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Bitcoin News

Bitcoin News

Zcoin – Private financial transactions, enabled by the Zerocoin Protocol “I really like [the] very creative have a pure-Zerocoin system” Hal FinneyRecipient of first Bitcoin transaction “If you want cryptographic anonymity its better to look to Zerocoin.” Adam BackInventor of HashCash, referenced by Satoshi in the Bitcoin whitepaper “It’s more than just a fascinating concept; a startup called Moneta [now ZCoin] has gone and implemented the Zerocoin protocol (along with other blockchain improvements.) Their “genesis block” — the launch of their blockchain — is scheduled for the next few months.” TechCrunch “Zcoin is the first implementation of the Zerocoin protocol into a fully functional cryptocurrency. “In the conventional multi-party anti-taint protocol, every participant knows the mapping from inputs to outputs. “The Zerocoin protocol was written in 2013 as a privacy-enhancing layer intended for Bitcoin. “Bitcoin, despite its reputation as anonymous internet cash, was never designed for perfectly private payments.

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