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Using Twitter for Teachers' Professional Development

Using Twitter for Teachers' Professional Development
I am actually engaged in an extensive review of the literature written on the use of Twitter as a Personal Learning Network ( PLN ).Twitter is the core topic of my MAEd thesis and I am trying to approach it from different perspectives : academic, social, and even personal ( for professional development ). Academically speaking, papers investigating the use of Twitter in the world of academia are still scarce and the empirical research done in this field is still very limited. From time to time I feature some of the resources I am actually reading and which I know will be of great interest to my readers here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.For instance, today I am sharing with you a treasure trove ( I really mean it ) of Twitter lists to subscribe with and follow to stay updated about the latest news, resources, links, researches, and many more according to your area of interest.

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Top 10 TED Talks on Digital Lives for Teachers TED has recently posted a curated list of some awesome talks on " digital lives". I am sure you might have already seen some of them but you will definitely find new interesting ones. Apart from " how to make a splash in social media ", a talk delivered by Alexixs, I have intermittently watched the rest of the talks. I am a huge fan of TED talks and I do learn a lot from them . I have subscribed to their feeds and each time there is a new release I get it on time.

10 Ways Teachers Can Use Twitter for Professional Development This is our third consecutive post on Twitter. Now that you have a roadmap on how to use Twitter in your classroom and after you have identified with the different educational hashtags you need to follow as a teacher, let us share with you some ideas on how to leverage the power of this social platform for professional development purposes. Talking about using social networking to grow professionally brings to mind LinkedIn. This is an undeniably powerful network that is more professionally focused ( you can read more about the educational uses of LinkedIn HERE ) but Twitter has also its own attraction that we can not ignore.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 5 Tips to for an Effective Reading Instruction Reading is one of the key pillars of literacy and is as old as literacy itself. However, the problem with reading inside our schools has always been one of the major challenges facing curriculum designers and literacy coaches and all the other players in the field of education. Students seem to falter when it comes to reading and this is one of the outcomes of the over emphasis on teaching reading mechanics ( phonemic and phonetic awareness ) at the expense of comprehension and meaning. Students are trained to say words right but not to understand them. Reading comprehension is only secondary to reading accurately. Advocates of the Whole language approach, on the other hand, view reading as meaning-making, a process of making sense of the world through written code.In their endeavour to come to grips with the meanings of words, students get to draw on their experiences and local contexts to bring life to those words.

The Professional Power of Twitter by @Tim_Jumpclarke Selling the benefits of using twitter for professional development purposes to the uninitiated can be a challenge, but in this re-blog post, Tim Clarke points out some of the benefits he has gained from interacting with the platform, as well as guidance and tips to get colleagues started. Tim is a primary head teacher. The professional power of Twitter Key benefits Connect with others involved in education nationally and internationally, which can give you a broader view of current issues and initiatives. For example it has been interesting finding out how other areas of the country are managing: recruitment, PRP and judging teacher performance without grading observations.Posing questions to gain other views.

board Innovative ideas for using iPads in education Inside Thinglink EDU Examples Photo: Bob Greenberg and Brainwaves: Capturing the Best Teaching Practices and Leaving a Legacy Bob Greenberg, a veteran educator, inspires other educators through his Brainwaves channel. Bob hosts exciting guests in education . Bob passionately says Bob hasn’t retired, he has sent himself into overdrive as he records and shares a snapshot of history and educational thought at this moment on his YouTube Channel. 6 Characteristics Of Tomorrow's Classroom Technology Predicting the growth of technology is impossible–in both rate and direction. The same likely applies to learning. Combine them and you’ve got even greater uncertainty, but that’s what Michell Zappa and the folks over at did in creating the following massive concept map.

Step 2: Using Twitter to Build Your PLN Welcome to the second step in our free professional learning series on building your PLN. The aim of this step is to: Explain what is Twitter.Explain the benefits of using Twitter as part of your PLN.Helps you set up your Twitter account. This following information on Twitter was co-written by Kathleen Morris, a grade two teacher and blogger from Victoria, Australia. Kathleen writes a blog for educators about technology integration, educational blogging and global collaboration.