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5 Tools For Making Custom Timelines

5 Tools For Making Custom Timelines
Creating custom timelines is an age old school project, especially for history classes (since history is basically a giant timeline, after all!) Way back in the day, when I was a student, I remember drawing out my timelines with colored pencils on pieces of taped together construction paper (to make the line long enough). We’ve come a long way since the late ’80′s, and there are a lot of web tools and apps out there that help users make much more advanced timelines than I could crank out with my awesome colored pencils. Time Toast Time Toast also offers uses free, unlimited timelines and easy Facebook integration. Meograph Meograph ‘s tagline is ‘Four Dimensional Storytelling’. Capzles Capzles is similar to Meograph in that it allows users to integrate information from a variety of different sources (video, audio, photos, text, etc) into one multifaceted timeline. Dipity XTimeline XTimeline is a free timeline tool that allows for multimedia input, such as text, images, and video.

- 50 Sites and Apps for Digital Storytelling Digital Storytelling is the process of telling a story through the use of digital means. It also happens to be one the easiest ways to integrate technology into the classroom. Educators can use digital storytelling with almost any subject and can even "flip" their classroom by using mobile apps. 30hands - A fantastic user-friendly iOS app for creating a story by adding a narrations to photos. For my Pinterest board on Digital Storytelling click here. For my Edshelf collection on Digital Storytelling click here. David Kapuler is an educational consultant with more than 10 years of experience working in the K-12 environment.

My Framework for Teaching with iPad Apps | iPad... Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 9 Tips Every Teacher should Know about Google Scholar Google Scholar is among the best scholarly search engines online yet only a few select of educators know its secrets.As a rule of thumb that applies to all Google products, the effective use of any service from Google s can only be achieved through mastering its deep and hidden features. We have seen in the previous post how filtering a Google search using the keyword " digital literacy " reduced the generated results from 430.000.000 to 90.000.000 which eliminated so much of junk information that could cost you a lot of time going through it. I believe information literacy is a skill that every teacher should master and teach his/her students about. In this regard and to help teachers leverage the potential of Google services in their teaching , Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has recently started out a series of illustrative guides that addresse those particular things that educators need to know in order to better manipulate their " Googling" experience. 8- Use Metrics

My 24 Most-Used Education Apps (What Are Yours?) 16 Technology Leaders I Follow On Twitter 5.11K Views 0 Likes I often get asked to list off my favorite people I follow on Twitter. That's a big question with no real specific answer. This is at least my fave tech leaders! iPad uPad wePad; Going 1-1 at St Oliver Plunkett A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited to St Oliver Plunkett to be a part of their 1-1 iPad rollout to the very excited Year 6 class. Led by their fabulous teacher librarian, Ann-Marie Furber and fearless class teacher, Brooke Maguire, with consultation from the very dedicated and talented Education Officer Learning and Teaching Technologies, Danielle Carter, the Year 6 class participated in a series of workshops in order to develop their skills before they were officially given management of their very own devices. Cannon Hill Feb 2013 <p>JavaScript required to play <a hreflang="en" type="video/mp4" href=" Hill Feb 2013</a>.</p> While the school maintains ownership, the students manage the purchasing of additional apps, and the care and maintenance of the iPads for the time they are at the school. This is a list of what the students learnt: Postscript: Like this: Like Loading...

How to Edit PowerPoint Documents on an iPad Whether you are a new iPad user or have been using it for quite a while now, sometimes you just have to view or edit computer files like Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets or PowerPoint Presentations. There are a lot of iPad Apps available on the App store that let you edit MS Word or Excel documents. However, editing a PowerPoint presentation is a whole different scenario. Now every app is able to handle all the formatting, fonts, slideshows, transitions or Builds. You can use a number of iPad apps to view PowerPoint presentations (.pptx or .ppt) but most of them lack the editing feature. Apps like DropBox, SlideShark, Apple’s own Safari and Mail can be easily used to view PowerPoint files. When you need to create a PowerPoint document from scratch, or even edit one substantially – the apps listed above just don’t cut it. Using Keynote Keynote is Apple’s stand-alone app used for creating and editing presentations. Using an Office Suite Office2 HD Apple iWork Smart Office 2 Polaris Office

