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Halter Dress Pattern For Modelmuse (Barbie Basics)

Halter Dress Pattern For Modelmuse (Barbie Basics)
Made a wedding dress out of it. Then applied Photoshop to remove pins and make the skirt longer. That was a LOT faster than putting in Velcro or making a new skirt :-) Here's the printable pattern in pdf format Instructions: Fold over sides (not lower edge) of top pieces and topstitch Lay one top piece over the other to the place where the arrow points, pin them together then gather the lower edges of both Pull gathering threads until the top pieces fit between the two arrows marked on the midriff piece Stitch top pieces inside doubled layers of midriff, leaving an opening where the top pieces are, through which you're going to turn the midriff. Sew skirt side seams, then stitch skirt to midriff, leaving back edges of skirt a little wider than midriff Then fold those over and stitch center backs and hemline Sew on velcro or snaps for closure

A Dress For Barbie Malcolm is attending a classmate's birthday party so I needed to come up with a gift. My favourite thing to give - especially to a child - is a book. But I wanted to include a little something for play as well. I was told the birthday girl loves anything Barbie, but I figured she likely has lots of Barbies already. Every girl likes a new dress every once in a while, right? I searched the internet for a pattern and found this cute one here. Barbie is ready for a night on the town.

★ Clothes Sewing Tutorials | Learn How To Sew Clothing | Best Free Patterns & Dressmaking Websites ★ I’m just going to list the options you have for some important clothing parts here, plus information on different terms. I hope it’s useful. - Neckline options: Sweetheart, V-neck, square, scoop, U-neck, keyhole, bandeau, cowl, high-neck, halter, jewel, crew, asymmetrical, one-shouldered, off-the-shoulder or boat. Necklines sometimes are created with thin straps such as spaghetti straps rather than solid areas of fabric, or the clothing can even be strapless. On the back of the top, you can cut out shapes like hearts, use a neckline listed above, use cross-over straps, a racer back design, add lace or other embellishments, or just have it plain. Click here for a useful guide to necklines, dress shapes, collars and sleeves. - Sleeve options: Cap, pleated, puff, butterfly, different lengths (1/2, long, short, 3/4), fluted, raglan, batwing, set-in, pleated, bell and kimono. - Fastenings: Zippers, buttons, hook-and-eye, Velcro and snap fasteners. Useful Definitions & Info:

Installing an Invisible Zipper   Zippers can be daunting even for experienced sewers. The reason? Zippers are often installed the wrong way. Lots of seam ripping and swearing ensues, especially when it’s a simple mistake. There’s no need to be scared of zippers anymore! With this tutorial we cover how to install an invisible zipper. Items Needed: invisible zipperthreadscissorspinsinvisible zipper footzipper footgarment Before we start, take a look at the back of your invisible zipper. 1. zipper tape is usually smaller than 5/8″ 2. place the pins parallel to the zipper 3. 4. sewing slowly helps prevent the fabric from puckering 5. 6. double check your zipper before sewing 7. remember to back stitch at the end of the zipper 8. 9. make sure the seam allowances line up 10. keep your seam line even to avoid puckering 11. 12. And there you have it!

doll shirt pants pattern Sew A Barbie Dress As promised in my previous post, here's a step-by-step tutorial for sewing this doll dress. The dress is one I designed and sewed (many, many times) in the 1970s. I scanned my original pattern pieces, which means they aren't perfect - you'll see the pin holes and slightly crooked solid lines. But that kinda adds to the charm don't you think? The dress is view 4 shown in the upper right corner of this pattern envelope. Supplies: Lightweight cotton or cotton-blend fabric remnant (I used a portion of a fat quarter)Lace—15”ThreadSnapsCut out the dress:1 - bodice front on fold1 - skirt on fold2—bodice back2—sleevesNotes: Seam allowances are a scant 1/4”. That being said, all fashion dolls are not equal and it’s a good idea to measure your doll’s bust and waist to verify this dress will fit. You might want to add more to the center back allowance when cutting out your dress. Instructions:On wrong side of fabric, mark center front darts and small dots at neckline Finger press seams open Done!

Eco Delight: 10 amazing pedal-powered machines The day when we would be using machines that won’t be powered by the little socket somewhere in the wall is still a couple of decades away. But this does not keep some designers and inventors from thinking that the calories burned during exercising can solve the energy crisis to some extent by powering daily use machines with pedal-power. These machines not only serve the purpose they are actually built for but they also reduce the number of hours you spend in a gymnasium. Here we have compiled a list of 10 awesome machines that are powered by nothing else than a pair of pedals. • Pedal-powered Water Purifier: • Pedal-powered Washing Machine: • Pedal-powered Grain Crusher: • Pedal-powered snowplow: • Pedal-powered Welding Machine: • Pedal-powered Internet Kiosk: • Pedal-powered Gadget Charger: • Pedal-powered Lawnmower: • Another Pedal-powered Washing Machine: • Pedal-powered Bottle Cooler and Heater: Categories: Uncategorized Tags:

Keeping it Simple: How to make bias tape {Melly Sews} Hello Keeping it Simple Readers! Today I'm going to show you a trick for making bias tape, and how to sew it on. First of all, what is bias tape? Bias tape is fabric that is cut on the diagonal , then has the raw edges folded to the wrong side. Single fold bias tape has the edges folded once, double fold has the edges folded twice. It can be used to finish seams or add a decorative touch to a garment, or both. Bias tape tips are usually available in the quilting tools section of the fabric store. Mark out your jig - it needs to be twice the width you want your final single fold bias tape to be, or 4 times the width you want your double fold tape to be. Cut your jig out, and also cut out a piece of cardboard that is the same length, but 1/8" less wide than you want your finished bias tape to be. With an x-acto knife, a utility razor or even carefully using scissors, score but do not cut the lines you marked. Now fold up your edges. Sew right in the fold of the bias tape.

Bellybutton Barbie Dress Bodice Pattern How to tell the difference among the Barbie bodies! Strapless Bodice for 1966, 1999 (Bellybutton), 2006 and Modelmuse (2003/2008). Basic bodice with full sleeves pattern for 1999 Bellybutton Barbie doll NEW - pattern for halter dress for ModelMuse (Barbie Basics) NEW - One-shoulder dress pattern for Bellybutton Barbie