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Triangle Corner Trick I was piecing these blocks with triangle corners (like the corners in this block) yesterday and thought I would share a quick trick. Usually a pattern (including my own) will recommend drawing a pencil line from corner to corner on the wrong side, and sewing along the line. Like this one: EARRING DESIGN IDEAS Earrings are fun and quick to make. From simple dangles to elaborate chandeliers, the possibilities are endless. Here are some design ideas and tutorials to admire and inspire as you explore ways to make earrings in perhaps new and most certainly unique ways. Many of the designs featured in this hub are some of the best amongst the hundreds of creations of mostly beginners at Beading Gem workshops and beading parties (click on the source link to view original blog posts). Also included are original designs by The Beading Gem aka Pearl. This hub is a work in progress.

DIY Fashion Statement Rings This is a really easy project.. You basically take your embellishment and glue it on the ring blank. You can get ring blanks online in bulk at craft supply sites like etsy, artfire and artbeads. You just go and do a search for ring blanks and it will bring up several to choose from. Redfly Creations: Go-Everywhere Mini Messenger Bag My kiddos and I have really enjoyed biking on the trails here in our neighborhood. Sometimes we are biking for nearly an hour. During those longer rides I like to make sure I take my keys, phone, and some change with us. Not every pair of shorts or pants can accommodate all those items, so I decided I needed to make a solution. It needed to be a little bag that wouldn't get in the way and wasn't too heavy, but could still hold more than a pocket could. I came up with the idea of a mini messenger bag.

Pequeña bolsa zippered tutorial | cosido por TeresaDownUnder This bag was designed to carry a small notebook as the largest item but you can adapt it to any size. It can even be turned into an iPad or e-book reader bag. It has two external zippered pockets and 3 internal ones. It was designed to carry a sketch notebook and a number of swipe cards without needing to take them out of their pockets. It has also a key holder. Instructions Urban iPad jardín estuche tutorial - parte 2 | cosido por TeresaDownUnder In part 1 of this tutorial I created an improv patchwork flap for the ipad carry bag including a zippered pocket. In part 2 I will finish the bag and attach the flap. Materials are listed in part 1 of this tutorial . Making the bag Cut 2 fabric rectangles measuring 10 1/2 x 9 inches.

Gen X Quilters - edredón de la inspiración | acolchar Tutoriales y Patrones | Conectar: ​​Bolsas plisadas - Fácil regalos! Ahh, the holiday gift season is upon us! Even though we all know it's coming, I always end up behind the eight ball when it comes to making gifts for friends and family. The hubs usually has a trip to Japan near the holidays (super convenient, eh?) and I wanted to make a cute little gift for my friend Mari . Cómo utilizar la herramienta de ojal unido Dritz A while back I posted a review of this cool vintage buttonhole tool . Since the wonderful tutorial showing you how to use it seems to have disappeared, I thought I’d write a new one for you. This tool can be found in thrift stores and places like ebay.

jen yu: flannel rag quilt The first thing to do is plan the size of the quilt and the size of your blocks. I made Lizzie's quilt 42x42 inches with 6-inch squares, so 7x7 blocks. Each square would have two pieces of fabric with an additional inch for a half-inch margin or 7-inch squares. wRIte iT DOwN: Bliss Rag Quilt I just love it when this quickly turns into this This little rag quilt was fast, very fast ~ I have never made one before and it is so cute! Freezer Paper Foundation Piecing : the twiddletails store, quilt fabric, quilting fabric, free quilt patterns, tutorials PLEASE NOTE: This tutorial is now available as a PDF file. Click here.  1. Print or trace your block design onto the dull side of a sheet of freezer paper.

DIY Transfer Project and Paris Address Printable The Graphics Fairy is a resource for Home Decorators and Crafters. Find over 4,500 FREE Vintage Stock images, Illustrations, Old Pictures, Antique Graphics, Vintage Printables, to MAKE craft projects, collage, DIY, scrapbooking, etc! DIY and Craft Tutorials, and Home Decorating Ideas are offered as well. Daily vintage image downloads since 2007. Most are Jpegs, or PDFs, but there are some Vectors as well. As far as I know these are all Royalty Free Images that are in the Public Domain.