bilder by Shelley Webb | Featured Contributor Still Using Google Images for Your Blog Posts? Stop It! Stop it! About 90% of these images hold copyrights and companies such as Getty Images are monitoring the web daily to find out who is using their images without permission. Additionally, sharing images on Facebook could get you and future “sharers” into trouble, as well. So what’s a blogger to do? One of the best ways is to use your OWN images. Some great apps for creating text images are Tweegram, Instaword, Instawords, Phonto, Instaquote, Expressgram and VintaFrame (for creating collages of images). There are also several royalty-free sites on which to find images. Be sure to read the user agreement on each photo that you choose, because there are varying degrees of allowance for many of them. You can also add text to the images you find on royalty-free sites by using and If you have any favorite image editing sites or apps, I’d love to hear about them.

6 Easy-to-Use Online Collaboration Tools - Make Teamwork Simple Here at all collaboration happens online. We started the blog while living in 3 different countries, and all this time we have managed to work together perfectly, even without seeing each other for a long time. Since the initial launch of we had to get used to working together remotely, using only free online collaboration tools. These tools not only allow us to work from 3 different locations, but also to be more productive and stay organised. Nowadays, more and more teams/companies are forced to work together remotely. Have you ever struggled to successfully collaborate online with your clients or suppliers? Which Collaboration Tools Should You Use? During the last 3+ years we have successfully managed to work on several projects using only free online collaboration software (we switched to some paid plans though over time). 1. Dropbox is probably one tool that we use most for collaboration. Dropbox, of course, also offers an enterprise solution. 2. 3. 4. 5.

An Excellent Collection of Educational Web and Mobile Apps I just came across this amazing graphic and thought you might be interested to have a peek as well. Tony Vincint did a great job and I must say that this is one of the best educational infographics out there. As you know Educational Technology and Mobile Learning always features only the best infographics and I am so proud to say this because the selections I share here are also posted in several other academic settings. Show What you Know Using Web and Mobile Apps will provide you with some handy tools and apps to use to foster students learning. What is even greater about this graphic is that the apps are clickable so you don't have to look for them in Google, just clikc on the title you want to try and you will be directed to its homepage. Click here to enlarge and access the PDF version where the apps are clickable, below is just a snapshot. Click here if you want to print it

6 Ways Students Can Collaborate With iPads The following post is written by Greg Kulowiec of EdTechTeacher . Join EdTechTeacher at the iPad Summit in Atlanta on April 10-12. The app store is loaded with options that allow students to create content on their iPads. From comic strip creators to mind maps, video editing and publishing, screencasting & digital books, the options for individual student creation are expanding. However, collaboration between students is often a critical component of any classroom activity or project and increasingly there are options available that allow for collaborative efforts across iPads. Below are six ways to support collaboration between student iPads that cover the spectrum of creation options that range from text to digital storytelling to video creation. Explain Everything ($2.99) A flexible and powerful screen casting option, students and teachers can collaborate on screencasts by exporting Explain Everything project files from an iPad. Google Drive (Free) BookCreator ($4.99) Subtext (free) Diigo

24 Multimedia Tools That Support The Common Core How Students Benefit From Using Social Media 12.68K Views 0 Likes A lot of criticism has been leveled at social media and the effect it has on the way students process and retain information, as well as how distracting it can be. However, social media offers plenty of opportunities for learning and interactivity, and if you take a moment to think about it, it's not too hard to see how students benefit from using social media. 10 African-American History Month Teaching Resources 1.25K Views 0 Likes This week’s Featured Ten Learnist boards are dedicated to African-American history month. 3 Tech Tips Your Grandma Could Teach You 2.02K Views 0 Likes Those who have been using technology, in some form, have a few tech tips you should know about.