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An Intuitive Guide To Exponential Functions & e

An Intuitive Guide To Exponential Functions & e
e has always bothered me — not the letter, but the mathematical constant. What does it really mean? The mathematical constant e is the base of the natural logarithm. And when you look up natural logarithm you get: The natural logarithm, formerly known as the hyperbolic logarithm, is the logarithm to the base e, where e is an irrational constant approximately equal to 2.718281828459. Nice circular reference there. I’m not picking on Wikipedia — many math explanations are dry and formal in their quest for rigor. No more! e is NOT Just a Number Describing e as “a constant approximately 2.71828…” is like calling pi “an irrational number, approximately equal to 3.1415…”. Pi is the ratio between circumference and diameter shared by all circles. e shows up whenever systems grow exponentially and continuously: population, radioactive decay, interest calculations, and more. Understanding Exponential Growth Let start by looking at a basic system that doubles after an amount of time. A Closer Look Mr.

untitled 4 ACT Science Tricks That Will Boost Your Score No one said it was going to be easy. The ACT Science Reasoning section is a test filled with all sorts of questions ranging from challenging to really challenging, and it makes sense to get a few ACT Science tricks up your sleeve whether you're taking the test the first time around or taking a stab at a second (or third!) attempt. Here are a few of those ACT Science tips to make sure you're getting the score you really crave. 17 More Strategies to Improve Your ACT Score ACT Science Trick #1: Read the Data Representation Passages First Getty Images | Erik Dreyer The Rationale:On the ACT Science Reasoning test, you'll see three different types of passages: Data Representation, Conflicting Viewpoints, and Research Summaries. A Helpful Reminder: You'll know it's a Data Representation passage if you see several large graphics like charts, tables, diagrams and graphs. ACT Science Trick #2: Use Shorthand Notes In the Conflicting Viewpoints Passage Getty Images | Don Bonsey Flickr User Walking_Geek

Correct These 5 Mistakes To Improve Your ACT English Score Some people are just "English" people, and I'm not referring to the people who live in London. You know what I mean; there are just those people who are good at all things grammar, spelling, punctuation, style and organization. They thrive on tidy texts and accurately placed modifiers. They live for tricky apostrophes and accurate capitalization. Not you? Well, don't sweat it. The best thing to do is to correct the mistakes you made the first time around on the ACT English test, which is one of the five sections on the ACT exam. Need more practice? 16 More Strategies to Improve Your ACT Score Mistake #1: Misjudging Paragraphs Getty Images | Stockbyte The Problem: The ACT English test is a little strange; the paragraphs are all broken up so that the questions on the right side of the page are straight across from the text the questions refer to on the left side of the page. The Solution: Pay close attention to indentations that indicate the next paragraph has started. flickr user laffy4k

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