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Tutorials Some of the more recent tutorials may not yet appear here - please CLICK HERE for those. Happy DIY'ing! How to: Braided Squaredell Bracelet – Art & Soul Learn how to make these awesome braided bracelets! Introduction I have always loved the look, and style of mixing natural with crystal. Enlaces para liberar patrones de costura japoneses The other day I spent some time poking around Japanese Sewing Books, the blog of Yifarn, a mom of two girls in Singapore. Like many of us, she adores Japanese sewing books for their distinctive aesthetic. Along with articles on how to use the books and a glossary of common terms, the website offers lots of links to free sewing patterns. Yup, they're all in Japanese, but it's possible that clever sewists might have enough to go on to make some of the projects. I'm definitely not one of those people, so I'm content just to admire the pictures. The projects above can be found here, here, here, and here.

How To: Blinging Rondell Bangle Bracelet – Art & Soul Here is an awesome bangle bracelet idea that looks great with the trendy three stone bangles. Here we will learn how to make a bangle base and add beads all with one continuous wire. Introduction Create this easy to make Bangle Bracelet to either wear or sell as part of practicing the art of jewelry making.

DIY: sketchy pleat clutch Simple DIY today… Drawn with fabric markers, cut from a curved pattern, and constructed with a single pleat for a handy sized zipper clutch. Suitable for sunglasses and a few other spare parts. Finished Dimensions: 5.5 inches tall x 9 inches wide makelifesweet We are so excited to show you our newest fabric collection. But before we do, a little background about the collection. Remember this? As some of you know, that is Authentic. Our very first fabric collection for Moda. Triangle Corner Trick I was piecing these blocks with triangle corners (like the corners in this block) yesterday and thought I would share a quick trick. Usually a pattern (including my own) will recommend drawing a pencil line from corner to corner on the wrong side, and sewing along the line. Like this one:

Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation Brooch Tutorial Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation Brooch Tutorial Materials: Clay Sailor V Mask Necklace - The Pink Samurai I’m sure you’re getting tired of all the shrink plastic DIYs and Sailor Moon fangirling, but I’ve got one more for you! Sailor Venus is my favorite of all the scouts and I thought it would be fun to make a necklace from her Sailor V mask. Using the template (download here!), trace the design onto your shrink plastic with a red sharpie.Color in the whole design with your sharpie and cut it out.Bake it up like the directions state on the package, or according to this post.Toss some jump rings through the glasses, add your chain and you’re good to go! Take care when you’re coloring in the template, because it’ll show some texture after it’s been baked.

Redfly Creations: Go-Everywhere Mini Messenger Bag My kiddos and I have really enjoyed biking on the trails here in our neighborhood. Sometimes we are biking for nearly an hour. During those longer rides I like to make sure I take my keys, phone, and some change with us. Not every pair of shorts or pants can accommodate all those items, so I decided I needed to make a solution. It needed to be a little bag that wouldn't get in the way and wasn't too heavy, but could still hold more than a pocket could. I came up with the idea of a mini messenger bag. Shrink Plastic Moon Necklace - The Pink Samurai So, Sailor Moon Crystal is finally out (AAAHHHH!!!) and I’ve been devouring all things Sailor Moon for the last few months. The manga, the original show, obsessing over all the super cute merchandise I can get my hands on.

simple "azuma bukuro bag" tutorial A whole days ago, I received a email from one of my customer if I could sell this pattern or not.I have been thinking to make the pattern and tutorial for some time.To make the bag is not difficult, if you have sewing experience.So here is the result tutorial!! (This is the tutorial in English! This is not easy for me. It makes me crazy!!)First I though about selling the pattern and tutorial on my Etsy store.

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