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Best Free Reading Apps for Kids

Best Free Reading Apps for Kids

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10 Of The Best Educational Online Games Danger Zone Students are faced with serious global issues to tackle in this fantastic character-based game. They have to use different skills to solve a challenge like combating a deadly airborne illness using test-samples, note-taking and learning along the way! The Blood Typing Game This brilliant, prize-winning game from the Nobel Prize website lets students get up-close and personal with medical and biological processes, learning about patients, treatment and blood-types. Forensic Firsts Forensic Clues Mouseover clues on the crimes scene to uncover special bonus content. Watch Video LearnZillion x Menu Welcome to LearnZillion! Let's get started. Unit 5- Gone Gaming - Ms. Zimmer- Technology at ASM What is Gamestar Mechanic? Gamestar Mechanic is a game and online community that teaches kids how to design their own games. Designing games builds: Systems Thinking21st Century SkillsCreative Problem SolvingArt and AestheticsWriting and StorytellingCreates motivation for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) learning Over the next several weeks, we will play through Gamestar Mechanic, learn some of the basic principles of game design and ultimately create our own games.

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