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Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 11 Steps to Create A Google Plus Community for your Class

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning: 11 Steps to Create A Google Plus Community for your Class
May 10, 2013 Here is a step by step guide to help you set up a Google Plus community. You can use this virtual environment as a collaborative space for your class where you can share resources and initiate discussions with and among students. 1- Head over to your Google Plus On your Google Plus home page, click on " communities " in left hand side and then click on " create a community. " 2- Private or Public Now choose whether you want your community to be private ( only members you invite can join ) or public. If you set it for public , make sure to select the permission setting : 'no one can join' or 'yes a moderator needs to approve' 3- Name your community Provide a name for your community then click on " create community " 4- Pick a photo for your community Click on " pick a photo " as is shown in the screenshot below and download your photo 5- Write a tagline Type in some descriptive words to tag you community 6- Write a description Write a description about your community. 7- Add categories

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6 services to make music on your Chromebook Digital music editing tools have always been large, often unstable pieces of software that can cost in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. But all of that is changing with the power of Chrome and HTML5. These emerging tools give you the power and control of traditional production software within the convenience of your browser. Of course, they may require some time to get used to, but there are some great services out there. Set and forget not viable for VET online Allison Miller has been involved in online training and assessment for more than 10 years. During this time she has seen the exponential growth in the online training market, as more and more people turn to online study to fit in with their busy lives, or because they live too far away to participate in person. And while online training certainly offers flexibility in general, it is important to remember that this umbrella term refers to a range of different learning scenarios. There’s online training, and there’s online training Michael Coghlan (based on Clint Smith’s work) describes nine models of online training, ranging from e-training to blended training to the flipped classroom. Michael explains that:

Awesome Chrome Features You Probably Aren’t Using Written by Aaron Svoboda When I became a Google Certified Teacher, my daily production was still done primarily in Microsoft Office. I made the decision, at that time, that all of my new productivity would be done in Drive. I would still use the old Office documents, if needed, but create new in Drive. And I haven’t looked back!

How to Help Teachers Use Technology in the Classroom Recent reports (from The Chronicle of Higher Education and Walden University [PDF], for example) point to teachers' continuing difficulties integrating technology into classroom learning. Despite access to technology and despite the fact that novice teachers are entering the classroom with far more advanced technology skills than their counterparts of an earlier age, only 39 percent of teachers report "moderate" or "frequent" use of technology as an instructional tool (Grunwald Associates, 2010). This limited use may have multiple causes: Teachers may be overwhelmed by demands of testing; they may not see the value of instructional technologies in their particular content area; they may work in environments where principals do not understand or encourage technology use; and the types of software most helpful in instruction are not always the types of applications students know how—or want—to use.

27 Ways To Increase Student Engagement In Learning Student engagement in learning is kind of important. No matter the best practices of your curriculum mapping, instructional strategies, use of data for learning, formative assessment, or expert use of project-based learning, mobile learning, and a flipped classroom, if students aren’t engaged, most is for naught. Historically, student engagement has been thought of in terms of students “paying attention”: raising hands, asking questions, and making eye contact. Of course, we know now that learning can benefit from learner self-direction and self-initiated transfer of thinking as much as it does simple “engagement” and participation. That being said, increasing engagement and sheer participation is not a wrong-headed pursuit in and of itself, and in pursuit of that is the following infographic from Mia MacMeekin: 27 ways to increase student engagement. 27 Ways To Increase Student Engagement In Learning

5 Creative Ways to use Google Slides Dare I say it: PowerPoint? PowerPoint has become a dreaded word in my circle of teachers. Though PowerPoint was once the highlight of the Office Suite, Google Slides has become more than just a replacement for the 1990s hit. Teaching English online Ever thought about teaching English online? Sylvia Guinan , online English teacher and current winner of the British Council TeachingEnglish blog award , walks us through the opportunities and pitfalls. There are many different things to consider when it comes to online teaching. The good news is that online teaching opens up new levels of creativity and opportunity for you as a teacher. In a way, it drives you to surpass yourself and focus more on best practice as well as innovation.

Snagit For Chrome and Why I Should Use it More It happened quickly. I needed a solution fast. Our school's gradebook was acting a fool and I couldn't figure out why. To get to the bottom of it I needed to call for backup.