount★$8 off Lifetime Membership. Games Error Correction Vocabulary Structure

50 awesome posters that encourage to read This list includes most wonderful posters that are serving one simple task: they encourage to read. Everyone agrees not enough is being done to encourage people to read. Those who can read don’t realize how lucky they are, having in mind that almost 20% of world population is still illiterate. Sometimes, a little reminder can do wonders to make someone put away the computer and reach for the e-reader or a printed book. We list most beautiful wonder-making artworks below. You’ll find here enigmatic pictograms, minimalist illustrations, visualized book quotes, as well as wonderful 20th century vintage images. Such posters are not only suitable for classrooms or public libraries. We’ve made visualizations to make you see how the poster would look like on the wall. Some of the artwork can be also downloaded digitally so that you can print it for yourself. There are many sources of read posters on the web. Read posters – recommended sites Thanks a lot for dropping by. Certified Book Addict.

Sound Grammar Lessons 21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary If you follow this blog, you know that I believe effective vocabulary instruction is just about the most important instructional activity for teachers to get right. For lots of reasons. Vocabulary influences fluency, comprehension, and student achievement. How’s that for starters? In addition, a broad vocabulary is important for effective speaking, listening, reading and writing. I write frequently about the importance of effective vocabulary instruction and my recent infographic – the 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Effective Vocabulary Instruction – has proved very popular having been Pinned over 31,000 times. In today’s 21st century classrooms, digital tools must coexist alongside more traditional tools. Digital tools have advantages. The following digital tools show promise to support word learning, review, and playing with language. 21 Digital Tools to Build Vocabulary Reference Tools 1. Lingro is a cool tool for both the “wow” factor and for its usefulness. 2. “Jetty” as defined by Shahi 3.

Verb to be (am, is, are) e.g. That girl is my best friend. 2. Anna's phone number very easy to learn. 3. My mom an excellent doctor. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. Yes, they aren't. 2. Yes, it is. 3. Yes, they are. 4. Yes, she isn't. 5. Yes, it is. 6. Yes she is. 7. Yes, I´m not. e.g. is - My - not - son - in - hospital. My son is not in hospital. 1. are - colours - Joan's - red - favourite - blue - and. 2. very - Claire's - naughty - are - daughters. 3. lost - is - he - because - That - sad - money - his - boy. 4. 5. a - job - This - great - for - mom - is - your. 6. ? e.g. Helen's mom isn't in her office. Is Helen's mom in her office? 1. 2. 3. 20 Quotes From Children's Books Every Adult Should... Posted on July 7, 2014 It’s interesting how some of life’s greatest lessons can be found in children’s literature. And chances are that we did not realize this back when we were kids. Sometimes it’s only when we’re older that we learn to fully appreciate and understand the poignant words from our childhood entertainment. Here’s some of the best quotes from books we used to read. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. Share the wisdom with your friends, everyone loves a good quote. (Source: Here's some of the best quotes from books we used to read.) Recommended for You