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The 9 Best Electric Skateboards You Can Buy – DailyTekk UPDATE: I just published a list of the 5 best electric skateboards you can buy on Amazon — it’s very different from this list and worth taking a look! Longboards are better with a motor. And there are a surprising amount of skateboards that are electric—with seemingly more popping up every year. It’s getting to the point where it takes some serious innovation to stand out in the electric skateboard field; features like regenerative braking and in-wheel motors. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here: the very best of the best electric skateboards. TIP: We publish useful new tech lists every weekday. Boosted Dual+ Perhaps the best-known electric board. The Monolith The Monolith is the world’s first and only skateboard with motors in the wheels (no ugly external motor). The E-GO electronic skateboard comes with an awesome app and has regenerative braking. ZBoard 2 ZBoard 2 is a weight-sensing electric skateboard. Marbel The Marbel... There’s more to this article!

organizes the most prestigious design competitions for a global pool of creative talent Apr 17, 2013 Jan 03, 2013 Oct 29, 2013 Sep 06, 2013 Sep 04, 2013 competition results in collaboration with LEXUS, Japan registrations are closed in collaboration with the GWANGJU INTERNATIONAL DESIGN BIENNALE 2015, KOREA 2166 designers from 88 different countries participated in collaboration with the LEXUS, JAPAN2612 designers from 77 different countries participated in collaboration with Melco Crown Entertainment . 1953 participants from 92 different countries participated in collaboration with Deutsche Bank . 2083 participants from 84 different countries participated

Metroboard Electric Skateboard - Limitless riding for your non-stop life Tutorial: Convert your original design into a Microsoft Word letterhead template At the end of a letterhead design project, it’s pretty common to hear your client say: “I want this as an editable letterhead template in Microsoft Word.” They usually don’t own or know how to use advanced graphics-editing programs like Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop, and it simply doesn’t make sense for them to purchase those expensive programs. Microsoft Word is pretty low-tech compared to Illustrator or InDesign; however, that’s what your clients are using and your letterhead design is useless to them if they can’t edit and add content to it, so knowing how to create a Microsoft Word letterhead template is key. Let’s get started. 1. We’ve created this example in Illustrator, but Photoshop and InDesign can be used to create letterhead designs too. Create your design in CMYK color mode, and if you’re using photos or complex graphics make sure that they 300ppi or higher, because Microsoft Word compresses all images that you place into it. 2. 3. 4. 5. Go to File > Save As. 6.

This Motorized Skateboard Might Kick Segway to the Curb When it comes to visions of the future in transportation, there are two versions we just can’t get out of our heads: the flying cars from The Jetsons and the amazing hoverboard that Marty McFly rode with so much style in Back to the Future Part II. Face it: Our reality is far more mundane. But a new “personal motorized transporter,” unveiled at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in January, just might make us feel like we’re living in the future. Available in red, white and black, the IO Hawk is essentially a two-wheeled, platform-only scooter that runs on electricity and has a range of about 10 to 12 miles on a full charge. Remember when McFly MacGyvered a skateboard from a wheeled wooden crate in the original Back to the Future? Just stand on the footboards, and then let your muscles do the rest. John Soibatian, the IO Hawk’s creator, says that it was designed for people of all ages to improve and increase their personal mobility. If you do want one, you can pre-order it for $1,800.

7 crucial things to know before you start freelancing I would recommend freelancing to anyone – in particular to those who are in their early 20’s. It’s one of the best things you can do to develop a firm set of skills, gain financial independence and get a better idea of what you want to achieve in your life. But the beauty of being your own boss and creating your own schedule comes at a cost. You should know the following before you get started: 1. Don’t expect money showering down from the sky as soon as you jump into this lifestyle. I recommend you give yourself at least three months before expecting to earn any income from your efforts. 2. Few people realize how much work freelancers undertake each and every day. Take vacationsTake time offEat lunchKnow when to stop workingKnow what day of the week it isBe told how much money you are earningBe told how much money you can spend These are all issues freelancers might deal with when they move from being an employee to becoming their own boss. 3. To protect yourself from Mr. 4. 5. 6. 7.

Razor scooters is going to make its own hoverboards — Quartz Put your feet up, America. Just released numbers from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics shows US worker productivity declining during the first three months of the year at a 0.6% percent pace, as measured by GDP per hour worked. That’s not as steep as the 1% drop that was the initial estimate reported for the quarter. But still. It was the second straight negative reading, and in keeping with the post-Great Recession weakness that has caused certain economic observers to wring their hands raw. Why? Indications of rising hours worked along with peppy wages are worth celebrating, even if they’re partially to blame for the ongoing weakness in US productivity. Well…that’s only kind of, sorta, true if you define living standards as GDP-per-capita. In other words, it’s not just productivity that determines how well people within an economy live. This is a big reason why US median household income is essentially where it was 25 years ago. As an aside, low productivity isn’t ideal.

