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Zone-H KaKaRoTo's Blog SELinux Exploiting Unexploitable XSS XSS that are protected by CSRF protection or where other mitigating factors are present are usually considered to be unexploitable or of limited exploitability. This post details real world examples of exploiting “unexploitable” XSS in Google and Twitter. While the XSS detailed in this post are site specific the methods that were used to exploit them could be applied to other websites with similar implementations. Google Google has services deployed across many different domains and subdomains and as a result requires a way to seamlessly authenticate members who are logged in to their Google Account. When called by a member who is logged in to their Google Account the URL generates an auth URL and redirects to the particular service. When the auth URL is loaded the service uses the auth token to log the member in. At a YouTube member can create paid promotions for their videos.

Top 10 Warranty-Voiding Hacks @neverbeenback: As was said down below in the comments, many warranties state that you can't change the OS to something 'not approved' which is generally a few versions of windows. Wether or not the company *actually* voids your warranty is up to them. edit: hackintoshing is vaguely illegal as well, so I can't see Dell being psyched to help fix your hackmac @freedomweasel: You miss the point, you would be expected to return the laptop to windows before return as using the restore discs is always the first thing to do to remove the chance of software problems, if they easily diagnose a problem then they often tell you to remove your HDD before return , so again YOUR WARRANTY IS NOT EFFECTED. Hackintosh is not illegal if you own an OSX disc, you are just breaking an EULA which means with proof Apple could sue you for it. @neverbeenback: jailbreaking an iphone voids the warranty. "your warranty is not effected" affected, not effected.

DARKSIDE RG Malicious Linux Commands - From (This article was originally published in Ubuntu Forums but was removed there. Ubuntuguide feels that knowledge about these risks is more important than any misguided attempts to "protect the public" by hiding their potential dangers or protect the (K)Ubuntu/Linux image. The original article has therefore been re-created (and subsequently edited) here.) ATTENTION: It is worthwhile to have some basic awareness about malicious commands in Linux. It is also worthwhile to always enable a Kubuntu screensaver or Ubuntu screensaver with a password so that a casual passerby is not able to maliciously execute one of these commands from your keyboard while you are away from your computer. When in doubt as to the safety of a recommended procedure or command, it is best to verify the command's function from several sources, such as from readily available documentation on Linux commands (e.g. manpages). Here are some common examples of dangerous commands that should raise a red flag. rm -r In Perl

Une version super-protégée d’Android développée par la NSA est disponible Les téléphones gadgets intelligents qui n’étaient autrefois que l’apanage des films d’espionnage sont maintenant devenus une réalité : avec un smartphone acheté à un prix raisonnable, vous pouvez pirater des réseaux informatiques, utiliser votre GPS, faire des recherches sur Internet, utiliser la sonnerie de Jack Bauer dans 24, etc. Que deviennent alors les super-téléphones des agences gouvernementales ? Ils doivent bien évoluer avec leur temps, et les gouvernements ne vont pas refaire un système d’exploitation complet pour téléphones (je vous laisse imaginer les failles de sécurité qu’il pourrait y avoir ^^). Ils sont donc partis de ce qui existe déjà en OpenSource, Android, et nous sortent aujourd’hui le fruit de leur travail : une version super-sécurisée du système d’exploitation pour smartphones de Google ! Le projet est basé sur SELinux, un autre projet soutenu par l’agence gouvernementale américaine. Et pas besoin d’être un agent secret pour en bénéficier ! Source

The War On Cyber CyberTerrorists - The War On Cyber: CyberTerrorists - The War On Cyber Join us now to get access to all our features. Once registered and logged in, you will be able to create topics, post replies to existing threads, give reputation to your fellow members, get your own private messenger, and so, so much more. Subscribe to topics and forums to get automatic updates Welcome to CyberTerrorists - The War On Cyber, like most online communities you must register to view or post in our community, but don't worry this is a simple free process that requires minimal information. Looking for Developers !! Autodesk Revit Structure 2012 Build 2315 + Portable by Today, 05:46 AM Application Pack for iPad and iPhone by Today, 05:16 AM p777 God z da Shortest distance from Zero to INFiNiTY.........!!! locon i want access to TRACK2.NAME ONLINE DUMP SHOP Toggle this category ..:: CT Global Rules, Announcements, News & Feedback ::.. Forum Rules & Announcement, Read RULES before Posting any kind of thing here.