10 of the best sources for web design inspiration Are you a web designer looking for the right place to get your creative juices flowing? Look no further — the following list is the perfect remedy for someone stuck-in-a-rut, bored of seeing the same designs over and over. Here are the most inspired, curated, and constantly updated websites around to help your creativity: 1. This is the place to find web design inspiration, “the awards for design, creativity, and innovation on the internet.” 2. I love this website because of its extremely creative selections, you never see cookie-cutter designs here. 3. siteInspire This showcase shines through with its numerous filters, which allow you to look up inspiration in the exact field you need. 4. Pleasant design, big thumbnails, great content: similar to Awwwards, but without as many bells and whistles. 5. The Best Designs has been around for a very long time, since 2001, and it was one of the first web design inspiration sites I used back when I first got started in design. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Features The Daymak Photon, the new electric kick scooter is designed to be self-sustaining while adding multimedia functions. Equipped with polycrystalline solar panel cells on top of the base, the photon is constantly being trickle-charged when not in use, and potentially adds to the range of the electric scooter. This scooter can be ridden by people of all ages from 7 to 77. AM/FM radio, and USB/micro SD ports- all of which are connected and integrated into the speakers near the front wheel. This allows the rider to listen to their favorite tunes whether from local radio stations or an mp3 collection. And that’s not all - a wireless remote provides full control of all features. The Photon scooter is great for short rides, campus rides, for use in a warehouse, you can ride it in a park, you can use it to go to the variety store or pick up a newspaper, visit your neighbors or you can even use it as emergency vehicle in case your car breaks down. Motor Battery Type Battery Battery Life Solar Output

How to Find Stock Photos That Don't Suck - DesignRope Gone are the days when using stock photography meant cheesy smiles of people in suits or sub-par clip art style photos. There’s been a growing trend of sites offering high quality stock images, often for free or at low cost. You’ll have no doubt come across many of the images from these sites in blog posts, startup hero images and elsewhere. 1. Unsplash - Free (no attribution required) high quality images. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

S-Walker - Products - Mini S-Walker Board -- Price: 798€ incl. 19% VAT -- Fun & Action-Sport pure in a new dimension of “electro Boardings“, one of the lastest and coolst movement of "e-mobolity"! Specifications Motor power: 2 x 250W Battery capacity: Lead Acid Batteries (24V, 6AH) Life of Battery: 3 years Charger: 110V-240V AC to 24V DC Charging Time: about 1 hours Control System: Body movement Max Speed: 10 km/h, 6pmh Max Loading Range: max. 10 km Max Loading Capacity: 90 kg Here you can Download PDF.

Showcase: 50 Logos Inspired by Trees Nature is a major source of inspiration for designers and artists. Often we draw from its motifs in our designs, and often it is just the setting where we express our creativity by sketching under the shade of a tree or overlooking a pond. Trees in design inspire purity, freshness, greatness and growth. If you are in search of a logo with a natural bent for your business, take a look at the following 50 tree logo designs for inspiration. Industree Thrive Zoo butterfly tree Watertree Tree Family Forest JobForest Artificial Intelligence Management Chemistree The Treehouse Tree Color Oh,tree! LeafTree Tree Clipper Iimaginary Trees treeport forrestrees Legacy Three Olives European digital laboratory Árvore Talltree press The tree of desires Logo Concept WineTree Blue Oak Construction Candy Tree Morning Seeds Benutri Talent Tree BoneTree TreeGuard Sunrise Treecycle Agazzi School type tree Novo-Yurlovo Talking Tree Persian Trees East African Playgrounds ostreech Toy Tree Tree Beauty apine Mangrove

The Weird Origin Story of the Viral, Dangerous Hoverboard A few weeks ago, I bought a new toy. $595 on Amazon, Prime shipping, showed up 36 hours after I clicked “buy.” It weighs 22 pounds, and, after about an hour of practice, I had it going top speed, about 6 mph. (It feels faster than it sounds.) I’ve fallen off it a million times, often after it does this weird seizure-crash thing that I can’t figure out how to stop or predict. My new toy is called a “Two Wheels Smart Self Balancing Scooters Drifting Board Electric (blue),” and it’s kind of like a Segway—but with no handlebars. Whatever it is, I love it. All it took was one Instagram of Kendall Jenner on the board for the PhunkeeDuck to blow up. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve seen it before. Every time anyone uploads a video or picture of this scooter, the commenters all want to know two things: What’s that called, and where can I buy it? That’s where it gets weird. What’s in a name? That whole scene really annoys IO Hawk’s Curtis Hedges. That’s exactly true, actually. Made in China

The Pole House by F2 Architecture | CONTEMPORIST F2 Architecture have designed the Pole House, perched high above the scenic Great Ocean Road in Australia. The architect’s description Perched high above the Southern Ocean on Australia’s famous Great Ocean Road, the Pole House by F2 Architecture is a great example of the power of architecture, made possible by the spectacular location combined with the unique experience that a work of architecture can bring to such a unique expanse of coastline.The house sits atop a concrete platform supported by a 13m high pylon built into the steep hillside. Accessible only by a narrow concrete bridge, the visitor is delivered to an entrance which is recessed into the metal clad walls that face the hillside. As soon as you step on to the bridge you know you are in for something special. In contrast to the scale of the landscape, the house is very modest in proportion, the ideal weekender. The deceptively simple square plan of this house underpins the dramatic experience it delivers.